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UNCW says no to downtown party shuttle

WILMINGTON -- UNCW students said yes, but school leaders said no when it came to supporting a bus service that would bring students back to campus after a night partying downtown. UNCW leaders are making a statement that they do not promote drinking after hours. Students are disappointed by the university's decision. UNCW student body president Daniel Thorp proposed the idea to start the shuttle service. He felt that it would keep students safe, by giving them an alternative to drinking and driving. Even though 76 percent of students surveyed said they wanted the service, university leaders decided otherwise. UNCW senior Carlos Marra said, "I remember when I first heard about it I was pretty excited about it, I figured if they did have a decision on it, they would let it go because of the amount of students that do want it." UNCW senior Russell Jaskot said, "When every kid comes to college they're going to drink, it's going to happen, whether they want to ignore the fact or not, it's up to them but I think it's a good way to keep students safe" UNCW Vice-Chancellor Pat Leonard will discuss the university's decision with the student government tonight around seven. She said Tuesday she wanted to meet with students first, before speaking to the media.

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<--Not a drinker but also have no car

I think the bus service would be a good idea. I am not a drinker and do not enjoy getting drunk and having no control over my actions. But I do believe that having a shuttle for students who want to be able to go out and enjoy other thing would be a good idea. I do not have a car and some of my friends do not have cars either. So if we want to go out to a movie or go to a restaurant or just to go dancing we have to struggle to find someone that will go with us that can drive us there. And its a pain. I believe this also would help to keep drunk drivers off the road because one way or another the students have to get back and thus they would take the risk. I do not say that's good, I am just saying they will.

What are you all talking about???

A. I really don't understand why Wilmington citizens are getting involved in this conversation. I understand you have to share the roads, but why are you getting into college students business, sounds like you need to grow up and mature a little yourselves. B. Why are citizens talking about taxes and paying for this??? It doesn't make sense for Wilmington taxpayers, myself included, to pay for a UNCW shuttle. And they wouldn't so you can stop beating that dead horse. C. I'm not going to drive drunk, but there are people who will regardless of how much they've had to drink. UNCW should really get with the times and take a look at other schools in the area and follow their example. UNC had the P2P, State has the WolfLine, ECU has student transit. And all are covered by their tuition. So can we stop with all of your stupid and irrational arguments???

YOU are the one guilty of stupid and irrational arguments.

Oh boy...this will be fun. First, I am a local 911 telecommunicator. I answer 911 telephone calls, and I dispatch for every law, fire, and EMS agency in this county. Therefore, I do believe that I am qualified and quite capable of addressing certain points of your comments. Second, UNCW sits inside the city limits, not to mention smack dab in the middle of the county. To assert that nothing involving UNCW or its students should be the concern of city/county residents is ridiculous. Let me prove this on the most basic level: When one of the precious little darlings - on or off campus - does something irresponsible and calls for help, where do you suppose that phone call goes? That's any one of the consoles in the New Hanover County 911 Public Safety Communications Center. Our time (which is paid for by tax money from both the city and the county) is then spent dealing with students. WE don't look at it as assisting outsiders, and therefore neither should you. The campus, the city, and the county ARE intertwined. When the students decide to go downtown and get drunk, they affect citizens beyond the campus. When the students decide to stay on campus and get drunk...or burn food in their dorm rooms...or set of fire alarms due to "smoking" inside their buildings, their actions affect the citizens of the city and the county. Having to respond to the students and their silliness means that another person calling 911 has to wait. Because the campus and the students impact citizens from the city AND the county, those very citizens do indeed have every right to engage in this particular discussion. I for one would be all in favor of a tax-funded shuttle to help drunken and/or irresponsible students. That would mean fewer 911 calls from drunk college students calling 911 to demand a free ride home...or a free visit by a locksmith to come unlock their cars (something the citizens of the city and county do NOT receive unless their child or animal is locked in the car)...etc. IF and ONLY if the university ever decides to build a concrete wall and place a moat around all of its borders, then and ONLY then will citizens of the city and the county have no right to a discussion about the students' business. YOU are the one who needs to grow up. Stop thinking only of yourself, because guess what...just like the campus is inside the city AND the county, YOU live in OUR world. It's now YOUR turn to sit down and shut up with YOUR stupid and irrational arguments.


