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Two options discussed as Wrightsville Beach gets closer to having bike path

READ MORE: Two options discussed as Wrightsville Beach gets closer to having bike path
After decades of discussion, Wrightsville Beach is getting closer to having a bike path of its own. Two options were presented to the Board of Alderman, and Thursday night, residents will have the chance to speak up at a public hearing. A public hearing on two proposed options is the next step in the process, and if approved, they'll talk funding. "We would seek funding through the Tiger Grant which is a joint project with the city of Wilmington, New Hanover County, UNCW and Wrightsville Beach, there's part of federal funds as part of the stimulus package,” said Katie Ryan of WB Parks and Rec. One option calls for stand alone bridges for bikers, at a cost of more than three million dollars. The other is about $800,000, and would create designated bike lanes. Both plans would be a welcome change and would extend the cross-city trail, focusing on the stretch from the WB drawbridge to Johnny Mercer's Pier. The town of Wrightsville Beach doesn't let cyclists on the sidewalk, leaving them only one option, to compete with cars on the busy road. "It's pretty dangerous with all the cars and very limited shoulders in parts and parked cars on both sides of the street,” said Cathy Pastore, a member of Cape Fear Cyclists. The Board of Alderman is expected to vote on approving an option Thursday night.

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Bike Paths Not for Crusing

Im tired of all the paranoia that these bike paths will be used as areas for gay people to hook up in some archaic 1980's pre-AIDS feverish act. We need these pathways to safely move about town without fear of the pickup trucks and flying Pabst bottles hurled our way. I ride my bike everyday to build by body. I do it because it is a great way to get around, it is also environmentally friendly. But please, p-lease please lets keep the old folks walking off of the path, they are hard of hearing and are always in the way. Let them keep walking laps at the mall and leave the bike paths for bikes.

Bike Path/Clevenative

A little racist there....? Have a problem with senior citizens? I donot know how old you are, just remember, one day you will be a senior if you are not already one.

Thats not racist, thats age

Thats not racist, thats age discrimination. Racism is when discrimination is based upon a persons RACE not age.


Correct you mistake.....But, not mistaken that his post was uncalled for. Again, if he lives long enough, he will be a senior....Thanks again....

Only in affluent areas?

Bike paths seem to be located only in affluent areas. Seems like they're needed more where people actually depend on bicycles for transportation, rather than recreation.

Think of it this way...

...those people who live in the "affluent areas" pay a LOT more in property taxes than those living in poorer areas, so they have probably earned a little more consideration.

Federal Money

Its not local tax money being used though. This is federal stimulus money. I'm sure the tax payers in Ohio approved their money being spent on bike paths for our affluent beach areas.

Oh, I fully agree....

...that it's a ridiculous expenditure when we're closing in on twelve trillion in debt, with another nine trillion on tap over the next ten years. That said, and even considering the fact that it's mostly federal money, those affluent neighborhoods pay far more in income taxes than the lower income areas. So where did we ever get this idea that the government's main purpose in life is to redistribute wealth and provide financial subsidies to some Americans, but not others? Why would that bike path be better between 3rd and 17th (wear Kevlar instead of Spandex) that in an area where people would feel safer biking? You're undoubtedly familiar with the figure - the upper fifty percent of wage earners pay 97.3% of all personal income taxes collected. If they get a bike path out of it and the societal sponges don't, so be it. We can't conduct business like Louis XVI, but we've gone too far in the other direction. The government dedicates far too much effort and money into making sure that the poor don't have to feel poor.

Bike Path

Quote: ERT (Bike paths seem to be located only in affluent areas. Seems like they're needed more where people actually depend on bicycles for transportation, rather than recreation.) You have a good point. I think its a waste of taxpayer money right now. They just raised our sales taxes because they don't no how to budget themselves. Heck if they are going to waist it in anyway, why not put it in the neighborhoods between 3 and 17th street?