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ONLY ON 3 UPDATE: Family of boy attacked by pit bull files complaint

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3 UPDATE: Family of boy attacked by pit bull files complaint

Patron the pit bull is being held at New Hanover County Animal Control for ten days because it bit 13-year-old Vincent Marchese Friday. The ten day waiting period is to make sure Patron doesn't have rabies.

Marchese says he was on the way to his school bus stop when the dog jumped over a fence and attacked him, biting his leg. He had to have surgery at New Hanover Regional Medical Center and is recovering at home.

"They should put it to sleep," Marchese told us Friday. "Or at least do something with it so it doesn't hurt anybody else."

Monday the family filed a formal complaint with New Hanover County Animal Control. If it decides Patron is dangerous, he'll have to be leashed and wear a muzzle.

Neighbors we talked with who live around the dog say students regularly bother him and could have contributed to the attack. If his owners object, they will have a hearing at dog court. Animal Control says there is no chance Patron will be put to sleep because this was his first offense.

We tried contacting Patron's owner, Brian Ranson, a couple of times since Friday. He emailed the newsroom Monday night, and we're in the process of setting up a time we can meet with him.

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People !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've read and read and listened and listened and I do not have a "dog" in this fight but i'm going to call this fight.By a lead of 9-0,
TBab wins.Let it go already.The other side slung to much mud and slipped and fell down.Feel free to call me for Jury duty.

Re:Copper aka TBabb

I think we all remember you from WECT and this website early when this whole incident occured. You aren't that smart because on WECT you have the option to check the profile of the comment. It specifically had view all comments made by this person. I remember seeing you as Copper,Babbs,and TBabbs.So looks like your using three different identities.LOL Such a genius!Congrats,job well done.Did you get no attention as a child?It seems like this is your way to get attention being that alot of the comments are from you.Seems like you like to cause confusion and and fuel to the fire.


No actually this was my husband.LOL. He did make brownie points though!

Re:Copper aka TBabb

Awww man yall are too cool now.Why are you the only one saying he made brownie points?LOL Does he win an award or something?

first of all im saying that

first of all im saying that patron attacked that boy because he kicked him! how else could he of kicked him? when he bit him? he cant kick him if his leg is in his mouth and he can kick him with the other leg cause he cant float in the air. he couldn't of kicked him after patron let go if his leg was that bad so use common sense. stop think that boy is an angel when he is far from it. he was on my property he kicked, taunted, shook MY fence, and throw stuff at my dog. HE got what was coming to him. Now my sweet dog gets a bad rep because a kid dont have home training. what a shame. i know one thing i bet none of them kids will mes with patron again. yeah thats right both of the 12 year old witnesses did the same stuff he was doing. 3 friends are not going to tell the truth knowing they are going to get in trouble plus how that family is they probably told them to lie! but other little kids at the same bus stop say they saw them taunting the dog and 2 grown women that i dont even know their names came up to me and told me what happen and said they would be happy to go to court or write statements. My little sister goes to school with the little boys and she says they come up to her and brag about hitting my dogs with rocks and other stuff. For the vet i got statements about his face and what it would take to cause that much damage to his face and what they had to do so it could heal. animal control took pictures of this face when he came in and how sweet he was when he was in there. and for my witnesses you dont need to know nothing about no one, but just know i got them. i already appealed animal control decision and everyone i talked to said they was glad im appealing. but anyways im dont with this childish stuff going back and forth with people that dont matter. i posted on here to let everyone know whats really going on. get a life and stop posting on here like 10 times a day. im done with this ill let the courts decide. thanks for the love everyone.

First of all?

To late you admitted your guilt.And you posted it. To To To late.
And as for who knows whom,you are well know and not for being an upstanding,productive part of this community.
Save a lot of time and put that untrained ,out of control animal down for the sake of all children.
You can't stop peole from debating anymore then you can stop that dog from attacking.
Much love and support to Vincent and his family.
Vincent you are a hero.

Seriously...Get a life!!!

Vincent is a hero? For what? You act like there were tons of kids at the bustop.From what I was told it was him and two other KIDS. Let's not talk about anyone because from what we've been told he is not a good kid at all.So don't be to quick to judge others.Always in the principals office,even down to one of his past bus drivers said something about him, and how old is this kid? Babb you have nothing better else to do than to sit up here and try to cause more drama.Yeah we've been told that you're the one that has been calling the news station constantly and that was the reason for their visit Monday.LOl Oh and what do you have to say about the person who made a comment about Vincent shooting BB's and antagonizing their dog?Hmmmm Get over it whether you like it or not people are going to take either one side or another. You are one of those people who think you no everything and don't know half.LOL The sad thing about all of this is that you are a "GROWN WOMAN" well supposedly. You've got to be in your 40's if not 50's and you're talking all this mess?Wow very mature of you.So mature.

Your Misinformed.

