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UNCW uses Hispanic Day to promote diversity

READ MORE: UNCW uses Hispanic Day to promote diversity
School officials at UNC-Wilmington are on a mission to improve diversity on its campus. They are starting by recruiting students from right here in our community. Hispanic Day on UNCW's campus opens the door to endless possibilities. More than seventy high school students from New Hanover and Pender counties are allowed to take over the campus for one day, to take in college life. "It's a real learning experience, and it really makes you consider going to college and being somebody," said Pender High student Ronald Godoy. Angel Sabillon, another Pender High student said, "I also already applied to come to UNCW." "It's kind of an eye opener to a lot of them. It expands the parameters of the way they think and stop being so narrow and thinking that maybe there is a possibility that they can go to the university and obtain a degree and get a profession,” stated Heide Trask High School E.S.L teacher Jim Laramee. In the 2007-2008 school years, only 325 of UNCW's 10,000 plus students were Hispanic. Improving diversity among students is an issue faced by universities around the country. So programs such as Hispanic day are crucial to enrolling qualified students. This group ranges from 9th to 12th graders, looking to higher education. School officials said gearing them up for their future now is the key. Laramee said, "Having them understand what they need to study and how they should prepare themselves, the earlier the better." UNCW hosts visits for other minority groups throughout the school year as part of community outreach.

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14th Amendment to the

14th Amendment to the Constitution: "All persons BORN or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." This doesn't exclude from citizenship persons born in the United States of illegal-immigrant parents. To the contrary, it guarantees them citizenship and equality under the law.... All human beings deserve respectful treatment...citzens or not. Let's not deny that to the Hispanics among us.

Hispanic Day is for Everyone

I really don't understand the complaining about Hispanic Day. I am sure if we left these students to become criminals on the street you would be complaining about that, too. So why complain about programs that promote education? Also, to assume that all Hispanics are illegal is a mistake. Not even the majority of Hispanics in this country are illegal. And, the truth is, whether you choose to believe it or not, that everyone who lives in this country, legal or otherwise, pays taxes.


Yes they pay taxes, ever what they are after claiming nine dependents. What taxes they do pay is far surpassed by how much they bilk the system out of.

It wasn't for everyone!!!!!!

This was about their agenda to allow Illegal aliens into our schools. Time for Change in this state!!!!

Hispanics day is for everyone?

That is ridiculous. It is called HISPANICS DAY, and they invited HISPANICS in to the University. It wasn't called EVERYONE'S DAY, was it?

Regarding Hispanic Day

Hispanic for everyone, means people are informed about hispanics. We are gaining knowledge about hispanics. We as people should be trying to embrace people of different cultures, are we always going to agree, of course not, but who does? I think it's great attempt for that college and hopefully something good came out of it. Knowlegde is power, ignorance is not.

Well Done UNCW! Hispanic Day Needed

It is wonderful to see that UNCW has a celebration of the culutre that inhabits the majority of our hemisphere and that is a part of our region as well! To share and to talk about the rich and vibrant cultures that make up the world around us is another step in UNCW fufilling its mission to engage the community and provide educational opportunites for the region.

Why not American Student Day

Wouldn't that cover everyone here legally? This type thing does more to drive a wedge between people than bring them together, IMO. The pandering to Hispanics has gone overboard. We can invade an entire country but can't or won't protect our own borders. That really makes me wonder if our government isn't allowing this illegal invasion on purpose. I truly believe that the power brokers and career politicians have realized that we the people are onto their corrupt ways, so they need a new government dependent power base to keep them in power. We have ALLOWED politicians to turn this country into the Divided States of America. What's next, the hispandocrat or Muslican party? I will help any legal American not matter what their nationality or skin color as long as they try help themselves and not expect a handout or to be treated any different than I am.


Lets just hand over our country to Mexico and become Mexicans....I mean HECK...we are GIVING this country away anyway...lets just throw our hands up and give up! I am SICK of hispanic this and hispanic that...I REFUSE to support ANY hispanic business until this whole illegal immigration thing is settled. I understand that they aren't the ONLY illegals here, but they ARE the majority.

But not all hispanics are

But not all hispanics are here illegally. That's the stupidest idea ever, refusing support to any hispanic business. Not everybody is an illegal immigrant. I think the illegal immigrants shoudl all be gone and not supported by stuff like tuition and all, but that has nothing to do with people who immigrated here legally and they deserve support just as much as natural citizens.

UNCW strikes again

Glad to see that UNCW considers increasing "diversity" more important than improving the quality of education they provide to students. This program is a farce; they can suck up lots and lots of cash with this, and create even more racial tension at the same time. I hope people vote with their feet and transfer out of UNCW. There are other schools that won't use your money to push some Marxist agenda.

mexican day hah

And when are we going to have American day that they can celabrate? When are they going to have a english speaking class and learn how to speak our language? Does Mexico have American day? Send them home....that's over the border!

Wow, racist much?

Especially you, Guest 555. I am utterly disgusted by what I am reading on this message board. I didn't realize that we had so many narrow-minded people in this area. So every Mexican or hispanic is illegal, huh? Wow. Why don't you get out of the rural area every once in while and open your eyes to this nation. There are millions of hispanics who came here just like your ancestors...LEGALLY! To assume someone is illegal just because they have a better tan than you or has an accent is idiotic. And for the poster who doesn't want to a support Hispanic business? Your discrimination astounds me. I am glad UNCW is doing something to improve diversity on campus. Good for them.

Well said!

Well said!

"Why don't you get out of

"Why don't you get out of the rural area every once in while and open your eyes to this nation.".....Are you kidding me... it is even worse out there... I grew up in a rural area and let me tell you tobacco farms, construction sites... good grief. I agree with guest555 find they illegal ones and ship them home!


millions and millions are not once again look into the criminal warrants on local and fedral levels call me a racist???? i call it looking out for my country and family by the way my wife is a legal imigrant with permamet resident status. its not that hard to do .but it dose take an effort. the legal imigrant residents are for the most part are the law abiding people we want as neighbors and coworkers. not the crimnals and being ilegal is a crime!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm sure they checked all of these people out to verify their legal status here. I really doubt it!!!!! So diversity means that many local citizens will have to go elsewhere while we still pay our taxes to support this institution. "Time For Change" The people who are doing this DO NOT OWN these schools, WE DO!!!!!!! "SPEAK OUT OR IT ONLY GETS WORSE"

Hispanic Day

This is a wonderful idea! I am happy to see our university reaching out to all--and nurturing the goals and dreams of diverse and deserving students!