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Two wholesale clubs rationing rice

WILMINGTON -- You can add rice to the list of worldwide shortage concerns. Two major US wholesale clubs are now rationing rice. CostCo and Sam's Club have put limits on the amount of rice a customer can buy, to help ward off rice hoarding. The limits are not likely to affect most customers, but could affect restaurants that buy in large quantities. Sam's Club is limiting bulk purchases to four 20-pound bags. CostCo does not have a set rule for each store, but gives managers the authority to limit purchases if they see their supplies running low. The rice shortage has a lot to do with rising demand overseas. Agricultural economists say soaring demand for rice is being fueled by increasing demand from Asian countries, particularly China, whose economies are growing rapidly. NC State Agricultural Economist Mike Walden said, "When people worldwide try to buy more rice than is available to sell, the price goes up." Walden says using rationing is one way to limit consumption other than raising prices. Instead of raising the price of rice in their stores retailers like CostCo can suppress demand by limiting purchases. Of course we all know how much more food costs at the grocery store these days. Several local restaurant owners say they too are feeling pinched, not only by the rising price of rice, but also by the cost of milk, wheat, and other commodities. And those cost increases may ultimately end up being passed on to us.

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Food instead of gas

Go ahead and listen to the idiot environmentalists and use our food crops to make ethanol instead of drilling for our own oil. We have all the oil we need off our own coasts and within the boundaries of our country, not to mention the vast amounts of oil shale. Yes we need alternative fuel vehicles, but that won't happen anytime soon. I guess we are suppose to pay 5.00 per gallon for gas and starve ourselves until that time comes just because some tree huggers say we can't drill for our own oil. The last statistics I heard stated it took one gallon of fuel to process one gallon of ethanol. Now that is really making progress, isn't it?

Sam's Club = Rice Nazi

"No rice for you!"


RICE IS IN SHORTAGE.............RAISE GAS PRICES !!!! OSAMA BINLADIN FARTED.........RAISE GAS PRICES. We EXPORT rice from the USA. So is the GOV still exporting it and limiting our supply? Why wouldn't that surprise me. Thank Goodness that BUSH is almost OUT. That man is 100% monkey. No offense to the monkeys....I am being nice.

Das Weibstoopid

See quote, "CostCo and Sam's Club have put limits on the amount of rice a customer can buy," Now where in that did it say anything about the government mandating the rice rationing? Bush and the government have nothing to do with this. How dim do you have to be to hear about something and start blaming Bush and the government. I DO hope you blame them for you being so shallow and uninformed.


I have long been thinking about problems like this.In both food and other shortages.Farmers growing grain for Ethanol instead of for food. The fact that we refuse to drill in places we know there is oil like offshore and places in Alaska. We have to balance conserving nature with the pressing need for oil. They say it's to expensive to drill for oil, Well look at the price on the gas pumps.It's time to start drilling and refining. Then maybe we can tell the Arabs where they can stick theirs. Our farmland is not being used in it's fullness. When I was a teenager, in the summertime every field was full of corn,oats, soybeans,peanuts, tomatoes,sweet potatoes and etc. Now in the farm areas you can drive for miles and see nothing but empty fields. Time to take an inventory of our priorities....

Guess the price of a wedding

Guess the price of a wedding just went up as well for the brides parents with a rice shortage. Guess you'll have to throw ceiling fan dust at the Bride and Groom when the couple leaves for their honeymoon. Now is the chance for China to invest more of our USA money in birth control tactics...ya think? Their population crisis is causing the Earth to shift axis yearly now due to the extra weight of all of their people. Seems there is becoming a shortage of everything these days, particularly money. Heaven help us if we ever have a shortage of gravity...then we'll just all float away, then there will be a shortage of that too :-(

cant throw rice

FYI!! Not supposed to throw rice at weddings. Havent for many years now! You must throw birdseed! Rice is dangerous for the birds!

rice limits

i think in the long run what the two retailers are doing is honorable ... it should help in a way to stabilize rice in other countries . sSo my hats of to them .

I don't even eat rice and I

I don't even eat rice and I want to go buy some! Maybe we can limit the amount of land available for sale and I'll be able to sell what I have.