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Ukrainian students file police report against store about pay

READ MORE: Ukrainian students file police report against store about pay

SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) -- A follow-up on a story you saw ONLY ON 3. The group of Ukrainian women who claim they were never paid in full by their US employer are now reaching out to law enforcement.

The three women have now gotten the Surf City Police Department involved. They filed a formal complaint against Waves Surf and Sport, but police may have their hands tied. The police department says it will document their story. The report can then be used in court if it goes that far. The Surf City Police Department says if there was anything criminal going on, that's when it would get involved.

"They really said that they couldn't do nothing, because it's not a crime situation it's a civil case. They advised us to get (an) attorney," Juliia Bolgazyna, one of the students who filed the complaint, said. The women say at this time they do not plan on seeking help from an attorney, because they do not have the money to get one.

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It is not uncommon that the

It is not uncommon that the behaviors shown by "Henry S" in cheating his aready cheap labor are representative of a more deep seated pattern of fraud in his business practices. This link to the IRS website will take you to a form to report the condition.,,id=106778,00.html

Further, WWAY should endeavor to keep this case alive and in the forefront, even to the extent of getting it on ABC's national news.

Henry Shitrit

I recently learned of this man and what he has done to these 3 young women as well as to many other foreign nationals who thought they were coming here for gainful employment and fair practices, but left abused and empty handed at the hands of Henry Shitrit. I first would love to know why the FBI, State of NC Law Enforcement as well as Public Officials have not stepped up and started a REAL investigation into these charges. Since it is public knowledge that Human Trafficking in SC is not only a real threat and has been happening without anyone stopping someone who is known to be doing this. What has America come to that we allow someone like this man to conduct business in our society and treat young adults from poverty stricken countries to come here to try and make a few dollars that may well sustain their families or pay for their education in their countries to be abused. This is on the news, this is in the paper, there are numerous court cases involving this man, and yet nothing has been done. It certainly needs proper, ethical investigating and the threats this man has made to Terry Walters and these 3 young women appear to have been completely ignored. Which goes to say, it is well known he has threatened them, she files a restraining order and then files a trespassing in retaliation. Interesting that there are witnesses who not only seen her enter his store with a police officier, but there are political officials who were notified at the time of his threats and no one intervened on their behalf. With that said, if something happens to Ms. Walters in court on this friviolous charge of tresspassing I guarantee you that I will personally notify the FBI and have it investigated. Money laundering, drug trafficking, harrassment, labor law violations, state and federal. Where is our Justice System? When are we going to allow people like this man to enter or Country, abuse our Freedoms and innocent people who try to get him to only do what he promised these girls which was fair wage and pay? When are we going to take our Country back, send law breakers like this man back to his Country to screw over people and rip them off? When are we as people going to make our States step up and act upon the governing laws of our Country? Terry Walters should be thanked and most certainly her life is important enough to her own children to not be allowed to waste our court dollars on frivolous law suits like trespassing? I think the people of Wilmington, NC should picket ALL of Shitrits stores and stand up at the Courts for Terry Walters and let her know you support what she did for the girls and Shitrit and the court officials in his wallet know that you no longer will stand for shady business practices, abuse of employees of Shitrits and no more corrupt political support to back his illegal transgressions.

Thanks Terry for all that you did for these girls. From someone who is an advocate for Foreign Exchange Students who are abused. Terry, post your court date and the court house. I will be there with a sign to support what you did for these girls and to show the Courts that Shitrit needs to be dealt with by the Courts, NOT supported for his corrupt actions!

To SurfCItyTom

I don't know who you are, & we very much appreciate your comments & concern, but I must say I just visited with Zander. I had spoken with him a few times before I contacted the news. He was very kind in assisting me with phone #'s that I could call. He did not spend Thursday on the phone with State & Federal officials to put a closure to this. He is the Mayor. There is nothing he can do. I asked him about it. Also, Det. Claxton is being most helpful with the "criminal" side of this ordeal. This is a civil matter. I brought the girls to WAVES on Saturday, as I have posted, to no avail. We were told to return on Sunday at 1:00 to meet with Mr. Shitrit & the girls could go over their time cards, etc. Of course, He did not keep his word. Mr. Shitrit's wife spoke with the police officer, & inquired about how to get a restraining order on me, so I could not accompany the girls in the store. There are 2 other pending lawsuits, besides the one mentioned, & who knows how many more? Mr. Shitrit, you don't intimidate me with your threats. BRING IT ON!

Not certain

why you're taking shots across my bow? But bring him to his knees; picket the store & attempt to convince the tourists not to patronize.

In this society, and with the little pit bulls employed by the Department of Labor in Washington and Raleigh, it's a challenge to understand why you've not gotten them to spearhead an investigation.

Perhaps you need to contact Roy Cooper or the Governor.

