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UNC students will soon be required to have health insurance

Starting next fall, students at all 16 UNC schools, including UNCW, will be required to have health insurance. The plan has been in the works for years, but the UNC system's Board of Governors only recently approved the mandate. Students have a few options. They can either come to school with insurance from an employer or their parents. They can buy coverage through the school system, or have a combination of both. School officials hope to offer a plan that costs about $700 a year. Right now, UNCW has a voluntary health insurance plan, which roughly 130 students sign up for each year. The director of UNCW's Student Health Center said 10 to 15 percent of students there do not have health insurance at all. She wants to see each and every one covered, which this requirement will ensure. "Too often you see somebody who doesn't have health insurance, run into a situation where they have to make a choice whether to remain in school or leave in order to get the medical care they need," said Katrin Wesner of UNCW Student Health Services. Uninsured student Courtney Kim said, "iIt's just really not worth it, I would say. I know that if anything major were to happen it would be pretty serious, but the premiums we would have to pay each month, if, say, I didn't go to the hospital for two years, that amount of money would go towards nothing." Kim said her parents choose to pay out of pocket for her health expenses, and so far, that plan has worked out for them. UNC officials said they will be able to offer a better plan at a cheaper cost with this requirement, because they will have the buying power of all 16 schools in the system.

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What plans are set up if a student test postive for the H1N1 virus? Other schools across over state have plans set and are testing on campus. What has UNCW done for this? If the answer is nothing, and they are telling students the MUST have health insurance How dare they.. If the answer is nothing, UNCW is putting students and the community in jeopary. Don't send them to the ER how many students are going to sit there for hours and hours to get tested. They aren't !!! they are just going to keep going and spreading it all over Wilmington.

The cost for school is outrageous....

as much as it cost, it should be part of tuition. The cost of health insurance for a student that is eating oodles and noodles is not even contemplated for one thing they can not afford the cost set by a corrupt state controlled health insurance commision. Why can't students get affordable coverage, Mr isurance commisioner?? Schools really don't want students anyway they are just a by product, but they really need them to actually make it a legit money pit foundation. May be the university system needs to be changed?? Look at the cost it takes for a medical doctor to get licensed or any other degreed person, and you don't think that cost is passed on. Lets look at the real "health care cost". Ask the insurance industry why student don't have insurance. Don't MAKE the students try to afford bandaid insurance they can not afford!

I'm a liberal to the bone, I

I'm a liberal to the bone, I have always felt a society is only as strong as its weakest link, and I believe in universal health care. That being said, this is the stupidest thing ive ever heard. This country is an absolute mess.

Is UNC going to start

Is UNC going to start managing all other aspects of the students' lives, such as making sure their car payments and credit cards are paid on time? Unless the school has somehow been held liable for medical bills for students in the past, they have no right to even inquire as to whether or not a student has health insurance. This is one of the more ridiculous things I have heard lately. And will UNC be subsidizing the cost of these insurance plans in any way? Will they be hiring additional personal to manage the insurance program and keep track of what students have it and from where? If so, I think some of this would be the taxpayers' business, would it not? College students are adults. While mommy and daddy are probably helping in many ways, they are not the school's the taxpayer's or this Katrin's responsibility. I think with all sixteen schools involved, there should be enough plaintiffs to qualify as a class action lawsuit.


Where is the ACLU when they are needed ??? Class action lawsuit

Health insurance

If they required me to carry health insurance while I was in college then I would have had to drop out. I'm low income, my parents didn't pay my way at all, worked fulltime, school fulltime, grants, loans. An extra bill even $50 would have forced me to quit. I lived my life on the bare necessities even my car was small & paid for & only spent $100/mo. on groceries-worked in a grocery store in which I got a discount on my food. This will force the low income to rethink going to college or the current ones to quit.


how is this legal? Since when is it a SCHOOLS business what a STUDENTS personal business is? I'm not saying they SHOULDN'T have insurance...however last time I checked you couldn't be FORCED to have it...

You are 100 % right, they

You are 100 % right, they can't force anyone to have health insurance.

...and this is what the WHOLE debate is about...

"Too often you see somebody who doesn't have health insurance, run into a situation where they have to make a choice whether to remain in school or leave in order to get the medical care they need," said Katrin Wesner of UNCW Student Health Services." That sums it up. That expresses the belief that every single left-wing, big governmnet fanatic has regarding every facet of health insurance and health care: You should have no freedom whatsoever to decide how YOU run YOUR life. Guess what Uberfuhrer Wesner? This is America. If a student doesn't want to buy health insurance and then has to drop out when they use their tuition money to pay for medical treatment, so be it! THAT IS THEIR CHOICE! How dare you tell people that they have to spend THEIR money to protect YOUR revenue stream?