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UNCW students return from their trip to Washington DC

Almost fifty UNCW students and staff members traveled to Washington for President Obama's inauguration. Autumn beam is a photographer for the school newspaper and was asked to photograph the trip. She enjoyed documenting the event in her own way, through pictures. Emmanuel Mitcham was also on the trip. He is an advisor for the group, Seahawks Empowering African American Males. He sees President Obama's inauguration as an inspiration. "Having Barack Obama as a president, an African American male, I had never even really thought about it and just to see it come to fruition is magnificent really, to me." "It was really powerful for me because this was the first time I voted. It was cool to be there from the very beginning, from voting to seeing him come to office," Beam said. The group went non-stop for about 24 hours, returning to Wilmington at three Wednesday morning.

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Did UNCW go to the Bush inauguration?...

Did UNCW go to the Bush inauguration to see the first black female Secretary of State?...I doubt it. Have they ever gone to another inauguration? Did they welcome Condeleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Alan Keys or any other blacks that were holding the highest positions ever held by a black before? NO..of course not, because they werent liberals. The aforementioned blacks were ridiculed as uncle toms, sell outs, had they known what a whiney left winger Colin Powell is, they might have gone, but I still doubt it. This generation & new administration are the beginning of the downfall of America unfortunately. Thanks liberal, uneducated college students voting with emotion, ignorance & white guilt. Thanks a lot.