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Unemployment drops in 99 of NC's 100 counties

READ MORE: Unemployment drops in 99 of NC's 100 counties

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The state's Employment Security Commission says the unemployment rate drop in April in 99 of North Carolina's counties. Rates decreased in all 14 of the state's Metropolitan Statistical Areas for the second straight month. The unemployment rate in the Wilmington metro area dropped to 9.7 percent from 10.6 percent in March.

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Factor out

temporary census positions, and where are we?

Factor out jobs which resulted from Federal stimulus funds and where are we?

Consider the closure of R J Reynolds tobacco processing facility in Winston-Salem and where are they?

The light at the end of the tunnel is not there yet.

All I know is that when Bill

All I know is that when Bill Clinton left office, the US was in decent financial shape and everybody that wanted to work was working. Here comes Bush....he gets us into a war, spends like a drunk sailor and helped destroyed the economy. Obama is just an extension of Bush, billions in bailouts and other wasted money we don't even have. Can't even tell "W" is gone.

Good Sign!

This is a good sign that 17 months of Obama/Democrat economic policy are overcoming 8 years of failed Bush/Republican economic policy. Let's remember that Bush/Republicans inherited a thriving economy from Clinton/Democrats. Keep up the good work Mr. President

Put down the crack pipe

Name ONE thing Obammy has done to help the economy. You've never opened an economics textbook in your life, have you?

That is just a lie! What has dropped is the.....

What has dropped is the number of unemployment checks being issued.the first wave of the people who lost their jobs have run out of benefits.that does not mean unemployment has dropped.this nonsense is just fiction propaganda to hide the truth.

Bruce you took the words

Bruce you took the words right out of my head! I was going to say the same thing. Two of my family members who have been drawing unemployment due to their construction jobs "drying up" have exhausted their benefits. And still no or very little work!

Thanks should go not to Soley to Bush but to Clinton and Obama as well. J

John Williams' Shadow Stats confirms much of your skepticism about the validity of 'official' economic statistics concerning the health of the labor markets and the overall economy. It's a public relations game for the politicians to pretend things aren't as bad as they really are.

take work where you can get it...

So your family members have exhausted their unemployment...time to get a job. I understand construction may not be an option at the moment but plenty of places are hiring! Time to realize that a job is a job and some people are finally excepting that... which could be one of the reason unemployent numbers are down. I'm not to proud to find work where I can and there is no reason that someone should have to wait until their unemployment is exhausted!! to find a job. It's a circle...get a job, stimulate economy, business returns and then construction resumes...return to previous work. Gotta start somewhere.