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Tuition rises at UNCW

READ MORE: Tuition rises at UNCW
In state and out-of-state students will be paying a bit more to attend UNCW when they go back to school in the fall. This all comes in the midst of a financial meltdown. Come the next academic year. Out of state students will be hit the hardest. In state freshman Jason Ransom "If they are increasing it more for out of state students, I would be curious to know why it's going up for out of state students since they are already paying more than in state." Here are the numbers. In-state students will be paying an additional $159 on top of their annual tuition. Out of staters are facing an increase of close to a thousand bucks. Assistant Professor Kennedy Ongaga did not want to go on camera but says: "Universities across the country are making having to make sacrifices. In this case, increasing tuition is a better solution than cutting back faculty and staff, and risk losing small class size and one on one student faculty interaction." Students say attending college is expensive enough, especially when you factor in the cost of living, books and amentities. This additional fee is making a tough situation worse. Ransom says, "They are going in debt to pay for their school, and it just means they are going to have a harder time financially getting their degree." The board of trustees approved the tuition increase to help fund financial aid, faculty salaries, and student groups.

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Several options

Win a scholarship, get a grant, have your parents pay for it, borrow the money or realize that lots of people enjoy good lives without college: Look for a more affordable training path to a career. Not EVERYONE needs to go to college, and we have done a great disservice to this nation by trying to convince every high school senior that they have to go to college. How many psychology and communications majors do we truly need? Meanwhile, we have some skilled trades that have all but vanished because the potential apprentices and journeymen who could be learning that trade are paying thousands of dollars to sit in a classroom and learn material they may never use again in their life. Unless it directly benefits your career, the whole notion that "college enriches your life" is a load of bovine droppings. The only thing a wasted degree "enriches" is the university coffers and lots of assistant professors who have to do SOMETHING for a living. (Why sling hash or balance tires when you can teach Sociology?) So if you're a hard charger who KNOWS exactly what you want to do with your life, if you're planning on being a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, a journalist, a chemist...a career that requires a baccalaureate or more...then by all means, go to college if you have the grades and financial ability to succeed. If you're one of those lost souls who has no idea what you want to do for a living, however, then why invest $50k or more to be just as lost four years from now? Forget the nonsensical idea that everyone should go to college, and find some skill or trade that interests you. After you REALLY need a degree to be a customer service rep or sell cosmetics at the mall?

Cut overhead at UNCW

It seems to me that tuition costs could be kept in check if only the school got its priorities straight. Just this year, the school began its "diversity" program. How much this thing costs, who decided that it was necessary, and what it is supposed to accomplish are all a mystery. I assume that the people running this worthless program are being paid a pretty penny. Problem is, stuff like this is of almost no use to students who go to college seeking a legitimate education. And if it is valuable, no one has ever managed to provide solid evidence to that fact. Trim the fat, UNCW. Time to see what is worth paying for and what is not. PS-- I doubt WWAY will even let this message make it to the board. I hope they'll prove me wrong.