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Two killed in Castle Hayne motorcycle accident

READ MORE: Two killed in Castle Hayne motorcycle accident
Two bikers were struck and killed at this intersection on Castle Hayne Road. Fifty four year old Larry Barnhill was pronounced dead at the scene. It was also his 54th birthday. Rock Hill Road Resident Elouise Tate saw the accident on her way home from work. "When I got to the intersection, I saw the rescue workers putting a white sheet over someone on the ground." The other biker, Joy Walton, was rushed to New Hanover Medical Center where she died overnight. Highway patrol says a Castle Hayne resident, James Edward Corbett Jr., struck their bike in his pick up truck while turning left onto Rock Hill Road. "This is not the first time someone has been killed in the intersection," says Tate. According to highway patrol, speed was not a factor, but residents still say the intersection is a particularly dangerous one. Rock Hill resident Marcella Garrett says, "Its very dangerous, they need a traffic light here on this intersection." Resident Celestin Witted says, "Somebody is turning left and you can't see who is coming, and its very dangerous." Tate says, "Its hard to get onto the highway, its hard for incoming traffic to turn into the highway." Highway patrol charged Corbett with driving while impaired. More charges are pending.

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Larry was like another Dad to me. He watched me grow up. He was my Dad's best friend. He started me off in slot-car racing, which is where I'll always remember him the most. Doing his little hula and racing. I never got the opportunity to meet Joy, but I'm sure if Larry was with her, then she was a very nice woman. To me, Larry will always be affectionatly known as "LeeRoy Barnyard". He'd give you the shirt off his back, and the money in his pocket if you needed it. He was always good for a laugh. My sympathy goes out the Richard and Kim, and their children; Tina and Billy, and their children; and Tracie. As well as Mrs Carolyn and the families of Johnny, Freddie, and Angela. RIP Larry. I love you. I wish you where still here...

Larry & Joy

First of all, my deepest sympathy goes out to the families suffering this tragic loss!! I had the pleasure of knowing both Larry and Joy....both very happy people. They would take their shirt of their back for you if you needed it. I was in shock when a friend called and told me what happened. More and more lives are taken with the abuse of alcohol. I hope the appropriate charges are put against Mr. Corbett...something has to happen to stop these untimely deaths related to alcohol. Larry and Joy....Rest In will be missed!!

He blew a .03...come on!

He blew a .03...come on! Don't tell me some of you guys never drove after having only one beer!

what if it was your mom

b/c it was my mom and if you were in my shoes you wouldnt care if he only blew a .03 its irresponsible and he took not only a my mother but my best freind who he cant replace i still catch myself trying to call her you have no idea what this .03 has done 2 me

my deepest sympathy

ilost my mother 34 years ago @ 7:am the other driver left the bar 4.5 hours befor. 3 hours sleep,then up and off to work their was no .03 or .08 back then. he admitted he was sleepy and had a cloudy mind. that terrible mistake chaged so many lives, what most people refuse to acknollage is that any amount is dangerous. to this day if i have a single beer during dinner i do not drive it's a choice i make so i don't change the out come of another childs life i am guessing that you are young , i was 13, that day changed me forever. don't let this happen to you. always remember what you mom expected of you and honor her by being the best person you can. it took a long time for me to learn these lessons i wish you the best. and joy and happiness will come back

I am so sorry for your loss.

I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you.

No...People Really Don't

You know what...No. NO...No...No...It's never okay. NEVER OKAY TO DRINK & DRIVE...Sorry, that's just the way it is. Until people start realizing what a huge problem we have locally, there will be ignorant posts like you honestly think it's okay to d&d after consuming a beer? You already admitted it...

We better just make alcohol

We better just make alcohol illegal... That is really the only way to be safe...


They tried that and all it did was make The Mafia rich. Besides the government is in to deep in the sale of alcohol to make it illegal.


So, if we cannot make alcohol illegal, then maybe we should just make our jails bigger. While we are at it, we should lock up anyone who gets wired on coffee or takes an aspirin and then decides to drive...

