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UNCW remembers and honors those involved in 9/11

UNCW students remember September 11th in a special way. 2,977 American flags cover a part of the lawn on campus, for the lives lost that day. Students have done this for the past few years in remembrance. Organizers also handed out red, white and blue pins, as well as collected donations for a non-profit group that helps families of September 11th victims. "It's the Pearl Harbor of our generation so we need to remember it and know that we're not always as safe as we may like to feel," said UNCW student Bethany Hudson. Organizers said more members of the community outside of UNCW visited the memorial this year, taking time to reflect and share their stories. The memorial is open to the public until 7:00 p.m. tonight.

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About the sign

I totally agree with british lad. I was parking and trying to get on my way to a 9 o'clock class at UNCW when I heard on the car radio that a plane had hit the first tower. The radio said it was probably a 747 on an international flight but that details were unknown. I instead went to the computer lab and watched the BBC News stream and that is when I saw that a second had hit. I was shocked but people who were coming out of 8 o'clock classes had no idea. It was unbelievable, surreal. It was truly a world event. I just have a question about that sign. It seems to me that a better representation could have been made instead of a pentagon 9 and WTC 11 with a plane flying into one of the towers. It is hard enough just thinking about that day.

I was living in NYC at the time, in an apartment near Battery Pk

on Greenwich Street, only 2 blocks away from the Deutsche Bank Bldg next to the WTC towers. I was headed to work uptown and I was walking to a nearby Starbucks off Fulton St. I couldn't realize what was happening; it was very surreal for a long time. Got shards of glass in my face; started bleeding. Then, I stopped, like everyone else, and watched as people were falling from the towers and those awful thuds they made. Then, we all ran like hell. Ended up living with a colleague in Brooklyn for nearly 1 1/2 months. Tried to call my parents and relatives in London and Birmingham (U.K.). Couldn't do that for several days. The skies without planes were other-wordly. People's behaviours were subdued for weeks afterwards... As a new Wilmingtonian, I must ask: why just American flags, though? Many of the people who died were not Americans... Indeed, 9/11 is the largest one-day loss of U.K. civilians. People of all nationalities died on that day. We, of all nations, lost a bit of our humanity that day. Please, do not forget that the whole world lost some of its children that day, not just the U.S. Cheers!


I am very sorry for what you experienced during 9/11....Have to ask, why the question regarding the American Flag....? This is America, so we fly our flag...

why just American flags

BritishLad, Surreal is definitely the word for it. I arrived at school to teach that horrible morning and went to the library quickly before going to my classroom. I asked the librarian what she was watching on TV, and she told me and I did not believe her. I said "Is that a remake of towering inferno?' she said "No this is happening now." I said "Fine, don't tell me." I seriously could not comprehend the reality of the situation at first, and was mad that she would joke like that! As for only American flags, please do not feel slighted. Our country was attacked, and the attackers intended to kill Americans, without regard to others. We did not forget those from other places, we adopted them. They may have lived as visitors in our country, but they died as Americans, and they are Americans in our hearts. We felt and we remember every loss. It is difficult to put your heart into words sometimes, I hope that that makes sense.


We are aware that alot of different nationalities died that day. But they died on American soil. Just be blessed and thankful for the spirit this was intended in. God Bless everyone affected by that horrible day!

We must NOT forget 9/11

We won't forget. Thank you UNCW! God bless the families and ones who died in 9/11 attacks!