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Police: UNC student body president killed by shot from handgun

READ MORE: UNC-Chapel Hill student body president fatally shot

CHAPEL HILL (AP) -- Police in Chapel Hill say the student body president at the University of North Carolina was killed by a shot from a handgun to her right temple.

An initial incident report on the death of Eve Marie Carson also states detectives are investigating two crimes: the theft of her Toyota Highlander sport utility vehicle and her slaying. Police have previously said they believe the killer was in Carson's car at some point.

Police said Friday morning they continue to believe her death was a random act of violence and they still have no suspects in her slaying. An update was planned for early Friday afternoon.

The body of the 22-year-old senior from Athens, Ga., was found lying in a city street before dawn Wednesday, shot several times. News of her death has led to a widespread outpouring of grief on the campus of the state's beloved flagship university.

Watch a video profile of Eve Carson (from YouTube):

From the Chancellor's note to the campus community:

Message from the Chancellor March 6, 2008

Dear Carolina Students, Faculty and Staff:

I am so sorry to tell you that Chapel Hill Police have identified the victim of this week's shooting as Eve Carson, our student body president, trustee, wonderful person and great friend. We are deeply saddened and numb with grief.

I would like for us all to gather this afternoon on Polk Place at 3 p.m. to remember Eve and to grieve together. We will plan a full memorial service at a later time. For now, it is important that we pause, contemplate our loss and give each other support.

We encourage students, faculty or staff who feel they need assistance to contact the Office of the Dean of Students (966-4042) or Counseling and Wellness Services (966-3658). Counselors will be available at the Upendo Lounge at the Student Academic Services Building and Room 2518 A/B in the new addition at the Carolina Union until 11 p.m. this evening (Thursday, March 6, 2008). Resident advisors in campus housing and Granville Towers are also available to be of assistance and support.

I know how difficult it will be to begin to comprehend something so tragic. Please, as you gather your thoughts and prayers, think of Eve's parents, family and friends.

I hope you will join us this afternoon on Polk Place.

James Moeser

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Another gangsta wanna

Another gangsta wanna be---caught on camera using her ATM card and driving her vehicle. It's a very clear image, and someone knows this thug--so turn him in--do the right thing. Get this criminal off the streets, and collect your fat cash reward from UNC.


Blame for this falls on no one, but the sorry individual that decided to take someone's life in his own hands. What is this world coming too?? My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of this girl. I'm very sorry this girl was taken from you at such a young age.

What IS wrong with people?

WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? The young woman shot at Auburn, and on the same day the female student at UNC Jessica Faulkner murdered at UNC-W a couple of years ago 12 year old Emily Haddock accosted and shot by 5 men home as she lay sick home alone in Carthage in broad daylight and many more WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? WHEN ARE WE GOING ONCE AGAIN START PROTECTING OUR CITIZENS? WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH POLICE TO KEEP US SAFE.

It's about to hit the fan.....

When the public finds out, possibly later today, what this was all about then the outcry from the citizens of NC and GA are going to be heard loud and clear. I would not post this if I did not know for sure. My understanding, based on very reliable sources, is that a black male, about 20 years old with a large afro, kidnapped her, robbed her, and shot her for her car and ATM card (which is being used all over Durham). There is a photo at the ATM which clearly shows the Suspect, soon to be Defendant, using the card and smirking. Can anyone say Death Penalty? He looks about 17 to 21 years old. Somebody says below when will it stop, when will senseless crimes like this end, when will Gangsta's or Gangsta Wannabee's stop promoting this type of lifestyle. Where was this teens parents( thats plural for a reason). I do not know if the student in Georgia's recent murder was robbery related or not. I can almost look the other way when it's black on black or white on white, or two gangs killing each other, but this is way over the line. This is about as tragic as it gets. I have seen alot in the last 15 years and this is going to rank up there in the top 10 of senseless, tragic and preventable crimes. And I'm not saying preventable on the Victims part, I blame the Suspect for all of this. Hopefully they will have a name out there shortly or at least the photo so that this guy can be taken down.

what is wrong with people?

My starts for example with my neighborhood kids hanging out till all hours, walking down the middle of the street...etc...whats wrong with PARENTS? Get off the couch and do something with your kids!!!!!

You just have to wonder

You just have to wonder what's wrong with these people. This girl was killed. Earlier in the week, I think at Auburn another girl was killed. In Deleware, a student kills himself in the gym. And in Trenton, NJ police discover a military style plot with a hitlist. There is something really wrong with people. I'm not putting any blame on the parents, but how can they not see something is going with their child


Looks like to me the girl had a bright future. You cant really blame the parents for not seeing something going on with their child. Its not like she was on drugs..... It was a possible random act of violence, maybe a car jacking ,a possible gang initiation. who knows. This could have happened to anyone. And to the comment about "we need more police" Why ?? its only a matter of time before its their fault it happened. Cause everybody loves to blame the police. All the police in the world would not have stopped that from happening. You could get shot driving to the grocery store or out for a jog.