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UNC considers charging illegal immigrants in-state tuition

CHAPEL HILL (AP) -- The University of North Carolina system is considering whether to offer undocumented immigrants in-state tuition at its 16 university campuses. In-state tuition ranges from $1,500 to $3,700 while out-of-state students pay between $10,000 and $20,000. System President Erskine Bowles said illegal immigrants already are in the state, and he said creating another permanent underclass isn't the right thing to do. The policy's costs and benefits are being studied by a 28-member commission of business, community and academic leaders. Last week, a controversy erupted over a new policy that mandates all state community colleges admit students regardless of their immigration status. Policy opponents include all five candidates for North Carolina governor. (Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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What a Shame

I myself am a legal citizen of the United states, but I disagree with the UNC. Im not saying that every illegal immigrant that comes to America is a saint but from what I have seen, a good percentage of that group is more than willing to work hard. I have seen a huge amount of illegal students who have come a very long way anf excelled in their school. I have also seen students that are citizens of the United States that dont take advantage that they can go to school. Standard tests are dropping because they are to difficult. Why is it that an illegal immigrant works very hard to make themselves better and further their education and a citizen blows the oppurtunity of when its right there. That shows us something about our state. Maybe we should make it as difficult for everyone and we will probably see more improvement because its rediculous that they have to lowere the standards every year. Thats a shame America.


Why is it that we make our own law abiding LEGAL CITIZENS suffer and yet we as a counrty still cater away to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. If you are found to be here illegally are we not supose to send you back where you rightfully belong? How in the world can someone who is here illegally even get into a college? We make our own citizens pay for everything yet we give so many breaks to illegal immigrants that you wouldn't be able to list them all.

Vote buying

It's called vote buying using the Public Treasury.

I feel as an immigrant

that our people are getting discriminated becuase we are being called pinheads and crackheads. i come here to get an education not rob. you cant judge an immigrant being a crackheads because if we go to a university we go there to study. i want to go to UNCW. MY parents pay taxes and that doesnt give me the right. i hope you post this so they can read it from the perpective of an immigrant who wants to STUDY and get a good LIFE.

Are you here illegally?

If so then you not being discriminated against, it is just fact that you are ILLEGALLY HERE. If you are illegal then NO you have no rights as far as I am concerned, but don't worry you'll get everything you want in the end, it is the good hard working legal citizens that will suffer in the end.

Go home to ...

Mexico and get your cheap education there. Most of you illegals can't even speak our language, so you would be wasting instructors time in our schools anyways.


This is getting worse and worse. IF they get to pay IN STATE and if our OWN kids go out of state WE should be allowed the same break. This has got to stop. What next?? Nice free houses at the beach, free cars and white maids for them all.


Mr Bowles, Clinton's deputy White House chief of staff and then chief of staff, seemed like a good socialist then and look at him go now. Does it matter that the Board of Governors may have broken the law in electing Mr. Bowles President of the University of North Carolina's Board of Governors in 2005 by not holding public hearings??? Now to the issue at hand. According to this article... Mr. Bowles said illegal immigrants are already in state. Well so are murderers and crack heads. If I break the law can I get 5 or 10 thousand dollars off my tuition? That would be great for me. How about a bonus round where we just give ILLEGALS money if they can prove they are in the violent sub-culture (a gang). That would qualify as a permanent underclass, would it not?


I am truly amazed everyday when I read the newspaper or listen to the news. Do the folks in charge not have a dictionary. Look up the word ILLEGAL. Not only are these people not to be in this COUNTRY but now they want to allow them to claim IN STATE tuition. I have heard from friends about the hoops one must jump thru just to prove in state status for their kids that were BORN here in the great state of North Carolina. How can the educational system leaders make a decision like this when evidently they do not have the education to define the word ILLEGAL? OMG

We also don't need....

....a class of pinhead academics setting policies that are oppoesed by 76% (according to the latest poll) of the North Carolina taxpayers. Think about it - your fellow AMERICAN CITIZENS from other states will be forced to pay out-of-state tuition while FOREIGN CRIMINALS get a huge discount! The voters told Bowles to go away once before. How do we get rid of him once and for all?

UNC tution

HOW could Bowles THINK of charging in state to people who admit they are illegal? Doesn't that mean that they admit they are not from here? So shouldn't they have to pay out of state rates? If a person can't prove with a drivers license or state issued ID card, then they can't prove they are a resident.

what a dolt

One of the reasons in state tuition costs less is because you are paying state taxes that help support the school. An illegal alien isn't paying state taxes and should not get the same benefit. You would think the leader of the school system would be smart enough to figure that out. Guess it doesn't say much for the UNC system.