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UNCW film students tackle 1898 Race Riots

READ MORE: UNCW film students tackle 1898 Race Riots
WILMINGTON -- The 1898 Wilmington race riots are a touchy subject for some. But a handful of UNCW film students are tackling the issue head on. Filming started this week on a movie called "The Red Cape," which follows the events of the 1898 Race Riots. Rather than trying to send a message to viewers the producer says the crew is really just trying to raise awareness of what happened. More than 100 years ago a mob burned the building housing the Daily Record newspaper. Now the moment is being relived on camera, but not without some controversy. Producer Brendon Murphy said, "The surrounding community here has been really supportive of what we're doing, which is really good. There have been some people would rather we had just left the subject alone." Murphy says the sole purpose of the film is to educate people about the race riots -- a dark time in local history, in which 22 African Americans were killed. He said, "I feel like it's something that should be in history books, and it's just basically telling people that this happened." Some actors taking part in the film say they hope that message gets across. Actor Larry Jefferson Jr. said, "It's a great attribute and it's bringing back the realism of what we went through." Film crews will be shooting around downtown Wilmington until April then the editing process will begin. The film should be completely finished by November and the producer says some local museums have already agreed to show the film on a regular basis.

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A film, by any other name.........

I would suggest that UNCW could have produced a film that actually had relevance in today's time frame.

The 1898 project, with whatever motivation, is speculation and unverifiable. Each side has an opinion, with some historical details.

Instead of this project, UNCW students could have done a project detailing slavery today, as more and more young black men are slaves to drugs, and the crimes that go along with it.

The self-induced slavery of crime and drugs have killed more black men than racist's and bigots ever could.

Such a project would not be as popular, but would have been immensely more informative and useful as opposed to 1898.

We all know of the inequities of the past, but a generation of today could use a reality check in the areas of drugs, crime, and responsibility, something that is seriously lacking today.

As usual, UNCW once again just gets it wrong.

So the goal of these UNCW film students is to educate people about race riots. Cool. I'm waiting for filming to begin about the race riots caused by the Wilmington 10 and the black community in Wilmington in the early 70's. If you TRULY want to educate about something, you need to examine it from ALL angles, not just one special interest side. I'll give you an example: Study the Holocaust, but can you really understand it without also examining Hitler and his motives and methods? The answer is no. I'm not holding my breath on this one. The powers that be at UNCW can't see clarity on ANY issue because they are millions of miles to the radical left of center.

1898 Race Riot

A very interesting project by the students, I encourage them to reserach this tragic event thoroughly and maintain a historical objectivity to better understand it. A fine resource I have found is

the revisionist website, racist fantasy

the website named in the posting of a website that DARES to use the date 1898 and espouses Historical facts is a revisionist horror that is inaccurate and because it tries to disavow the only coup in American is in every respect racist and a disturbing "opinon", baseless, and not fact AT ALL. If one wishes to learn about 1898, then one can read the 1898 Commission report To continue to try and push the facutally false and misleading writings listed by the other website is to keep our community divided and our history buried in ignorance.

Keep Me Posted

I think it's a good idea to educate the public about what happened back in the 1800's in Wilmington, NC. I would like to suggest a good book to read also, Cape Fear Rising it talks about the city of Wilmington, NC during the 1800's. I'll be on the look out for the movie it should be alot easier to follow than the book.


Here we go something to make this generation think they are owed for something that happened when none of us were even a twinkle in our mamas eye. REPARATIONS! GIMME GIMME!

Sorry! You must have

Sorry! You must have misunderstood the article I didn't read anything about asking for money or pay back for something that happened back in the 1800's. Did you? And to be perfectly honest I am a strong black woman. I work full time Monday - Friday and I'm a single parent to my 2 boys. I don't ask for a hand out from anybody, DSS, mom, dad boyfriend, baby daddy etc. This is 2008 so do go around thinking everybody is out for a hand out. I work for my money just like you do!

race riots?

there is very little proof and accuracy of the race riots. did they occur, yes. but to what extent we will never know. you can thank thomas wright for stirring this up. for a start i think we should get reparations from him, because we have proof on what he has done

Are you kidding?? I mean

Are you kidding?? I mean really, YOU go do a little research. There's a reason this town is split right in half when it comes to race relations. Just ask a black man who's been in this town for more than 50 years what it was like growing up. How they had to avoid beer bottles being thrown at their heads just for walking down Carolina Beach Road. Just look at Sea Breeze compared to Carolina Beach. One side ALL WHITE and Rich, One side ALL BLACK and Poor. Wilmington was one of the first cities in America where a free'd black man could make a decent living before the riots. Not only make a decent living and home, but actually prosper. Afterwards, it became one of the most segregated and racist area's in the entire country. Just ask those who's parents were here then, they will tell you about the riots.

Emotion Versus Fact

For something that happened so long ago and outside the living memory of us today, it sure can elicit emotional responses. I received an unexpected reply to my email merely suggesting a website I fell upon for information about the event as I found it useful. Why did the writer have to denounce the site and promote his or her own? I will look at both and not think that each is the whole truth, but I want a diversity of opinion on the issue to formulate my own view. When someone denounces something so virulently, I suspect there is something they do not want me to see on the website they seem to hate. It appears that there was no "race riot" until some black people opened fire on white people at 4th and Harnett Streets. Who can defend those who started it?

I stumbled across the website while doing some research on the 1898 race riot. I could tell that it was a white supremacy website trying to spin its own angelic history almost immediately. You can not change what you don't acknowledge. We have to recognize that people of color have been the victims of some of the worst homegrown terrorism this country has ever encountered. This is not fiction, this is the truth. Poor people of all colors (including white) ask for handouts or assistance, hey they want to feed their kids. If a large number of the poor are African Americans then you need to acknowledge that 400 years of slavery and oppression of people based on the color of their skin has probably contributed to their poverty. The fact that anybody can rise out of such harsh oppression as the black business owners of Wilmington did before the race riot
is a testament to their strength and resilience and they should be memorialized as heroes and leaders of our country.