When you fail to achieve redress through civial action, sometimes you have to turn to criminal charges.

Moving on to other topics.

Good Luck


Anyone who has information which may be helpful in this matter is asked to call the Surf City Police Department at 910-328-7711. Please contact Detective Sergeant Claxton

There you have it

Ladies, Ms. Walters. Here is your point of contact with the SC Police.

Call the Sgt,; set an appointment; take copies of all your documents concerning your employment agreement, housing & so forth.

At the same time, contact the Department of Labor in Raleigh, if you have not already done so.

Finally, get some folks protesting and picketing the store while it is open. Be certain to check with Sgt Claxton to determine if a permit to assemble and protest is needed. Then hit them right in their game plan. If Yankees continue to patronize the store, in spite of your protests, well that's Yankees for you.

You might even get their corporate address in Myrtle Beach; alert the Myrtle Beach media outlets; and picket them down there.

Sounds like someone took

Sounds like someone took advantage of some kids. If so, you should be ashamed of yourself. Karma is a great thing!

Mr. Shitrit runs some really stellar businesses:

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit charging that managers of a Waves Surf & Sport Inc. store at 116 Causeway Drive in Ocean Isle Beach sexually harassed several female employees.

According to a news release from the EEOC, the harassment occurred from March through June 2005 and included unwelcome sexual touching and sexual comments by male managers at Waves.

The complaint contends one female employee was forced to resign as a result of the sexual harassment.

The lawsuit seeks back pay, compensatory damages and punitive damages for the women.

Henry Shitrit, the owner of the Waves stores, refused to comment.

- Shannan Bowen 2007 Star News

WAVES would not give girls checks...

On Saturday, Aug 14th, at 4:30PM, I brought the Girls to WAVES to view copies of their time cards & pick up their checks. Henry Shitrit has told me & was on the news saying the Girls could do so. He also told me the Girls could pick up their check for the pay period ending after they quit. Well, of course it did not happen. The Manager, Rami would not release anything. I asked him to call the Owner, Mr. Shitrit, & his reply was "no, because of his religion".....

It was in this store many

It was in this store many times, I remember one of those girls, which is well and quickly served me. After that experience, stores waves for me and my friends are closed because there is control crooks and swindlers. As your child tell you why we are not going to continue to enter the "crocodile"? Tell the truth.

Pretty Evident

the reporter needs to return. The posts concerning Surf City, its police and Mayor, are not consistent with their comments as to what they have done.

I believe the Mayor spent a fair amount of time on the phone on Thursday with state and Federal personnel to bring closure to this situation.

In the meantime, has anyone considered picketing the store on the road to encourage the tourists to shop elsewhere?

Here is the list...

of agencies, individuals I contacted before WWAY news became involved.

1. Dept of Labor Washington, DC
2. Dept of Labor Durham, NC
3. Dept of Immigration Washington, DC
4. Dept of Immigration Raleigh, NC
5. Dept of Justice Washington, DC
6. Dept of Secretary Of State Washington, DC
7. Attorney General Washington, DC
8. Attorney General Raleigh, NC
9. Studentland Colisseum, Ukraine
10. CIIE, Maine (Sponsor)
11. Zander Guy (Mayor)
12. Henry Shitrit (Owner of Business)
13. Foreign Students Exploitation Hotline (MAILBOX FULL)
14. Human Trafficking Hotline (MAILBOX FULL)
15. Ukraine Embassy

I was on the phone for two days to no avail. NOONE wishes to assist them. Please refer to comments for the previous story. Page 3 or 4 on WWAY website. I have called everyone except the FBI, which I may do.


It is no telling what other matters the owners of the store are involved, but reading the other comments seems that some people know him all too well. This requires the prompt notification of DOL authorities in Raleigh and due to the parties involved (time limitations in USA) it should be promptly looked into before the victims return to the Ukraine. He should have to pay up and be prosecuted for the violations to including kidnapping. He will probably try to has any investigation continued until the complainants are out of the country....thus a dismissal!!

To bad...

To bad if this store goes out of business, due to all the bad publicity it's getting from this story, they would just open a new one across the street and call it Wings.

There is a very simple solution to this issue.....

With all of these allegations against the beach store owner and aaaaaaaaaall of the people that know him and have worked for him and so on and so on.....just do this:

Contact the State and Federal Board of Labor, then the IRS. With what I've been reading, these accusations are nothing less than blatant violations of the most basic labor laws. He is an employer and must conform to them, no matter where the girls are from. ONE phone call is all it will take. No lawyers, no judges, no courtrooms. The BOL will be in there investigating, audit his books, timesheets, payroll ledgers and interview the employess past and present. These laws have been in existence for many years and are vigorously enforced in favor of the employee.

So here is the bottom line: If all of you chatters and know-it-alls that are throwing all of these allegations out would simply step up to the plate and make that phone call, this issue will be put to rest in very short order. It will become readily apparent who's butt is the shiniest!!!

