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Two Harnett County children, home alone, die in fire

CAMERON, N.C. (AP) -- Authorities are investigating a mobile home fire that killed two young children who were home without supervision. The Harnett County Sheriff's Office said Friday they found the bodies of 20-month-old Kaliyah Simmons and 3-year-old Ariana Squire Simmons. A 6-year-old child, Janaya Squires, escaped the flames with minor injuries. Investigators said the children's mother had left the home late Thursday night to drive her mother to her house two miles away. Twenty-four-year-old Echo Simmons returned to find her home on fire. Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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I am a mother of five, one of whom (twin) I lost at 3 mo. of age(Sids)I truly know how it feels to lose, but had I been guilty of wrong doing, I would expect authorities to place me in jail and prosecute me for such. There is no excuse for this tragedy.I feel the mothers pain, but the child who survives has more pain than the mother will ever experience, as that child was helpless;defensless and definitely not prepared or equiped to save her siblings, and the mother should feel guilty and should be charged with neglect,no good mother would ever expect a young child to care properly for younger siblings, it just isn't feasable.I don't know how the law reads where this happened, but here in NY you can't even leave a child under the age of 16 alone for any reason, and if tragedy strikes for you doing such, you will be arrested and charged accordingly, it is Law and I truly believe that it is a good one, parents need to be responsible for their children, and if you don't want them-need them, you should have them placed in homes of caring adults who will be responsible for them at all times.I pray that this mother will realize the bad decision she made and find remorse, may she be evaluated by proper phsycologists and when they deem her responsible, may she have her freedom back, until then, she should only have court supervised visitations.I don't know if many of you realize this, but the child who survived may have more complications with her recovery process with the mother involved on a daily basis, as she may relate her own mother to this tragedy, causing more phsycological trauma.I pray this 6yr old a speedy recovery process, may she find hope and security for her future, may she realize she isn't responsible, that her little hands were tied, may she also learn to forgive her mother, I pray in the name of Jesus. AMEN

You shouldnt pass judgement

You shouldnt pass judgement on someone you dont know, or a situation you dont know. Im more that sure she didn't do it on purpose and wasnt expecting to come back home to such a tradgedy. Dont get me wrong its very sad that the life of 2 young kids did die. But as a mother I can only imagine the pain she is going through everyday that passes without her little girls. My prayers are with her and the family.

Im a good mom. Whats wrong

Im a good mom. Whats wrong with that girl leaving them small kids like that. She didnt need them kids in the first place.Now she has to live with what she did.

are you serious???

you're a good mom? you don't think there's anything wrong with leaving 3 children under the age of 6 alone at night at home with no supervision??? you are truly an idiot if you believe that. sounds to me like you don't need your kids either if you think it's ok to leave them alone. wackos!!! your kids a favor and give them to dss before they end up the same way...


My child is only 2 years younger than her oldest that was left to tend to two smaller babies, and I would NEVER leave him alone for even a second. Maybe to check the mail at the mailbox, but I would certainly be on our property. I wouldn't even visit a next door neighbor without him coming along. Although this is a tragic event that no one would have ever imagined happening, I don't think that she should be held in a local jail. I am certain that she has learned her lesson. Unless she has a criminal background with no disregards, I think that she should have her time to grieve. It is a shame that this happened and two very innocent children had to go to heaven at a very young age, but a tragedy it was; it was not a malicious act. It's just one of those things you blink and it happens. You just blink. Sad but true. My prayers are with her and her family. I just hope if she has to go to trail that it's fair, and I hope that whatever the case may be she can be with the six year old who is always going to remember the day she didn't save her siblings. I hope the six year old gets some couciling along with the mother, because that poor little girl is probably going to blame herself for the rest of her life. She needs her mother to be by her side during this hard time. She doesn't need to lose a mother too. Pray, just pray.


It is called negligence; It does not have to be malicious. If your action or failure to act costs another their life, you stand to pay criminally and civally. Jail is a fitting place since there is really no one to seek compensation from.

This is very sad. Many

This is very sad. Many parents have briefly left their children alone somewhere, at some point and hoped for the best, and got lucky. I'm sure the mother didn't expect for this tragedy to occur. What she will face for the rest of her life is punishment enough.

Charge the Mother

I hope the mother goes to prison for this moment of laziness!!!! She just didn't want to pack up the kids and carry them 4 miles (round trip)...I am sure she thought, they will be fine for 20 minutes...See what can happen in 20 minutes?


She should go to jail, and never be aloud to with her child whom is still alive unless supervised.