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UNCW students concerned about H1N1

The H1N1 may have hit the campus of UNC Wilmington. School health officials say a number of students have reported to the health center with flu-like symptoms. The Centers for Disease Control recommends treating any sign of the flu as H1N1. Officials say even though flu is on campus, no one needs to be alarmed about an outbreak. "We certainly do have a number of students who have come" said Student Health Center Director Katrin Wesner. "We have been very busy at the health center, but we have also seen a lot of worried people who don't have the flu but have heard it's there and have some questions and might have a cough and just want somebody to check them out." Students are being asked to seek treatment if they feel sick and practice good hygiene.

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You all think this is bad,

You all think this is bad, guess what? They (The Big wigs), don't have to tell anybody who at the school is infected. They have staff there that has a job to do to fill the work orders and they don't tell their own staff not to go to places where these kids are. You talk about this not becoming an outbreak and going any further you all are mistaken. I have someone who works out there for his/her family and they weren't told that a student was infected. When he/she went to fill a job work order they were exposed to the H1N1 virus. Which was or wasn't brought to my home where my children are. I resent the fact that the college doesn't have to quarantine these students out of spreading this to one another or to their staff members. That shows me how much the college values their employees or their students. Please wake up how many others have to be exposed to this and all within a few weeks of school being opened.

Don't worry........

the govt. will push the vaccine quicker through the already jaded FDA channels, and you all will be safe soon.??????? If we could just get a little more media coverage on how DANGEROUS the H1N1 flu is then maybe we will not get sick???????? Get ready Baxter, your pocket books are getting ready to swell. All that lobbying with the govt. and media authorities is getting ready to pay up. PLEASE, college students need to be more concern about STD's then some flu strain. Oh yeah you can't sell vaccines for STD's.

It's a hoax!!! More ways for

It's a hoax!!! More ways for the pharmaceutical industries to tie in profits with the government over the vaccine!!!! Watch out for the vaccine, it's been linked to deadly nerve disorders! More like the pork flu!