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Mehrtens: "Ed Conroy is our guy"; but Conroy still shopping

READ MORE: Mehrtens: "Ed Conroy is our guy"; but Conroy still shopping


Less than a week after receiving a job offer from UNC Wilmington, Citadel basketball coach Ed Conroy reportedly was in New Orleans on Monday interviewing for another job.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported Monday that Conroy was among three coaches interviewed on campus at Tulane.

The newspaper said Robert Morris coach Mike Rice and ex-Oregon coach Ernie Kent also were interviewed as the Conference USA school seeks a replacement for ex-coach Dave Dickerson, who resigned after an 8-22 season.

Citadel athletic director Larry Leckonby said Monday he has not been contacted by Tulane, and that Conroy has not informed him of any decision regarding UNC Wilmington.

The Post and Courier first reported last Wednesday that Conroy, who just completed his fourth season at his alma mater, had been offered UNC Wilmington's head-coaching job.

Later in the week, UNCW athletic director Kelly Mehrtens confirmed the offer, telling a Wilmington TV station, "Ed Conroy is our guy."

Like UNCW, Tulane would be a rebuilding job, but a higher paying one. Dickerson had a 68-84 record in five seasons at Tulane, including a 31-47 mark in Conference USA.

Dickerson earned between $320,000 and $400,000 per year, according to the Times-Picayune. The UNCW job will pay between $225,000 and $250,000 per year, according to the Wilmington Star News. Conroy earns about $175,000 after receiving a raise last year at The Citadel.

An offer from Tulane for Conroy could open up a door at UNCW for College of Charleston assistant Mark Byington, who played for the Seahawks. Byington met with UNCW's Mehrtens on Saturday at the Final Four in Indianapolis.

Neither Conroy nor Byington could be reached for comment.


UNCW Athletic Director Kelly Mehrtens landed safely at the airport in Indianapolis Friday afternoon. WWAY's John Rendleman talked with her shortly after she arrived.

Mehrtens told WWAY that she offered the UNCW men's head coaching position to Citadel coach Ed Conroy Thursday and that she doesn't intend to conduct any more interviews unless Conroy turns down the job.

"The job is his," Mehrtens said. "Ed Conroy is our guy."

Conroy has been head coach at The Citadel for the last four years.

Mehrtens told WWAY that she has a lot of meetings to attend at the Final Four, including CAA meetings.

When asked about Vince Taylor, the former Duke guard who many people consider to be a candidate for the UNCW position, Mehrtens said, "I've never talked with Vince Taylor."

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The Charleton Post & Courier has an interview in which Coach Conroy indicates he has snubbed UNCW. Either he is going to Tulane or staying put in Charleston.

So much for "he's our guy".

Do we need an AD who understands how to negotiate and deal with Thoroughbred Coaches? She sure dumped on Benny Moss. And whether he will admit it, you know tha treatment of a Coach entered his decision making process.

Of course the fact that Tulane will pay $100K more than UNCW may have had an impact also.

You don't make an announcement until you have his hand on the pen signing the contract.


Don't you mean "Ed was our guy but we weren't his school?"


If he is still shopping you are not his CHOICE. He may come, but just as soon as a better offer is made he will be gone.

Start looking for someone else.


Another Follow Up

If Coach Conroy is "Our Guy", why would he interview with Tulane in New Orleans yesterday?

That position would offer him similar challenges to what he would face at UNCW; but, it also pays in excess of $300,000.

AND, why does the Charleston paper also report, Ms Mehrtens interviewed assistant Coach, Mark Byington, of the College of Charleston? He is familiar with UNCW having played for the Hawks.

With this vote of confidence from Coach Conroy, would the Seahawks face another "Jerry Wainwright" situation a couple of years down the road when a higher paying, higher profile college comes knocking at Coach Conroy's door?

Here's a follow up question

"the job is his" until he turns it down. How long does she wait for an answer?

Did he accept the job at the Final Four? This is prime recruiting season. Whomever the coach is going to be, he needs to be out there now getting some recruits on board to fill holes in the lineup.

Jerry Wainwright was seen around town this week.

If the AD can not do something as simple as recruit a coach, she needs to do the honorable thing and fall on her sword or resign.

It's a disgrace the manner in which this entire scenario has played out. From the manner in which Benny Moss was dismissed to the manner in which she feigned ignorance as to interviewing Coach Conroy.

In this economy, watch Seahawks fund raising go down the commode with this lack of effective leadership.

Another mistake

This is almost laughable if it wasn't so tragic. Why make an announcement before signing the guy? Um, do you think he may hold out for more money? Word has it that Wainwright is interested in the AD position, apparently Merhtens has her resume out all over the street. Just a matter of time...

Wouldn't this be an

EPIC Fail if he didnt come here. Most certainly. Then we could all go to and read K.Merhtens entry.


The Citadel is

his Alma Mater. There have to be a lot of strong ties to the school and Charleston.

Add to that the manner in which Benny Moss was treated.

Couple that with a Citadel mind set where students and athletes do not question or challenge the Coach; as opposed to a freer environment at UNCW.

Charleston and Wilmington have many similarities.

Will be interesting if he accepts or stays put.

earlier story

Um...wasn't this story earlier titled something like "UNCW AD apparently has no respect for WWAY viewers"? I'm glad to see you kids could kiss and make up.

They were getting so many

They were getting so many negative comments that they had to take the story down. This is what happens when you try to compare your poorly run media outlet to the dominate market leader (by a substantial amount). If I point out who that 'other station' is, they will delete my post.