You act like the entire school operations, staff, etc, etc run off of student TUITION..LOL if it only worked like takes TAX PAYERS MONEY to keep Universities afloat. LOTS OF TAX PAYER when something comes up about one of the UNC most CERTAINLY is my business. Lastly, driving drunk shouldn't be a slap on the hand...get caught ONCE...ONE TIME you loose your gets sold at auction to fund local schools. If you are a college student...YOU GET THE BOOT, LOOSE YOUR CAR and you can flip burgers and walk to work for the rest of your life..there is NO EXCUSE for getting behind the wheel of a car impaired!

it is only right that tax

it is only right that tax payers money does help keep the school afloat since the school is a HUGE economic support for the city

I agree...there is no reason

I agree...there is no reason why the University cannot put together some sort of bus service for their students. Force the students to present their college IDs before they can board the bus, then you won't have to worry about residents trying to use the bus. They can have predetermined stops set up and have the buses run from 1030-230 Friday and Saturday.

Well if You're First?

Here's to hoping that Commonsensenotcommontoday is the first one to get blasted by a drunk driver!! I will honestly say that I agree with many of your posts. However, since you're so honest and willing to let people die to prove a point, I hope you're first in line. I agree with you, I don't care about the lesson either...but if a bus line reduces my risk of being killed by a drunk driver...I'm quite ok with that. You can hate drinkers all you want, but it's still going to happen! In addition, I also don't want my 30 year old daughter being subjected to some random drunk New Hanover County resident. You act as if the WAVE system is so profitable in the first place. UNCW is one of the reasons that the WAVE actually still exist. It's not the 30 cent busfare that pays the bills!! Wake up from your sleep and realize that you might benefit too...whether it be you or a family member on their way to an emergency call at 2:15am!! S**t happens occasionally and it could happen to you! We're not feeding them or paying their's a bus ride. In fact, if UNCW would agree, their tuition probably already pays for the bus. I just don't see it as such a bad idea. I'd much rather have my tax money go to getting drunk people home that getting lazy people to the mall!

It's not to prove a point

It's to keep this country from continuing down the road to accepting people's irresponsible behavior and believing that society has to fund such nonsense. Hammer them. Make the penalties for drunk driving so Draconian that no one would dare drive drunk. The current penalties are a joke. There's no reason NOT to drive drunk!

Thank the the media once again...

I thought in the media you were supposed to pose a neutral question. Why would you name the topic the "downtown party shuttle"? I'm sure that the studentbody president didn't propose it as such. Students could want a ride to get something to eat, play pool, socialize, or even drink if they want. Its a free contry isn't it? Besides that, there are car-less students you know! And people are talking as if it is their money being wasted. In all realness it is the students' money being wasted when they could be paying to go to a university that is more oriented around the needs of their students and provide such services. My univerity had bus routes to the mall/restaurants, walmart, downtown(early day and late night), and to our apartments/dorms. Hell; if Wilmington had better public transportation they wouldn't have needed to ask the school in the first place. Lets leave the past and make our way to the future.

It is the least they can do

Many people of this area seem to be overly conservative... Of course college students party sometime. Half the people who speak as if the students dont need a safe, sober, and reliable ride have probably never been to college or have no clue what the university lifesyle has become in the last 15 years . My university had a large system that included buses and vans caled "safe ride" that does exactly what the students are asking for. Besides, we as students, through tuition, pay a large percentage of the university's revenue anyway. It is the least they can do to help students avoid DUI's and other hardships.

Off the chain

YOU are OFF THE CHAIN, and therefore, it's difficult to take what you say seriously. No one is arguing that college kids should not ever engage socially, party, or drink. What we ARE advocating is that they take personal responsibility for their actions. If they are college students, they are at least 18 years old. (Hint: This country considers the age of 18 as know, no longer a minor but an adult.) The rest of us have to take responsibility for our actions, and it should be no exception for you precious little students. Having worked in Finance within the NC University System, I can also assure you that VERY FEW students pay full tuition. In fact, more than half of all students enrolled in public universities receive financial aid. Furthermore, the majority of students who do receive financial aid have more than 50% of their tuition paid through financial aid. Therefore, don't even try to squeeze blood from anyone's heart because you simply do not bear the financial burden you would have us believe you do. One more thing...I DID attend college. I hold a Master's in business. I made it through college without even one episode of drunken irresponsibility. You can too. Try it's called being a responsible adult, and it's a skill you should try to acquire sooner rather than later, preferably by the time you graduate.

Safe ride

Have you ever heard of a cab?

But why S. B.?

You said: It is the least they can do to help students avoid DUI's and other hardships. Why is this anybody else's responsibility in any way shape or form? This "take care of me because I am irresponsible" mentality is really sad.

Why did they (UNCW) make a mistake?

Why did they (UNCW) make a mistake? They don't want people drinking. Drinking causes problems. I think if you have a substance abuse problem now, imagine what the future brings. It should also be presented that if you get in trouble with the police and you have been drinking you should get kicked out of school. This is not Animal House, either grow up or leave, the choice is yours.

UNCW made a huge mistake here

I think the University made a mistake. A lot of Colleges and Universities around the country provide free rides to students. Who says the rides have to be for drunks. We used the bus to get to friends houses, to study groups, to get a bite to eat, etc. Nowhere does it say you have to be drunk to ride the bus.

