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University students responsible for health insurance

READ MORE: University students responsible for health insurance

A new requirement for the UNC system will hit many students where they may already be hurting, in their bank accounts.

Starting in fall all UNC students, UNCW included, will have to show proof that they have health insurance. If they don't, they will have to buy insurance through the university in order to be a student.

Some say the decision to add this requirement is one that will affect many. "Thats more bills to pay, they're struggling as is. So it's benefiting some but it's really taking a lot of people down,” stated Quentin Johnson, a UNCW student.

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What's the problem?

Obamacare will require all uninsured to purchase insurance in just a few years and approximately 2/3 of youth voted for Obama...seems to me that the Obama supporters would be excited about this. They get to experience Obamacare in advance. Isn't this what they voted for???

In light of the fact that 47% of people pay NO federal tax, these students will get to pay more and more as they graduate and progress in their careers. I'm sure they don't plan to be on the low income side; why else would they be spending money to attend college, if not to be successful?

May they all work extra hard, be super-successful and happily give a huge percentage of their income to the government...each and every tax day. Just something else to look forward to...

Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it.

Now, look people!!!!

College kids need insurance as well as others!! They should also PAY for it, as well as others!!! This insurance plan is one heck of a good deal for them. A year of coverage for what some pay for monthly.
No, this isn't a tax and no, this isn't socialism, it's called, "be responsible for yourself, pay your way and do your part". Do you really believe that college students are supposed to go uninsured and clog up the emergency rooms along with the illegal aliens and other no-paying entities that already burden the health care system?
I know college isn't easy and I know it's already expensive, but guess what? So is everything else. Welcome to the REAL world of "no free lunches". If you want to play, you have to pay.
You just have be responsible and do your part like everyone else that is "accountable". If your mommies and daddies won't foot your bills, don't expect me or any other tax paying citizens to do it for you. We already help pay for your education!

I have always paid every

I have always paid every penny of my own education. I do not get Pell grant or any of the other funding that some may. When I need care, I visit the doctor or dentist and I pay out of my own pocket with the money that I work for. The thing about this is that I should not be forced to purchase health insurance. The cost isn't bad but you are restricted to the student health center and are penalized if you do not use the center. That even goes for students out of state. The insurance coverage doesn't begin until August. If the insurance was optional and suggested, great, otherwise, it is nothing but a downfall to the current economy because those who work their butts off to pay for their own things are the ones that suffer and are forced to charge it to their student loans. Federal student loans take more money from the federal government and by the time it's paid off on average of 20 years, it may be too late to help our already diminishing economy. How many people do you know that has insurance and puts off going to the doctor? I would say college-aged kids would be just as bad if not worse. Insurance isn't going to solve every problem. Offering it is one thing. Forcing it is another.

This is NOT the school's business!

It's annoying enough that the government thinks it has the right to make these requirements, but the school has no right to do so by any stretch of the imagination. What's next? Rules on what color car you drive? Proof that you are descended from royalty? Lab results showing that you don't have the cooties?

Not all students are under

Not all students are under 26, and they can't be added back on parent's insurance very easily. Some students have pre-existing conditions which make it extremely expensive and difficult to get insurance. Plus, they just announced that if you'd like to use a credit card, they're going to charge you extra for school. Why is it becoming more and more difficult? Why force a student to have health insurance if they can't afford it?! They're going to school to better themselves so they can afford things like health insurance. I hope they come up with a process to opt out where its more beneficial for the student to not have insurance.

Health Insurance for College Students

So now under Obamacare, students will be denied the opportunity of higher education unless either they or their parents pay for health insurance???? This would appear to be unconstitutional.

Think before

you respond.

If you are a resident of your parent's household, you are cvered under their plan. Obamacare just raised the age limit to 26.

students have been on their

students have been on their own for some time and are no longer residents of their parent's household.

Health Care

Yes, and that means your parents will eventually pay more for their insurance, along with the rest of us. Nothing is for "free". Think about it.

Isn't this another tax? I

Isn't this another tax? I wish someone would do a story covering the total amount of mandated fees we have to pay as citizens and this could all be lumped together as our total tax burden as a percentage of income...I'm talking about mandated insurance (home, auto, health), state tax, ss tax, FICA, property tax (home and auto), sales tax, driving fees (tag renewal, license renewal, gas/highway use tax)...I think people would find the numbers staggering...especially those who think we are becoming socialist. I beg to differ. In socialist countries such as those in Europe, I bet when looking at this tax burden verses theirs we will find that we pay at least as much as they do, but with much less "service" such as free medical care.....

Health Care

Don't worry, we will soon have the Value Added Tax like in Europe. Then you will end up paying more for even less care.