Never OK to drink & drive

i had a brother who was killed by a drunkard. he was supposed to be driving but his "friend" got him drunk - more drunken that he was. so his "friend" dumped my brother into the passenger seat, and then got into the driver's seat under the steering wheel, cranked up, and took off. seat belt use was not popular back then, so neither one of them was buckled up. so when the incident occurred (1-vehicle-only) my brother was thrown through the winshield on the passenger side while his "friend" got smashed into the steering wheel. my brother was killed instantly. his "friend" recovered from his injuries. and the drunkard walked away scot-free of any and all murder charges.

Uncle Larry

Uncle Larry will be greatly missed. We always had a wonderful time when we got to come visit with the family. The family is in our thoughts and prayers. With all of our love, Denis, Lynn & Morgan, Lebanon, TN

James Edward Corbett Jr...

...should feel the full force of the law applied to him for making the decision to drive after drinking alcohol.

Fine man, #1 BOSS Lot left to do.

Larry will be missed greatly. For all of us that have worked with him will remember his humor and zest for life. Thank you Larry for being the best boss a man could have.

Fine man, #1 BOSS Lot left to do.

Larry will be missed greatly. For all of us that have worked with him will remember his humor and zest for life. Thank you Larry for being the best boss a man could have.


That intersection does have it's problems, but so do all the other ones on that stretch of Castle Hayne Road, especially at GE's shift change. Old Mill, Oakley, and Holland are just as bad. But this tragedy was from a vehicle already on Castle Hayne Rd making a left onto Rock Hill Rd. on a Saturday when the traffic is minimal there. I ride a bike, and that intersection always scares me. The majority of cars at that intersection do not completely stop before making their turn. I'm always on the high alert when coming up to that corner. I have wondered in the past why the drivers at this intersection seem to be worst than the other ones just a short distance away, but they are. Although I just learned their names today, I have not been able to get Larry and Joy out of my mind since seeing that accident scene Saturday night, my heart goes out to their family's and loved ones. And I would also like to say that this did happen at night so I don't see how motorcycle visibility was the problem, I believe that drunk would have done the same thing in front of a car. I wonder why this story didn't focus on that (the drunk) instead of some complaints about the intersection. The reason it's hard to see is because instead of waiting to get to the stop sign, there are usually two cars side by side, one turning left and the other turning right. There is plenty of visibility at that intersection!!! I'm just glad that the business at that corner put some parking blocks in their parking lot, before that people would just cut the corner while the other two cars were at the intersection, it was crazy. I don't know what goes on down that road, but I see sheriff cars with lights on turning into that neighborhood all the time. (even more than down Oakley Rd ) Could it be all the section 8 housing? Because it seems to me that the general attitude of the drives coming off that road think that they don't have to follow the rules. They certainly don't have any respect for anybody else on the road. If you don't believe me, ride up and down Castle Hayne Rd a few times ... I'll bet you someone cuts you off coming out of Rock Hill Rd. So if the state puts a light there, everyone watch out for the rolling right turn on red ... because it's not going to solve anything and it certainly isn't going to bring Curt his uncle back.

Hey - you think traffic's

Hey - you think traffic's bad now? - Just wait until school starts back - these drivers around here in my territory -(Holland - Oakley-Rockhill - ets.) drive like bats-out-of-H who are being chased by the hounds-of-H! I mean I've seen vehiclesn pass each other on the wrong sides of the road only because they were driving way too fast around these multiple-and-dangerous curves (which were planned that way so as to cause the drivers to slow down-HA!) - and ever since we moved here in 1993 we've been trying to get signals put up at al these intersections, not just ours. So - what will probably be happening is more accidents, not fewer, when school starts back in full session - and that is not very long from right now! (p.s. I would not even feel safe on the highway not even in a Sherman Tank the way drivers and traffic are not only here but in the entire New Hanover County area!!)

RIP Uncle Larry

My uncle was an awesome guy who'd do anything for you if you asked...anyone who knew him would testify to this. Mr Corbett has selfishly snuffed out the life of a kind, sweet man. The sad part is he probably doesn't care. RIP Uncle truly will be missed.


