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Two Pender County men jailed for cocaine

PENDER COUNTY -- Two men are in Pender County jail tonight after deputies say they found five kilos of cocaine in the suspects' possession. Sirilo Jaimes and Manuel Chavez are being held on $1.2 million bond. A third suspect, Victorina Hernandez, has also been charged. Detectives say the three were pulled over during a routine traffic stop near Newkirk Road Saturday night Drug dogs sniffed out the cocaine hidden in a compartment in the suspects' truck. Two guns were also found.

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Let me guess they're "illegal",.....oh sorry I mean "undocumented workers"

So What ??????

So WHAT????? If they are illegal, that does not matter because every race does it..... For your information that's not even the topic at hand. It upsets me that this was a drug bust not anything pertaining to illegals and thats the only thing you managed to see. So first lets get our facts straight to whether they are illegal or not or SORRY "undocumented workers", and then we can comment on illegals later. PS. You need to focus on the topic and not wonder off on a tangent it makes you look IGNORANT!:0)

just another day

i say send them and there drugs to mexico.the reason for this is so they can kill there own people with this poison.pender county is no different than any where elce,but it seems like the illegals do like it here.i live in pender county and had a family member nearly killed by a drunk,uninsured illegal mexican.his punishment?we never found out because he ran after being released without having to post bond.don't you just love our justice system?we let murders off free and drunk drivers don't have to post bond as long as they promise to appear.if you are illegal and are arrested you should be sent to you homeland,after of course you pay for your crimes here.

Seeing a pattern here...

What is it about catching two Mexican nationals with five kilos of cocaine every month or two in Pender? Kudos for the cops, but it makes you wonder what else is slipping by. Are the illegal? Are they going to pay taxes on that? Please tell me they are not the same two that were caught last time, or any of their kin...

Drug arrest

Are the people arrested LEGAL.. and if they are NOT has ICE been called ?