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UNCW trying to increase diversity

READ MORE: UNCW trying to increase diversity
Some local experts believe that UNCW is not diverse enough, and that has caused concern among school leaders, who want to see things change. In an effort to improve diversity on campus, UNCW has hired a new provost. Ask any student at UNCW what the school colors are and they will tell you, "teal and gold." They are not hard to miss. But, it is colorful people who you may not notice.. UNCW junior Rebecca Harmer said, "Some people joke about UNCW being primarily a white campus." Kanalyn Jackson, a UNCW senior, said, "A lot of times if you are a minority you are the only one in your class, and if you're walking on Chancellor's Walk you may not see people that look like you." In the 2007-2008 school year, 85 percent of UNCW students were white. Fifteen percent were minority -- Black, Native American, Hispanic, or Asian. Jackson and her friend Harmer like to hang out at the Upperman Center -- a place for anyone to come and get involved in multi-cultural programs. Diversity Provost Jose Hernandez said, "That's one of the reasons I'm here is to continue to lead UNCW's efforts to increase diversity in the student body." Hernandez is two weeks into his new position as diversity provost. His new role will focus on increasing minority enrollment and enhancing programs currently in place at the school, as well as creating new ones. "Diversity is not just about the numbers, it's also that all students are exposed to cultural differences. That's a part of the academic part of diversity," said Hernandez. Good news for Kanalyn and her friends who want to see more diversity on campus. Hernandez said by next year he wants to bring a diversity symposium to UNCW -- a full-day event celebrating different cultures.

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Dearest Becki

"The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America" that a required text for that White Guilt course they're obviously teaching over at UNCW? As you are very young, I'll take the high road and refrain from the name calling. I will simply wish you luck in your chosen career of Social Worker. I'm sure you'll make a big difference....


First of all, I am a White person as well. I will state unequivocally that at no point in my life have I ever oppressed, or been in any position to discriminate against anybody regardless of their color. Every decision I have made has affected me and only me. I have never benefited from "white privilege". In fact, I have been punished for being White by employers who had quotas to fill. I know this for a fact. White people are conditioned to feel guilty by institutions (media, schools, television, movies, etc.) that are constantly blaming Whites for all of the world's ills. The idea is, if you don't hate yourself for being White, then you are either racist, or in need of some fraudulent "diversity" training along the lines of this questionable program at UNCW. You then go on to explain that everything is so unfair to minorities and that they just need extra attention to get them into college. You speak of these minorities the way someone speaks about a retarded person, or someone with a terrible handicap. There is more racism in those comments you made than anything else I've read on this page. You say: "It is still a sad fact that our public education system unfairly discriminates against minorities. It may not seem like it from a white person's point of view, but the statistics show that it is a fact." What statistics are you talking about? How does the public education system discriminate against them BASED ON RACE? Please explain. Finally, all of the things you are complaining about can be solved by one thing and one thing only:DISCIPLINE. The can do, and the can't won't. No amount of money, time, or "diversity" education (aka BRAINWASHING) is going to change that.

AMEN girl, how right you

AMEN girl, how right you are!!!!!


There is no inherent value in diversity. The insinuation that a diverse social group is some how "better" is ludicrous. Diversity is just a fact of life and nothing more. In this case it seems to be only causing a problem, exemplified by the "experts" claiming that there needs to be more. How can the learning evironment, which is primarily based on retention of facts leading to ctitical thinking, be better because of a diverse student population? What nonsense.

Learning is more than....

Learning is more than the retention of facts. Universities need to be able to produce critical thinkers that can lead our workplaces and countries. You cannot become an effective leader if you have not been exposed to a diverse learning experience. Having a diverse student population leads to a more well rounded education. I have a master's degree from UNCW and I found that diversity of opinion/prior life experience of my fellow students greatly enhanced my classroom experience. Diversity should not only be measured by the color of one's skin.

With a master's degree, you shouldn't be so naive

"Diversity should not only be measured by the color of one's skin." Oh, but it will be. The color of their skin....the surname....those will become the primary tools to "increase diversity." Grades and standardized test scores will be shoved to the back burner. "Diversity" will also be the tool to convince you that you're wrong for being offended or repulsed because your roommate came onto you... ...but walk around campus with a crew-cut and an NRA sweatshirt, and see how YOUR diversity is accepted.

I didn't say "won't", I said "shouldn't"

I am not naive, trust me, I am a woman with a highly successful career who has fought and succeeded in a male dominated field. Read my statement again... I said diversity should not only be measured by the color of a one's skin. I have been in the workforce long enough to know the true reality. I too have battled discrimination because I am a woman in a field that is 85% men.

Well then, if you "know the reality".... know what a phoney baloney money pit these programs are. They accomplish nothing. You shouldn't throw your support begind them. You, yourself, stand out as proof that if you have a strong mind and a strong backbone, you can overcome obstacles and do what you want to do. If that were not the case, you'd be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, right? Instead, you succeeded in a male-dominated field, and I congratulate you. Every one of us has impediments to success. Some are not as bright as others, some are not as attractive as others, some are not as strong as others. Some are the "wrong color," or the "wrong" gender. The list is endless. But just as we have both found, determination and hard work puts all that behind you. We succeed or fail because of OUR actions - no one else's.

Well said

These programs are put in place to appease certain groups. It is a slap in the face to people that have worked hard to accomplish their goals. The "gimme' crowd" rears it's ugly head once again.

I did not support or condemn

Again, read my post. I did not support or condemn "these programs". I cannot form an educated opinion about UNCW's diversity program because I do not know the specific goals, strategies, etc. surrounding the program. I agree that we succeed or fail because of our own actions -- to a certain extent. I have been the victim of sexual harassment and intimidation by men. While I am successful, I have no doubt that I would be higher up in the food chain if I were a man or if the world were a less prejudiced place.


a novel have the GPA and SAT scores to get in...YOU GET don't...SO SAD go somewhere matter what your should have to meet the shouldn't get into a place of higher learning based on skin color for some magical percentage that has to be met...