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Two arrested, charged with Leland break-ins

LELAND -- Thursday we told you about a series of break-ins at a Leland strip mall. Friday police have made two arrests. Peter Verdugo III and Steven Green have been charged in the case. Investigators say the men broke into at least eight businesses in the Leland strip mall Thursday and stole computers, cameras and a small amount of cash. Most of the stolen property was found a few yards from the strip mall. Detectives say some of the other stolen property was found in the suspects homes.

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Commenting before you have the correct info

I read all of the comments posted for the story posted about these breakins. The LELAND POLICE CAUGHT THE PERSONS RESPOSIBLE. The officer assigned to patrol found the businesses had been entered.The Detectives assigned to investigate the break-ins found those responsable and arrested those persons. The officers assigned to perform traffic duties were stopping vehicle on the highways in Leland, they were stopping vehicles on Leland Streets as they were assinged to do. Before you critizes the officers for doing the job they were directed to do, know what is the process in which a police agency conducts business. If you do not know how they do business come and visit the department or attend the town council meetings on the 3rd Thursday of every month and is open to the general public or the to the citizens of Leland. SIGNED CITIZEN OF LELAND!!!

One reason

One reason for some of the bitching about LPD is they have turned a city that is located OFF the highway into a podunk speed trap. Going to I-95? Gotta go past Leland and watch out for the officers under the bridges. Heading to Myrtle Beach? Gotta go past Leland and look out for the officer behind the bush. Let them concentrate on Village Rd and 133 for their traps and leave the highways alone. That is what the highway patrol is for. And no, I have not had a speeding ticket in over 8+ years.