Race Riot in Wilmington NC 1898

Why do some White Americas pretend they never did any racists activity when we all know by history it occured over and over again. I wish many of the Americans would stop pretending and accept the racist stains that will never be erased from our American History. And for the record some of the relatives of these Black People would were ran off... are living, and would have inherited much of what was taken from their relatives in 1898. It's a shame before God what was done to those people.

It isn't pretending, Fool.

"Why do some White Americans pretend they never did any racists activity when we all know by history it occured over and over again?" It isn't pretending, Fool. I wasn't alive during the period of 1861 - 1865, nor was I alive in 1898. Yes, some horrible things were done - on both sides - but not by me. Why do some black Americans insist on government handouts and reparations for things that they NEVER experienced first-hand? "And for the record some of the relatives of these Black People would were ran off... are living, and would have inherited much of what was taken from their relatives in 1898." your logic, blacks should be suing other blacks on the African continent because black ancestors collaborated with those in the slave trade. And you know what? They still do, because to this day, slavery persists throughout Africa. "I wish many of the Americans would stop pretending and accept the racist stains that will never be erased from our American History." Okay...if we need to accept racial stains, it is my duty and your obligation to also remember that whites aren't the only guilty ones. Blacks are guilty too.... Think, "Wilmington 10." Think, Black Panthers and Nation of Islam, whose stated goal is the annihilation of whites. "It's a shame before God" that evil idiots like Farrakhan can openly preach evil and be praised for their hate and calls for an end to the white race.


Umm, said blacks should be suing other blacks. No one that I know that is black has ever said anything about getting reparations or wanting them. But the fact is realized that there were many black people that became successful or had the chance to and were robbed of it by racists bent on scaring them into inferior positions and roles. This has robbed many families of building an inheritance and something to pass down. Especially when the education system, which was racist at the time, denied them decent educations. it takes many generations to break the cycles of slavery that neither you, or obviously, anyone in your family could possibly understand. I do. I am black. All I have to do is ask my family about their experiences. My great-grands parents went through this and so did they. Even today, it is hard for many in my family to break the cycle of poverty. My parents were able to and I am the first generation with much to inherit and that could readily afford and dedicate my entire time towards an education beyond high school. This post is a bit late, but hopefully someone won't read the last post and think that this discussion will end on such ignorant thoughts. You presume to explain and rationalize things which you were never touched by and obviously did not research.

Truly stupid, and YOU should be ashamed

Exactly how can YOU presume to know what has affected my life, or what I've studied? YOU are the idiot for making such ridiculous claims. Let me break it down for you, and I'll try not to use big words that would no doubt confuse you.

FACT: You may be black, but if you've lived in this country throughout your life, NO, you have NO idea what it means to be a slave. You see, slavery was abolished in these United States long before you were born. You can't possibly know what being a slave is like, so open your mouth and chew on your foot some more. By your ridiculous logic, I should claim that I know all about what it means to be accused of witchcraft because I'm female and I had female ancestors who were alive during the witch trials. You share DNA with your ancestors, you Idiot, NOT experiences.

FACT: Black people are not the only people who were ever denied chances to improve their lives. Blacks were recognized as citizens long before women were. Therefore, your "Poor, poor pitiful me" routine is downright laughable.

FACT: I am white. I am also the first person in my family to receive a college degree. At no point in the history of my ancestors could any of them have been accused of being wealthy or even close to wealthy. On both sides of my family tree, there's been only the working class. Do not EVER again make the mistake of assuming that I know nothing about living in poverty. As a female and a proud Native American, I have had to work very hard for everything. No one ever gave me ANYTHING. Everything I have is something I earned by working for it. So I do not for one second buy into your excuse that breaking the "cycle" takes numerous generations. Each generation in my family worked extremely hard, and each improved their own condition through determination and hard work, despite facing their own setbacks. Don't even try to argue this point with me. Blacks are no longer segregated, and haven't been for quite some time. MY people, however, are. Don't believe me? Look into it. It's called PUTTING AND KEEPING PEOPLE ON A RESERVATION, and it continues to this day. The only way Native Americans can hold on to their own cultural identity is to agree to the federal goverment's terms of living separate and apart from the rest of society. Those of us that make the decision to leave the reservations do so knowing full well that we'll be facing a constantly uphill battle.

FACT: Slavery continues TO THIS DAY on the African continent. If YOU would have done research, you would know that many tribes in Africa continue to engage in the cultivation, sale, and profit of slavery. So YES, if black people want to sue someone over slavery, they should start by suing black tribal members who continue to enslave other blacks on the African continent. After all, if it's truly an end to slavery and NOT reparations that you seek, you should be attacking all who continue to perpetuate slavery.

FACT: The United States currently has a black president. IT'S THE HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND, and a black man now holds it! Don't tell me blacks have been forced into inferior roles. And while we're at it, let me point out the obvious: Name one female president the United States has ever had. Name one Native American that has ever been president. You can't. You CAN, however, name a black person who has. Your argument is completely ridiculous.

This post is a bit late, and I sincerely hope lots of people WILL read it so that they can see how truly stupid and pathetic you and those who think like you really are.

percentage says it all

I live in fayetteville. The percentage during 1800s 45% black 55% white Fayetteville. 60% black 40% white Wilmington. Today 2011 Blacks 45% Whites 55% in Fayettville. 20% Blacks 70% White in Wilmington.