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UNCW students working on ending hunger

Some UNCW students are doing their part to help end hunger. Student athletes, and volunteers spent part of the afternoon setting up for Stop Hunger Now, They will be packaging 100,000 meals to send to hungry people in Liberia. It is all part of Stop Hunger Now's campaign to send more than five million meals to the world's hungry. Paige Jeffries, a UNCW freshman said, “I would love to do anything I can to help other countries. I've visited other countries. I went to Belize on a mission trip and they just really appreciate every little thing.” To find out more about the Stop Hunger Now program or to make a donation, log on to

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On the homefront

Ending world hunger is certainly a cause that is worthy when put in the perspective that we are a global society but I can remember a time not so long ago when ending homelessness and hunger in America was forefront. While UNCW students should be commended for participating in this project maybe the boxes should be addressed somewhere closer to home. Until we have fixed what is broken here at home, how in good faith are you going out to cure the ills of the rest of the world? I see that no matter how educated our society becomes that we still cannot see the forest for the trees. Instead of packing food bound for Liberia, they should be packing food in the meals on wheels trucks and going into the impoverished areas of our own nation to feed our hungry and homeless. So this is what higher education is bringing to our nation, blindness and denial that we have our own issues to address. Fixing our problems? Start at home folks.

Stop Hunger Now

You probably were not aware that 25,000 people die every day, from starvation, and related illnesses, from third world countries. So, yes there are people hungry her in the USA, but people are literally dying. And this is a world problem, and global problem that needs to be addressed.

World Hunger

I happen to agree with Fisherswife. There are thousands of elderly and poor Americans that have to choose between a healthy diet and prescription drugs. The diet in the elderly and poor is probably the most important factor in extending their lives. Although commendable, the students would have been better served by helping local organizations to distribute food. I'm sure the elderly and poor would have loved the idea, and company the students would have provided. Many of the elderly are shut ins. Across America, colleges and schools could have made a tremendous impact in thousands of lives. Lives that have made America great. Lives that have sacrificed much to make other lives better. To the Administrators and Professors, please think of the elderly, poor, and children here first. They have paid the taxes, built the infrastructure, and built the foundations of the Schools, Colleges, and Community Colleges of America. Let's end hunger in our children and elderly and poor first. Then we can make a difference elsewhere. There are many right here in America that are dying from poor nutrition, or lack of food. Yes it is a world problem. It does need to be addressed by ALL countries. However, there are many many here at home that need it. I would venture to say there are much more than 25,000 that need food and nutrition here at home. The shipping cost's alone could have provided hundreds of meals to the needy, elderly, and children here in our area.