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Two women find themselves in federal prison after December drug bust

Two Wilmington women arrested during a drug bust last year will spend time behind bars in federal prison. Ashley Ricks, a UNCW student will serve six years. Kathryn Williams will serve five. In December, police found 2,200 tablets of ecstasy, 18 pounds of marijuana, 11 guns, $28,000 in cash, and several laptops in an early morning raid of their apartment on Lennon Drive.

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Too Much Time...

Our judicial system is whacked. Drug trafficking warrants this much time and yet someone can be convicted of felony hit and run manslaughter after taking a person's life and only receive 8 months? These girls need rehabilitation, not prison. There needs to be a line in the sand when it comes to "criminal" justice. Violent offenses are just not the same as non-violent offenses. We need to rehabilitate the one's that fall in that category and throw away the key on the violent offenders! And why is it always a "race" thing? Pretty, white girls with money...give me a break! So, what happened to the black, old guy with dreads that was also charged along with these young ladies?


Rehabilitation? They aren't addicts; they are stupid. There is no rehab for stupidity. They are stupid AND greedy. Prison is exactly what they need. Killing one person sucks. Contributing to the addiction issues and consequences of thousands of people (with the amount of drugs they had at the time they were caught) also sucks. These girls are not from disadvantaged homes. They didn't have to sell drugs to survive. They were not limited to a life of slinging drugs to feel needed, wanted, loved or put food on the table. They did this because they were greedy and wanted money. It's pathetic and frankly, I hope their terms are served for the full amount without a single concession made. They are spoiled and this is what happens to spoiled people. They are not sympathetic cases. I have a very tender heart...but not for these... I work with kids from homes where they are beaten, abused, neglected, go without food, never own more than two pairs pants, live in areas with drugs and murder and gang temptation ALL around them... kids that have never heard of college and don't have people in their lives to encourage them to go. Even those children know that a life selling drugs is a dangerous life with serious consequences. I have zero pity for these women. ZERO pity. ZERO times ZERO times zero pity. I think that upon release, they should also be sentenced to community service in order to give back to the community they actively participated in destroying by funneling even more drugs into the area.


I think its JUST ABOUT A RIGHT amount of time...I hope they send MORE of them away for this period of time..WITHOUT parole.

serving time

i think this is good for this two girls, they did the crime why not do the time. but don't let them sit in prison and get to talk on the phone all day and not really be punished for what they have done. i know of a felony that is sitting in a jail right now, gets to talk on the phone 6 or 7 times aday, while the people that she has wronged is trying to put their lives back together and all she is getting (it seems) is the ease of life. put them away for more than 1yr or 18 months. this girl i am talking about just got out of prison in jan 09, two months later she is doing the same thing she was sent to prison for and now she is sitting in jail, and getting to do anything she wants. they should make it that if you are an habitual felony (like this person)no phone privileges, no tv. punish them for doing a crime, not give them the key to the city. i even contacted rex gore and when he contacted me back, he made me feel like the one that had done wrong. now ask what is the world coming to!

the guy is sitting in

the guy is sitting in central prison as a safekeeper awaiting his trial

Not violent?

They had eleven guns.


Pretty girls will have to do some federal time! It is about time justice is handed out evenly, without regard to race, gender, or money!

Wilmington women

This case will cause criminologists to rethink some of their demographics data. Its sad that the money associated with illegal trafficking lures young people into such a doomed lifestyle.

not likely

Criminologists (mostly, sociologists) aren't ignorant to the fact that most drug traffickers are not low level thugs. They are, in fact, white collar individuals with tremendous resources and opportunities. This is absolutely not uncommon. Similarly, in Wilmington, "pretty white girls" serving as drug dealers is not uncommon. I moved there for school in 2003 and was completely shocked at how common and easily accessible drugs were in the area. I am a pretty white girl and I can't tell you how many of the people I bumped into sold or were holding for a dealer. These two sound like they were doing a lot more than just foolishly holding a few ounces at the club for their wayward, idiot boyfriend to sell. Honestly, I think these sentences are light. There's no way a black man/woman caught with that much stuff would end up with only 6 years of Federal time. I'm white and I'm pullin the race card. These girls got off VERY easy!!



not likely is interesting

I did the criminology thing a million years ago at a university far away & what you say about young caucasian women involved in trafficking is fascinating (if there is a crime "boss" over them,they could be charged with human trafficking). Maybe young women are more approachable & the police are much less suspicious of females vs. males. I will say that I've seen sentencing all over the place. I've seen a 99% caucasian Rugby team get jail time, several hundred hours community service & stiff fines, for getting in a fight..while others (caucasian & african american) received slaps on the wrists & dismissals for being caught with large amounts of controlled substances. All in the same courtroom & same judge. You're right, our criminal justice system is bizarre..its why I now have another profession.