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Undercover drug deal leads to car chase, suspect caught

READ MORE: Undercover drug deal leads to car chase, suspect caught
What started as a drug buy in a parking lot, ended with the suspect crashing his car into a police vehicle in a Wilmington neighborhood. New Hanover County Vice and Narcotics detectives were conducting an undercover drug deal in the parking lot of Rose's at Carolina Beach Road and Shipyard Boulevard. They say the man on the other end of the deal was 18-year-old Justice Price; a suspect they had been tracking for several months. Price drove off and led law enforcement on a chase through nearby residential neighborhoods. While fleeing, he allegedly threw bags of heroin out of the car on Jefferson Street in the Sunset Park area. A neighbor kept an eye on the bags until detectives could get there. "There were 20 bags of heroin and approximately two bundles of heroin, there was also digital scales found on him as well," said Captain David Ciamillo of the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities said Price intentionally crashed twice into a police van, before ending up at the corner of North Carolina Avenue and Washington Street. That is where he was arrested, treated by EMS, and taken to the hospital. Captain Ciamillo added, "We also have felony warrants on him from purchases made back in October." Detectives estimated that top speeds ranged around 45 miles per hour as they criss-crossed residential streets. Price faces numerous drug counts as well as charges related to the pursuit.

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surprise! Yet again!!!

Another upstanding member of society... I'll bet we see this loser here again in a few months in another article. His family must be so proud! Seriously, though, Lock him up!

County High Speed Chase (NHCSO Air 1 or Wilmington's SABLE)

I see another comment from an uninformed citizen who doesn't understand what they hear or read. The chase involving the PRICE suspect was a chase involving the NHCSO. The NHCSO has an air unit but its not SABLE. The Sheriff refused to join SABLE (Southeastern NC AirBorne Law Enforcement) so he spent his money to buy his own. SABLE came from the US Govenment several years ago; the Sheriff wanted no part of it but did want an air unit and created one. Where was the Sheriff's air unit during the chase, ask Sheriff Causey or Chief Deputy McMahon. As for the comment that implies that LEOs may be the cause of the problems in America. Sorry dude, the problems in America are due to uninformed citizens that don't understand what they are told or what they read. Get the facts, understand the facts, then make an informed comment/decision. Otherwise, stay inside, lock your doors and hopefully your local LE and/or the Military can continue to protect you and the rest of America from all that is out there wanting to take away what you worked for. If it wasn't for LEOs and the Military attempting to control the chaos, where would we be. If you don't like it here in America, try Europe or South America. If you don't like it here in NC, try California or New York. If you don't like it here in New Hanover County, try Dare County or Durham County. If you don't like it here in Wilmington, try Murphy or Manteo.

I don't quite understand why

I don't quite understand why the Sheriff didn't join the City and others with SABLE, but something that's obvious that you don't know is that both helicopters have been used by the other agency when needed. Just because the Sheriff's Office has their own helicopter doesn't mean the City's won't help out if it's available. Vice units make drug busts all the time and you can't expect to have an air unit watching over for all of them. If one of the air units (City or County) was available, they would have responded to assist


another high speed chase? where was the sable? that should have been used it was a know drug bust that was going on no need for high speed in this one spike strips


In case you haven't heard, the NHCSO (King Sid) did not wish to participate in the SABLE program. Instead the sheriff's office opted to purchase their own helicopter, which is not associated with the SABLE program. The more correct question would be, “Where was the county’s helicopter (Air 1)?”

Of course you can't come on

Of course you can't come on here and say what a great job LEO did. Another reason why things are so screwed up in America

Great job, for what?

How is it you make a UC buy and repeatedly allow the suspects to escape into a chase? For Christ sake man, somebody is going to get killed one day.

That's right...LEO can stop

That's right...LEO can stop someone from running anytime they want. Get real. If someone doesn't want to get caught or arrested, there is little that can be done to stop them from running