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Two Wilmington police officers resign

Two Wilmington police officers resigned after their involvement in an off-duty incident early Saturday morning. Twenty-one year-old Wayne Chavis and twenty-two year-old James Mobley were still in their probationary period with the department. Police say they went to an apartment complex to confront someone who had a party there earlier in the night. They were both charged with misdemeanor breaking and entering and Chavis was also charged with assault by pointing a gun. "The men and women of this organization are disappointed because it really reflects on all law enforcement when someone makes a mistake like that, it was a bad decision, so now only have they lost their career, but they were charged with criminal acts,” said Wilmington Police Chief, Ralph Evangelous. The two officers resigned before they were fired.

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cops, shame shame, shame

it makes me sick to my stumic to see all these cops breaking the does the goverment exspect the people of the USA to respect the law when the law them selves break it. the gov. dont go by their own laws. letting eleagles come here by the millions. to take over every thing. and destroy famelys. and even the local cops, stealing, lieing, playing favortisem toward their famely and friends. hell they think they are god the way most of them think. and i think god every day for the few that are hounest and doing their jobs right and by the book.this country is going to hell in a hand bag. if things dont change real soon. cops are allways giveing slack for their crimes just because they are cops. they get a get out of jail free card. we should get red of the get out of jail free card for cops. if a cop breaks the law. they should get double the time for any offence. that might would get the chip off their shoulder, and forse them to do their job by the book.


After reading this first reply on the article...I'm surprised you had a clue how to use "their" correctly. Especially after the horrible misspelling of the rest of the English language and sentencing structure of your comments. I do hope you check into schooling again for your spelling.

Not sure

I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry at your spelling and sentence structure. Please check on adult high school classes.


It makes me sick to my stomach to see that you can not even write a legible sentence. In every situation in life there is good and bad. It seems these young officers were dealt with. You on the other hand need an english lesson, please go educate yourself. Our law enforcement for the most part is doing the best they can do. They put there life on the line daily. I wonder how many thanks they get on a daily basis. Have you ever thanked a cop. I sure hope you speak better than you write. You should be mad at your english teacher. She failed you in a big way.

Maybe you should check your

Maybe you should check your own grammar. English should be capitalized when being used in a title. “Have you ever thanked a cop.” Is a question and should end in a question mark not a period.

You probably make a good

You probably make a good point but I couldn't undestand anything you were saying...too many misspelled words and fragmented sentences to make any sense.

Police officers are held to

Police officers are held to the same standards as everyone else, if not hire standards. Not only did they lose their jobs but they face criminals charges. The person in the first post has no idea what their talking about. They were treated like everyone, get over yourself.