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UNCW receives stimulus money for new marine biotechnology facility

READ MORE: UNCW receives stimulus money for new marine biotechnology facility
Researchers at UNCW will soon be able to dive a bit deeper into the world of marine biology. The university will soon be the home to a new state of the art marine biotechnology facility. "It's a win-win for the academic programs, for the biotechnology programs and actually it's really a win for the community who will be taking our research into products and processes," said UNCW Director of Marine Science Daniel Baden. The 70,000 square foot facility will house the Marbionic program, a program focused on the benefits of marine technology when used in food, health and energy research. "You're talking about the kind of research that will take us into the future in terms of food, pharmaceutical research, improving medicine and health. We are talking about the kind of research that results in further education," described Mike McIntyre. Construction on the site was made possible through federal stimulus money. Nearly $15 million will go toward building 12 laboratories and three large incubators. Construction on the facility is also expected to put 300 people to work. When seventy percent of our planet is covered by water, researchers say its time to explore the infinite possibilities under the sea. "There is so much more in the ocean, so much more,” said Marbionic Directory of Research Jeffery Wright. “Marine organisms that do interesting things, make interesting compounds, have interesting enzymes and proteins we can use to better our lives." Construction on the facility is expected to begin by November.

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Hmmm... let's see, without the marine technicians from cfcc, the scientist from uncw wouldn't be able to get out in the field to record their data, or collect it for that matter! You say apples to oranges, I say you can't have one without the other. Save CFCC Marine Tech!

And yet, CFCC can't get

And yet, CFCC can't get funding for its marine technology program. Talk about playing favorites.


Hmmm, stimulus money for educating folks to fix boat motors and design sailboats -versus- creating new food sources and pharmaceuticals? Sorry, that's a no-brainer. Especially when student interest in CFCC's MT program has been dropping off for the past decade. Sounds like apples and oranges to me...and a few sour grapes as well.

So, because these folks

So, because these folks don't attend a four year university, that makes their program less important. These folks do more than fix boats. Most of them do alot of the work that the four year degree people deem below them so they can have data to analyze. But go ahead and bite the hand that feeds you. It has worked really well in government so far.

oh boy. maybe they can beam

oh boy. maybe they can beam us up a new salt marsh. our precious old one is dead or dying from all the filthy pollution and phragmites. good luck w/ the scary FRANKENseafood. yum.

Thank you, Al Gore.

Thank you, Al Gore.