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UNCW coaching vacancy frustrates fans


The coaching vacancy at UNCW has many fans expecting the worst for next year's basketball season.

75 days and counting. That's how long UNCW has been looking for a new men's basketball coach. The school has already gone through a couple of options. Athletic director Kelly Mehrtens offered the job to former Citadel coach Ed Conroy, but he chose Tulane instead. Kansas assistant Joe Dooley said is not a candidate for the job after rumors surfaced he'd received an offer. Tennessee-Chattanooga sent out a release saying its coach John Shulman was not a candidate.

With so much uncertainty fans are worried it could hurt the players the Seahawks bring in.

"They have two scholarships that are still open, and the longer this goes on, it's going to impact the quality they get in terms of recruiting," Seahawk supporter Frank Ogden said.

Coming off a 22-loss season, including a 5-14 record in the CAA, fans don't think the search will get easier any time soon.

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UNCW just dont care about sports and competing

it wasnt to many years ago,that UNCW had it going on....there is a big problem when you loose Jerry Wainwright to Richmond and Brad to Wright st.......UNCW is just not committed to sports and their lies the biggest there is a whole area of southeastern nc that would love to get behind a program in this area and show there support but if they dont even care to push what they have....who's going to care from the outside looking in.....i guess we always have those four years we got lucky and Blizzard came to town.....

UNCW: Fire the Athletic Director

UNCW: Fire the Athletic Director. She isn't doing her job. Who wants to coach at UNCW if it
means the coach will be fired if he doesn't produce a "winning team"?

UNCW fans are always frustrated....

.....not unlike the UNCCH fans. As long as they have a winning coach, all is good, but come across a couple of losses and they want to send them to the gallows. What decent head coach would even want to be in a situation like that?


WOW. Really? UNCW fans should have been happy with the 4 years Moss had at UNCW????? Seriously???? Did you see the record? Either you did not see his record or you are just clueless. I am willing to be clueless.


What have you missed?

Did Benny Moss deserve to be replaced?

Probably unless he had some outstanding recruits coming in who would change the team dynamics and make the team much more competitive.

But, you fire him if you are replacing him. You don't reassign him to other duties in an apparent attempt to get him to quit or resign in order to avoid paying the balance of his contract.

What was accomplished by doing this mid-season? Certainly, had an immediate improvement in team's performance been expected, then fine -- do it mid-season.

But again, fire him; pay him what he is due and send him on to other career opportunities.

You don't leave him hanging out there like a festering sore. You make a clean break.

And with all that hanging over the campus, you do not announce Conroy is "our guy" when not only has he not signed a contract, he's interviewing and being hired by Tulane.

Now throw in at least 4 other failed attempts to get a permanent Coach.

What causes you to be clueless about this?

It's called lack of leadership. In the real world, when management displays lack of leadership and the ship begins taking on water, you get a new Captain.

Ms. Mehrtens has done enough damage to the Athletic Department. If she won't resign or fall on a sword, then the Chancellor needs to replace her.

If the Chancellor can not see the writing on the wall and display some leadership of her own, the Board of Governors needs to start its own search committee for a replacement.

Does that remove your cluelessness?

I think I finally understand

the challenge. Currently the Seahawks are #-2 for the longest running Coach vacancy.

Ms. Mehrtens is shooting for the record so she can have something positive on her resume.

At least the assistant AD did the honorable thing when he was caught in McRae Park; he resigned.

Ms. Mehrtens, get the message? It's time for you to go. Stay much longer, and you'll have zero credibility when you go back into the job market.

But wait, maybe she's in the middle of getting a contract extension. Add a few years to her current contract; and when she's fired, she has that much greater a "Golden Parachute" to land with.

Something needs to be done and done quickly or we may have to shift our loyalties up I-40 to the Campbell Camels if we want to see competitive basketball.

I agree... the athletic

I agree... the athletic director needs to go. She is the reason that UNCW cannot recruit a decent coach. GIVE HER THE BOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!