It is difficult to understand why some feel the need to take the most basic of established principles and turn it into a science project.

For the record.....

The girls are not expecting a "handout" from me nor anyone else. They are paying a "fair" amount of rent to me (in which we agreed on). They are certainly more than welcome to eat on my table. We don't eat on the floor at my home..I had keys made for each of them, so they may come & go as they please. Gee, they are actually welcome to use my washer & dryer. I did not lock the closet, so they have no access to it. They have plenty of furniture. & I even ate the rest of their cookies that were sitting on the kitchen counter....I have contacted the owner of the place in which the girls were living. She is not pleased, to say the least. For what these girls were paying in rent to WAVES, they could have rented the entire doublewide home & rented a room to Rami to treat him like an animal....I am so blessed to have the girls in my life, even though it is for a short time. I am an empty nester. They have brought laughter & giggles back to my home, like when my children lived here. They cook Ukranian food...YUMMY! Thank you to everyone for your support...This is what Americans are supposed to do....


This story is sad. Its obvious the owners of the store are using this service to get cheap employees from other countries so they can rip them off, use them and make more profits. The owners believe they can get away with it because the girls are foreign.

Are these girls covered under American employment laws? What about the service they used to get the jobs? Dont they want to help?

WAVES stores are a BLIGHT on any city they open in. Mr SHITrit needs to be charged with fraud.

I'm shocked! $ 120 per week

I'm shocked! $ 120 per week for these "apartments" with 2-storey bed? Mr Shikrit! You are sick or crazy!

Follow Up Comments

I just watched the follow up report. A couple of items jumped out.

The report noted the 3 lived in a single room and were required to eat on the floor. Seems to me someone from the Health Department or Social Services could investigate the living conditions and file a crimminal complaint.

The report referred to the rent amounts paid by each in order that the 3 could share a single room and I assume bath. How about the Real Estate commission? Someone rented the house to the store manager who in turn sub-leased the bedroom to the 3. If a licensed rental agent leased the house to the manager, they do have an obligation to ensure housing conditions are maintained according to statute. Typically too, the lease would stipulate how many could occupy the property and normally confirms the identity of the occupants. If the property owner leased the property directly, then someone from the station could confirm ownership at the tax office in Burgaw and contact the owner directly for comment.

The report indicated they could not leave the house other than to go to work. That very clearly is against the law. You can not hold someone against their will and prevent them from leaving the premises. Unless there was some requirement stipulated in the agreement which they signed to come to this country, which held the employer accountable for their whereabouts, I am surprised the Chief did not catch on to this.

If they want to bring this to closure, they need to go back to the Station. Take the documents they signed with them. Have a complaint filed concerning false imprisonment or whatever the legal term is. The Police should forward it to Burgaw and the Sheriff's department. Either they will investigate or they will call in the SBI. This time of year, should not be hard to get an agent to come to the Beach.

In the meantime, perhaps all the chest pounding, primeval gorillas can stop the pounding and allow the young ladies to pursue redress in a manner which will get results. Every time I drive by the store, I expect to see Johnny Weismueller wrestling the gator; calling for Cheeta and Jane; and yodeling his Tarzan yell.

They probably look at all the posts and think the populace is on their side and will ride to their rescue like John Wayne. Even the Duke knew there were times when you called in the Cavalry or the US Marshall.

If they don't know where else to turn, send them to the Mayor's office. He can certainly provide some calm, emotion free advise and point them in the right direction. If not at the Chief's desk, then toward Raleigh.

But, no doubt that won't work; then all these posters will lose their current hot topic.

I looked all this and was

I looked all this and was horrified. Mr Shikrit! This is a 3-room apartment, which your company rented for its employees? For $120 a week? With two-storeyed bed? Are you kidding? Maybe you sick?


Maybe since there there headquarters are in Mt. Pleasant,SC,,,maybe contacting them my help these ladies,,,,i am sure they might not want any trouble,,,,

to the Ukrainian women

take a baseball bat write attorney on it and wave it at the store works just as good and is cheaper.

Pay The Girls

It's sad to see these hard working girls not get paid. Terry is doing a great thing as well keeping them with her and giving them a nice place to live. Hopefully everything gets resolved and they can go home with the money they earned. I will not be shopping at that Store and will tell visiting people on the island to stay far away from it.

terry and the girls

I know Terry personaly and she has a big heart and full of love. My heart goes out to those girls.They should have never been hired until all paperwork was in order.That man at Waves knew what he was doing and trying to get away with. Im glad that they met Terry so they can see that there are some nice and caring people here in America and dont have tor return with all bad newa. I can also promise that they have made a life long friend in Terry and will continue to keep in touch for many yrs to come.Best of luck to you girls i hope you can get every penny that is owed to you andI wish more for your troubles.