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UPDATE: Perry live on GMA at 8 a.m.


UPDATE: According to ABC News, Alan Perry will appear live on "Good Morning America" in the 8 a.m. half hour.

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It's no secret that Perry's Emporium has been busy since they announced their holiday promotion. If it snowed at least three inches in Asheville Christmas Day, customers who purchased jewelery from November 26 to December 11 at Perry's would get their money back.

Well, it ended up snowing more than five inches in Asheville Saturday, so there are some happy customers. Owner Alan Perry is excited as well. If you missed out on the sale, no worries. Perry has something in the works.

"We've had, oh, hundreds come in after, the 22nd, 23rd of December like, 'Can we get in on the weather promotion?' No, it stopped on December the 11th. So they couldn't get in, and they were all wishing they could get into it. Of course, everyone wants to be in on the after the fact, but we're gonna see if we can do a second chance promotion for them on Valentine's Day," Perry said.

Perry said customers who participated in the Christmas event will get their money back just in time to show their love on Valentine's Day. He said he hopes to give back the money in cash on February 13.

Perry's stunt has garnered national attention. He's scheduled to be on "Good Morning America" tomorrow on ABC and WWAY.

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great guy, he and his

great guy, he and his workers. friendly compassion. he did the same for me when we were selling items we really didnt want to. offer was reasonable too.

Perry's Emporium

I agree that this whole thing is an amazing bit of publicity, but I have dealt with Mr Perry and the cool thing about all of this is that he is a REALLY nice person...honest, polite, and very personable. From the moment I worked with him on selling some estate jewelry, and the kindness he showed me as he could tell it was difficult for me to do, I have never gone to another jewelry store. At one point, he took pieces out of the pile that he was going to buy and gave them back to me and said that I was to keep those pieces, that he could tell I wasn't really wanting to sell them. And he was right. I really appreciated that. I wish all the best for Mr Perry and his family and his store!

Scott, you were right, I was wrong.

This story is attracting a lot more interest than I initially felt it would. He was on the FOX morning show yesterday, and it's the number two story on Yahoo this morning.

Whether you love Alan or hate him, you have to admit that he has a fine head for business, and you KNOW that impresses ME.


You watch Fox news,who'd of thunk it?

Lemme guess....

You're one of the presumptuous, liberal elite who look down upon those who watch FOX, because CBS, NBC, ABC, and MSNBC are SOOOO much more "unbiased," right?

Truth be told (and alluded to in my post, though not definitively) I saw the video in Yahoo news. I don't watch much TV. I do usually have the news on during dinner and it's always (are you sitting down) ABC.


I'm guessing along with your cash refund, you will also get quite a sales pitch. I bet half the cash stays in his store. You gotta love this guy, he does not miss a beat when it comes to making sales.

The other jewelery stores in town must love it every time the media does an update to this story. He's gotten so much exposure from this. Whatever percentage went to the insurer for this promotion has been well worth it.