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UPDATE: UNCW anthropologist offers answers about Bald Head bones

READ MORE: UPDATE: UNCW anthropologist offers answers about Bald Head bones

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- We finally have some answers about the bones found under a golf course on Bald Head Island in February. The skulls were brought to UNCW forensic anthropologist Midori Albert. She says all three sets of human remains were men, likely slaves during the Civil War Era. What's interesting about them is they are of mixed ancestry.

Dr. Albert had to literally glue a lot of the pieces back together like a puzzle to study the bones.

"They did a lot of manual labor, probably working around Fort Fisher and the blockade runners and what not," Albert said. "You can see some of the evidence of the hard work."

Dr. Albert says coffin nails and other artifacts found around the golf course prove all three of these people received proper burials.

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You will have to use your

You will have to use your imagination on that one.

Mixed ancestry? What exactly

Mixed ancestry? What exactly does that mean and why does she think it is so interesting? Don't leave us hanging, please....

what mixed ancestry is means

what mixed ancestry is means that they were probably a mix of white and black. meaning they were still slaves despite having some white in their background. that is the interesting part. this probably would have happened due to the slave owners having intercourse with their slaves and instead of taking in the children as their own they put them to work out in the fields with their mothers.