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Unemployed in NC may have to wait for their checks

READ MORE: Unemployed in NC may have to wait for their checks
Many unemployed people here in North Carolina may now have to wait for their unemployment checks. The website of the State Employment Security Commission was apparently overwhelmed this weekend and crashed, leaving thousands with no way to register for this week's money. It is the first thing you see when you log onto the Employment Security Commission's website, We are experiencing technical difficulties with our web site. Some customers might not be able to access some applications..." It certainly was not what Edward Ware wanted to see. "I tried to file for my check online and I couldn't get on there. And I needed my money," he said. So, like a lot of others, Ware had to come to the Raleigh ESC office. Fortunately his problem was easily resolved once he showed up in person, but now his check is going to be at least a day late. Part of that check was to pay Ware's cell phone bill. "My phone's cut off. And I was depending on it today," Ware said. He is depending on it for calls back about job applications, and he knows others may be depending on it for even more important things - things like feeding their families. Employment Security Commission officials realize how vital the checks are, but even they did not anticipate the economic mess that's quickly lead to record joblessness in North Carolina. Andy James of the NC Employment Security Commission said, "About 18 months ago a heavy day for us would have been 23,000 people accessing the website to file their claims. Over the weekend we had over 130,000 people try to do the same thing." ESC officials hope the problem with the website will be resolved, and they hope to avoid a repeat of the problem in the future. At least Edward Ware was willing to cut them a little bit of a break under the circumstances. "I can understand it, but surprised. There are just a lot of people out of work." News Channel 3 checked the state website earlier this morning. While it still had an alert for possible problems posted we were able to access all the necessary forms. Story provided by WTVD-TV Raleigh

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check still missing

I was able to file Monday over the telephone; however, the check for last week still has not been recieved. I have the payment direct deposited and it always happened on Wednesdays until this week. I called several times today (Friday) for help but was put on hold for over 30 minutes each time or transferred around to various voice-mail boxes. Of course, the government "workers" were all gone at 4:30. Wow, what a job! Before I was laid off as an engineer at BellSouth, I routinely worked 10-12 hours per day with no overtime. I have never me a government worker who worked like that.

The US Government

is looking for Census Takers who will earn $11 per hour plus mileage. If you don't have a physical disability, work is available.

Some just need to get a job

My comment isn't for everyone, as I too had an umemployment check for 2 months, but some of you just need to get a job. Fast food restaurants are almost always hiring. I get so tired of people say "they only make minimum wage, I'm not working there." Well guess what, you aren't working anywhere right now so the minimum wage job is a lot better than what you have now.

I even tried McD's and not

I even tried McD's and not one word from them, If an employer that pays low sees my high pay history then figures I will bail in the future that employer wont even talk to me.

Leave it blank

When filling out an application leave the past salary box blank. It really isn't the potential future employers business how much company X paid.

Called In

I tried to access the website Sunday evening with no luck. I called my claim in on Monday Morning and was successful. Does anyone know if there was any type of problems with calling in the info since it is an automated system? Can't wait until I gain employment so I won't have to worry so much....