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Two teens charged with having high grade marijuana


LELAND, NC - The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit arrested two 18-year-olds last Thursday in the Leland area.

During a routine traffic stop on June 24that approximately 10:00 pm on Hwy 74 a pound of high grade marijuana was seized from a Toyota 4-Runner driven by a Robert Weaver Wood. The marijuana’s street value is estimated at $6,000. Both driver and passenger, Patrick Allen McInnis, were charged with the following:
• One count Conspire to Deliver Marijuana
• One count Maintaining Vehicle/ Dwelling/ Place Controlled Substance
• One count Possession Drug Paraphernalia
• One count Possession with Intent to Sell and Deliver Marijuana
• One count Manufacture Marijuana

McInnis and Wood were transported to the Brunswick County Detention Facility, both receiving a $25,000 unsecured bond.


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Read it again, they were caught at a routine traffic stop. They were not killing someone while they were drunk driving!!! again, get rid of the alcohol and get stoned!

Guest 555 Silly Comments

Being stoned on pot is the exact same thing as being stoned on alcohol, and possibly more so. Today's marijuana contains about 60 percent THC - very intoxicating. Reduces response time, clouds judgment, and more and more rehabilitation centers are seeing addiction to marijuana - once thought impossible. There is nothing good about marijuana and it is ruining much of our youth. Do not discount drug use; it ruins families, leads to stronger addictions which eventually kills either a life or the chance for a good future. Grow up Guest 555. Teen and drugs don't mix. Adults can be as stupid as they choose, but someone must protect tomorrow's future - our children...

brain washed dumbies

did you get all you information from Reefer Madness??? 60% thc, i want to know where you get that cuz I want some 25% is about as high as it goes if it's not concentrated. Check out the movie Marijuana Inc.: The Business Behind Getting High. It will show you the racist roots of marijuana prohibition and also one of the most respected mj doctor in the field (he's teaches at Harvard) The reason more rehab centers are seeing addiction is b/c when someone gets caught with a personal stash of marijuana the courts force them to go to treatment. Before you start putting out facts, make sure they are facts. *shaking head* This is the info the gov't wants you to believe to be true, but it's not.

It is obvious by that

It is obvious by that comment that you have never smoked pot. Alcohol is much more incapacitating then marijuana and does not lead to stronger addictions. Sell it and tax it in ABC stores that require you to be 21 to purchase


I've read about a lot of families being torn apart by alcohol... but never by pot. Protect the children indeed.

Two words: Jury

Two words: Jury Nullification Anyone who is on a jury in a marijuana case should refuse to convict. Send a message to the government that marijuana laws are unjust
You don't have to wait until the next election to be heard. The Jurist has the last word!

Thank God these awful criminals are behind bars!

I feel so much safer, I am going to buy a bunch of non addictive and totally safe Alcoholic beverages to celebrate! Two down and only twenty million to go! When we get all the pot heads locked up, there will be no unemployment because 5 percent of Americans will be working at the prisons and ten percent will be in prison! Happy days are on the way! The war on drugs works, it's just that 40 years has not been long enough! As the Police Chief of L.A. Daryl Gates said "We can't win the war on drugs until we are willing to drag pot heads into the streets and shoot them!" Whoose with me!

The good stuff

Would the charges have been less for low grade marijuana? Hmmm.