UNCW Police bid farewell to one of their own
It was a bittersweet and dignified farewell Friday for a veteran of the UNCW Police force. The campus police department honored Major Robert Riley for 23 years of service on the force. Friends and family gathered to celebrate his career, which has seen the campus grow from a relatively small school to a thriving university. Friday, Major Riley was presented with the flag that flew over the police department. “Being in a paramilitary organization it means, it means a ton,” said Major Riley. Officers on the force said Riley will be missed around the station, and that it is hard to imagine working without him.

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To one of the best people I have had the privilege to know. A man who put others needs ahead of himself. Someone you could always count on. A great family man and friend.Good Luck Robert L Riley
Thanks for your service Major Riley!!
Good Riddance, he was one of the 1's who told me I wouldn't make it as a cop....15 years later I'm still standing.
If he was "one of the 1's", just how many people told you the same thing?
You should also be congratulated on your ability to remain bipedal. Thank you to all that serve,and to Major Riley.
I would just like to say that I am sure that there was no merit in what Major Riley thought you were lacking as far as your skills are concerned. Clearly, you are a highly educated individual who obviously takes the fact that they are posting an element representative of themselves onto a television station that can be seen worldwide. *Congratulations on your ability to stand for 15 years. I am sure that somewhere, someone is very proud of you. Best of luck remaining elevated for the next fifteen.
to Good Riddance, so what is it like being a mall cop? I've always wondered! Hey next time I'm over there can i ride your golf cart?
Well, at least you've learned to let go of some things after 15 years.