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UNCW study shows economy looking up

The economic future is looking up, according to statistics released by a team from UNCW. The Cameron School of Business surveyed some 30,000 companies about their hiring plans for the next year. The nationwide survey is the first to evaluate employment based on future numbers rather than traditional models that base forecasts on the month or year before. The team reports good news. “We're seeing that 34 percent of hiring managers are looking to hire in the next twelve months where only eight percent are looking at laying off,” said UNCW Operations Management Professor Drew Rosen. “To me, that's a sure sign of economic recovery.” The numbers evaluate jobs in operations management fields, like quality control and engineering. Going forward, the team will look at trends in salary data.

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Economy Looking Up

Sorry, but this survey does not match up with the facts. There can be no upturn in the economy until real jobs are created, and instead of people being laid off, they are added to payrolls. Anything else is pure speculation.

A sure sign?

Um....yeah. About as sure as a Ouija board. If we weren't facing an activist left-wing agenda in Congress and the White House, I might agree with the professor. The fact is that Obama and the Democratic-led Congress TALK recovery, while DOING things that we know will stall the economy. As long as bills such as Cap-n-Trade and Obamacare, bills that will radically alter our basic economy still move forward, there is no way to predict where we will be in the months and years to come. Modest hiring plans can turn to massive, nationwide pink sheets in days if something such as the proposed healthcare legislation passes. We also cannot discount the insane debt we are amassing. Fortune magazine estimates tax rates of 60% for those above $250k if the Emperor keeps his campaign promise, but thinks that the Congress will HAVE to raise taxes on people who make less than that sum. They're predicting a 55% rise in taxes for EVERYONE. If that happens, there goes your recovery into a double dip that will make '80-'82 look like a walk in the park.


let them hear about this in Raleigh. Even though the Legislature is out of session, the Governor might call a Special Session to enact some type of "Economy Looking Up" tax.