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UNCW could see tuition hike

WILMINGTON -- Students at UNCW may have to cough up more money in the fall of 2008. UNCW trustees gathered today to recommend a tuition increase. If it passes in-state undergrads will face a one-point-nine percent increase. Out-of-state students and those in the graduate program will pay two per cent more. The hike will go towards funding student activities, health services, and athletics. Before the increase can take effect...the proposal must be reviewed and finalized by the UNC board of governors early next year.

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Some people may say that UNCW is overpriced. True it does cost more than some other schools. Granted UNCW is not the most selective school in Nc, however it is very reputable and considered by U.S. News to be "More Selective" than the average. Also, Wilmington itself from a state-wide economic perspective has one of the highest costs of living which one could only logically deduce that a college in Wilmington would be more costly. It is not so much the University's fault as much as it is the fact that the area is both a bigger metropolitan area and tourist hot spot. I will be attending UNCW in the near future, and I will actually be catching a break on costs. I pay nearly 19,000 in living and school per year at my current University and I expect that number to fall at least 16,500 (Living & School) when I switch schools.

No Child Left Behind

Its kind of funny the goverment pitched the idea of No Child Left Behind, but they are raising tution fees. Now granted a lot of kids could get grants and loans but how do they suppose to make it if the school is going to take all the money from them. Its basically saying here is your money to go to school and you have to pay for the rest! Seems like whoever pitched this idea into effect only wanted to get into office by something smart and comes back with the most stupid idea mankind ever created!

NCLB is a federal law

The state is raising tuitions. Apples and oranges.

as if uncw isn't expensive

as if uncw isn't expensive enough!


As a UNCW student I can't believe this, UNCW is already one of the most expensive colleges of the NC universities. Furthermore, the fin. aid system is totally f'd up, even though my parents don't support me at all,i have to show them as supporters until i'm 24 nc law. UNCW is already overpriced...for example all students who live on campus are forced to have a food plan $1350+...a hamburger here costs $6.99 and a can of soup at the conv store is about 2.99. The overall costs here are over 15k a year. I'll be retired before i pay off my student loans. As bad as this state needs teachers you'd think it would be less expensive to become one!

Tuition Hikes

If you are illegal, you get a break. But if you are born here or reside here you don't. What a laugh. If you're a guy that doesn't register for the selective service then you cannot get a college loan. So HOW THE HECK DO THEY GET THE MONEY TO PAY FOR THE TUITION? Do illegal aliens register for selective service? This is just wrong! If they (government) won't enforce some laws why should they prosecute any infractions by me or mine? The honest are being pushed out of place by the dishonest, and IT SHOULD NOT BE THIS WAY!


As a UNCW student, I cannot believe what I am hearing. UNCW is already one of the most expensive public univ. in the state. High tuition, outragous fees, $250 parking permits each year, even the food here is ridiculous ($6.99 hamburgers). Furthermore, the way NC financial aid works, if you're under 24 and independent, you're screwed. Looks like I'll be retired by the time i pay off my student loans.


They will have to raise tuition to pay for the illegal aliens that will be drawn here by the reduced rates for illegals.

ditto I'm still paying off

ditto I'm still paying off student loans that illegals simply will not have to pay


I already am paying back 383 a month for the next 119 months. What more would UNCW do to their students? I sure as heck I am gone from that place.