I knew both Larry and Joy and could not believe this story when i saw it on the news. Their deaths could have been prevented had Corbett decided not to get behind the wheel.

Drunks and motorcycles

I am getting sick and tired of people getting behind the wheel after sitting in a bar or at home getting sloshed. Maybe if law enforcement started charging and prosecuting these offenders with premeditated murder when they "accidentally" run over a biker, this will stop. Between cell phones and alcohol, this area is suicide to ride a motorcycle. I was rear ended on my motorcycle this month by a woman too busy talking on her cell phone to pay attention to what she was supposed to be doing. I guess it was my fault for being in front of her, at least that's what she was trying to tell the police officer on scene. Come on people, the next fatality may be one of your family members.

drunk drivers

I am sorry to hear another person has been killed by a drunk driver. The problem isn't with law enforcement officers not arresting the drunk drivers, it's with attorneys who make a living getting them off with some stupid technocality. Judges aren't much better. Nothing is more frustrating for an officer to hear that someone is free to go after having been arrested for driving while impared. Many are repeat offenders. They know only too well, it's just a matter of time and this person will kill someone. It is these officer, who may be the first at the scene of the accidents. They see first hand what this can do. I saw a news story last week, boasting New Hanover as number 2 in the nation on beer consumption. I don't think it's something we should be overly proud of.

Scary to ride

With the gas prices sky rocketing more people are riding there motorcycles. I think we as a community needs to send awareness to all, about the growing motorcycles on the road today. I ride, but don't like to ride into the Wilmington area because of the unsafe drivers in that area. I don't even like driving in my car in to Wilmington. But if you kill someone when your drunk driving that should be the same as first degree murder. We know that you shouldn't drive drunk but it never seems to stop them from driving. Most of the time it's repeat offenders who's been stopped before and charged with DWI. The manufactures of automobiles should put sensors in the car to detect the presents of alcohol. And not start unless you blow into a devise. I'm Not saying that everytime you start your car you have to blow just only when it senses alcohol.

Dead at the hands

Dead at the hands af yet another DRUNK.... My thoughts and prayers are with the families. I am a biker too however, I have hung up my helmut as the roads here in Wilmington are far to dangerous for me. It's sad but true.. I will not put my life in the hands of these drivers. I hope the law will thake good care of this guy.

Don't blame the intersection

"Highway patrol charged Corbett with driving while impaired. More charges are pending." That about says it all. Two more people dead because of a drunk. BTW, even if you're sober, why take a chance turning left onto a busy street or at a blind intersection with no traffic light? Make a right, then turn left into a convenient turn-around point, make a right and you're heading in the direction you needed to travel. It may cost you two minutes and a half cup of gasoline, but the accident you avoided would have cost you a lot more.

It's so simple..

I see it all the time, what commonsense is saying. How hard is it to make a right turn, merge into the left lane, make a u-turn. Half of these crashes would not occur if people were not allowed to do half of what they do. Why can you still make a left turn out of the Food Lion Parking lot on S College Rd.? makes no sense. Yes, sometimes there is light to no traffic, but how hard is it to turn right, then u-turn it back north. Simple, very cost friendly repairs = less time spent waiting in traffic due to backed up traffic because an idiot just "had to go left". And to clarify, .03 has nothing to do with being impaired. As we already covered .08 is the "magic" number that allows Magistrates and Judges to do certain things to your drivers license. You can be charged and convicted at .01, just because he blew a .03 does not help his case. He hit and killed two people. Yes alcohol may have been a .03, but what if there were other substances inside the body? Think about that. The trooper is doing the right thing. Get a Search warrant for his blood if he had any taken at the hospital. We all make bad mistakes, I may have not seen the motorcycle coming, this could have been my mom driving the car. But, if you are going to drink, be careful. You may go 1 mile, make one bad turn, and kill two people. Then if you blow 0.00 it's just what it is, an accident.