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Two-way Front Street concerns, one year later

It has been about a year and a half since Front Street stopped being one way. In order to widen the road, seventeen parking spaces were eliminated. City leaders said the two-way road is part of Wilmington's Vision 20/20 plan. This plan aims to help improve traffic on the road, and inside Front Street shops. Some business owners said the conversion has brought more customers. Others say traffic is too congested, and it is not safe for pedestrians. Paul Brown, a Front Street business owner said, “I have seen the more chaotic nature of the street now, as people are trying to negotiate left turns at red lights.” A CFCC student said, “And there's a lot of crazy drivers out in this world today, so I would prefer it be just a one way.” Wais Nasser is another business owner. He said that as a driver he likes it two way. A spokesperson for the city of Wilmington says there have not been many complaints about the conversion. The project cost the city $290,000.

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Two Way Best

The former one way Front Street was awkward confusing, for drivers and pedestrians. At the crosswalks pedestrians either had a false sense of security and bolted across, or they did not know when to cross. Drivers were funneled in and out, and then found themselves always circling the block to find their destination. I have to mention that the crosswalks/car funnels were unattractive and looked to be cheap 70's rustic design, with plants literally growing in the streets. A normal, and the original, traffic pattern is better.

If you think Front Street isn't safe for pedestrians...

The city needs to look at spending some money for pedestrian crosswalks to cross Military Cutoff. They spent all this money building those nice biking/walking trails down MC and Eastwood and built pedestrian signals for the crosswalks across the small side roads along the way. But NOWHERE is there a pedestrian crosswalk or signal for anyone to use to get across Military Cutoff! Heck... crossing the intersection at Eastwood Road alone is a mad dash for your life as it is.

The real cost?

I wonder what the real cost is since Front St was originally two way, they had to pay to make it one-way. How much did that cost? I guess that is progress. Raleigh did it with the Fayetteville St Mall, turned a road into a walking area and then turned it back into a road. Same DOT that can't fix the roads already being used?