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Unemployment numbers continue to rise

READ MORE: Unemployment numbers continue to rise
New local unemployment numbers are in and they continue to rise. That means more people looking for unemployment benefits. For people who have never been unemployed, or been in the position to ask for money, getting help can be confusing. Craig Strauss is a husband and father of five, and for the first time in his life, he's filing for unemployment. I just don't feel like I'm a good provider now that I've lost my job it's difficult, I don't know what to tell my kids why daddy is not at work." Strauss lost his job from Wilmington National Peening Tuesday night. To make ends meet until he finds another job, he's trying to collect unemployment. "It is kind of confusing. I came through the front door and I didn't have anywhere to go and there was no sign it just stand in line here you get a packet of paper work they hand you and they tell you to figure it out." In order to qualify for unemployment benefits, one must be able and available, looking for full time work and unemployed through no fault of their own. People who were laid off will have to wait two weeks to receive a payment. “It's clothes for my kids it's gas two weeks with out money may not seem like that much to some people but to me it's a lot." Those who lost their jobs for reasons other than a lay off may have wait 6 to 8 weeks for a payment. The amount of money a person receives is based on how much they were paid at their last job. Strauss said, “It will get better, it's got to get better. I know there's people in worst situations than me but just keep your head up." You can file for unemployment at the employment security commission, on line, or at the new toll free claim hot line 877-841-9617.

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Corning Lay-offs

Corning just announced lay-offs today, Thursday, starting in January. The numbers will KEEP going up and up!!!!!!!!!!