Read it again...

What is this all about? Did you miss the point here? And..... if you want transportation to those places the city buses and the numerous taxi services are here to help. Again we are looking for a free ride.... NO!

How much studying do you do.... 0200 on a Saturday? What fast-food joints are open at Midnight on Front Street? This isn't about public transportation. It's about hauling around drunks. That's what it was designed for, that's how it was advertised, and that's why rational minds shot it down. Here's a bold idea no one has broached - why don't they WALK home? They're big, grown-up adults who can go get drunk downtown. Why can't they walk the few miles back to campus? Awwwwww.....not THAT big and grown-up, huh?

College is a priviledge, don't waste it on drinking

Getting to attend university is a privilege, and with that privilege comes certain responsibilities. I am a UNCW student and it annoys me to no end walking around campus constantly hearing students plan their parties and talk about how they get wasted and drunk everynight, and believe me not a day goes by when I don't hear something along these lines. If these same students put half as much effort into their work as they do into their drinking habits, we would be churning out Einsteins and Hawkings in every graduating class! Its long past the time we stopped using "Animal House" as the model for how life should be at college.

Give me a free ride!

Hey I don't live near downtown you think the bus can give me a free ride home.

More kids

Babies crying annoy me. College age babies crying, piss me off!

What's the problem?

Don't we already supply condoms for free to the students? Why not free rides to the party and back? How about free cigarettes too? Let's complete the party loop here people. Free sex, alcohol and cigs! WOO! HOO! I mean come on! They are gonna have sex. They are gonna drink and they are gonna smoke.

All partiers apply to NC

All partiers apply to NC State where you can ride the WolfLine.

UNCW Says No...

UNCW has made the right decision. When a person makes a decision to drink, it is that person's responsibility to get home safely and legally. I have been out plenty of times and gotten too intoxicated to drive, but being a RESPONSIBLE person, I made arrangements prior to having my first drink. Where do you think the money for this shuttle would come from? Tuition is high enough without having to include the salary for someone to drive, money for gas, maintenance, tags etc... Not to mention that everyone's tuition would include this expense whether they drink or not. I assume you are going to college to educate yourselves, so I suggest you use that education and learn to be self sufficient and quit whining.

Well said.

Well said.

uncw says no to downtown party shuttle

it is not the responsibilty of uncw or the citizens of wilmington to see to it that you get to an from home after a nite of partying.we are not your parents an don't threaten us by saying "if you don't do this we'll do that"just to get your way it won't work.grow up an learn responsibilty.if you want to drink that's your business but you need to make arrangements to get to an from whereever your partying at.there's plenty of taxi companys in this town call one an make sure you have the money to pay for the tip the driver for having to put up with your rude an crude behavior.or call a friend to pick you up.


"UNCW senior Russell Jaskot said, "When every kid comes to college they're going to drink, it's going to happen" What a shame that a good education is wasted on this guy. NO Russell, NOT everyone that goes to college drinks. I know many that DO not and my kid was one of them. Maybe you to expand your group of friends. UNCW should not drive the drunks around for any reason, they are not there to be your DD.

When this guy said this...

When this guy said this... "UNCW senior Russell Jaskot said, "When every kid comes to college they're going to drink, it's going to happen" THEY SHOULD HAVE EXPELLED HIM RIGHT THEN AND THERE!!!!!!!!! How can UNCW tolerate a student movement on campus that promotes the "abuse" of alcohol? They should not. And those that "use" and are smart enough to not drive and drink, they can find a cab like everyone else in town.

There is no sign of "abuse"

There is no sign of "abuse" here. A cab from UNCW to downtown is around $15. That's $30 there and back, what college student is going to spend that? "THEY SHOULD HAVE EXPELLED HIM RIGHT THEN AND THERE!!!" You're an idiot. A college senior, first of all, is normally above the age of 21, so he has the right to drink. Second, did you go to college? Kids drink. It happens. It's UNCW. Half, if not more, of the students are there for the beach and the partying. A shuttle system would make things much more simple for the students and much safer for anyone driving between UNCW and downtown.

Prioritize and you can have all

If the students want a shuttle, then the students can PAY FOR A SHUTTLE. If it is true that 76 percent of the students want a shuttle downtown, then let them allocate from their student fees money to make that happen...but not one dagum dime from the tax payers EVER will go into such a program when working men and women have to PAY to take a bus to work and these ARROGANT students want the taxpayers who already SUBSIDIZE their education so their tuition is low to pay so they can DRINK??? No ma' sir...not today, tomorrow or ever!

Sorry but it....

would never work. That would cut into their hard earned drinking money!