Yes I said Hero.
HE-RO- Etymology: Latin heros, from Greek hērōs A person noted for feats of courage ~ VINCENT
Unlike you,or the "witnesses" friends of the wild animals owner, which the correct word to define to be the closest comparison word be.....Gossips

Gossips The word is from Old English godsibb,19Th century,actually Shakespeare
Idle talk about someones private or personal matters, especially someone not present.

As for people not being able to take side I strongly disagree.Our judicial system would not exist or totally be in complete disarray.And as for our military which I am VERY proud to be surrounded by ,well imagine if they could not take sides?

Last as for your considering me a 40-50-60 year old female who thinks she knows everything.LOL.I will take all that except for the "knowing everything".I actually did not get my 4 year degree but I'm happy with what I have,and I do not talk "mess"?, I state facts.
You have a really nice day and be safe,stay away from rogue owners of untrained dogs.

Continued...Get a life!!!

Here you go trying to be so smart again.If you had read carefully what I said. I said "WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT,PEOPLE ARE EITHER GOING TO TAKE ONE SIDE OR THE ANOTHER." The facts are the facts and here are some of them...
No.1-The small child is in fact 13(considered a teen)
No.2-The small child is not the average size of a kid his age (weight or height)200lbs.+
No.3-This kid has a history of antagonizing dogs.
No.4-As parents we know that our kids/teens are going to get into a little trouble or maybe do things that they're not supposed to do when they're not around us. However there is a fine line between normal kids/teens behavior and kids/teens behavior that's not normal(remember this kid is well-known at Murray for being in the principals office).
5.You have advice for everyone on here that says something that doesn't support Vincent(as we all know because you're his aunt).How about take some of your own advice and seek counseling for why you like to cause drama. Wait.. is there even help available for people who haven't learned better by the time they're your age?By your age, people are most always set in their ways which means that this is nothing new to you. Looks like you may have been a troublemaker as well.See I didn't state a fact because I don't know I am assuming see the difference? Assumption vs.facts. Wow ! Guess what? I am in my early 20's and I know the difference.Once again grow up.Also why would the dog just attack Vincent?I mean really out of all the kids/teens who walk by the house he just saw Vincent and decided to jump the fence?Remember he said that he walked over there to see the new dog?Remember that?He has been harassing the dog for quite awhile.Also he has a prior history of antagonizing dogs. So....

Re: ran08 Comments

I completely agree with you, but she's obviously related to the teen and in complete denial, perhaps?

I also do not understand why people are choosing to treat this teenager as if he is a small he not a 200+ pound teen? Surely, he is old enough to know that it is never a good idea to provoke an animal, particularly a Pit Bull.

If he did indeed antagonize the animal, knowing the only barrier between him and the dog was a four foot fence, what on earth was he expecting to happen? It's an animal, provoke it and it's going to respond.

At any end of the day, who knows what happened. The dog's owner states one thing, the teen states the opposite. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. I personally, though, would not leave my dog alone with the teen and/or his friends. Better to be safe than sorry.

As for the dog, hasn't Animal Control had custody of the dog since this occurred. If so, I imagine they can give an objective opinion with regards to the dog's behavior. Has the dog exhibited any aggression towards the Animal Control personnel?

I Said Hero and I Meant Hero

Vincent kept two other small children from being in that mad dogs path.Yes I said HERO.
And as for what people "say",funny how they won't use there names if they are telling the truth.Some to hide? And you all so informed and you know and seen everything?Really what does that make you? People with PIT BULL mentalities.Just like the mad dog. And i'm not sure what "talking mess"is exactly.Is that equal to lying out your piehole like you are?ou have a really nice day and please consider some of that "free" mental counseling your friends are attending.

Reply to tmbbabb comments

While I realize you are a relative of the teen and naturally seek to protect him, have you taken a moment to appreciate the fact that he most likely, through his own admission of walking unto the dog owner's property, played a huge role in what occurred?

Are you honestly suggesting that this animal should be euthanized for simply reacting to being taunted on his own property? I understand that you are upset that the teenager was injured, but, seriously, it's a Pit Bull not a Chihuahua...that alone should have been enough of an indication to leave the poor dog alone (not that any dog should be subjected to these antics). Trust me, if I see a Pit Bull the very last thing I'm going to do is tease thank you, I value my limbs and life, and I also know that animal is entitled to live its life in peace, just like anyone else...human or otherwise.

While I also believe that the property should have been better secured given the issues with the neighborhood children, this entire situation could have more than likely been avoided had the teen simply left the dog alone. The dog was not in the street, he was confined--albeit minimally--in his own backyard...why was the teen in the yard to begin with?

I would never imply that the teenager deserved the injury, because he absolutely did not, but surely, at his age, he knew's a Pit Bull! Hopefully, he can find a more appropriate form of entertainment.

Rather than suggesting Sainthood or implying some purely subjective heroism, maybe you should take this opportunity to speak with the teen about the importance of respecting other people's property and's called boundaries and at his age these "boundaries" should have been set long ago.

I am also curious...has the dog shown any aggressive tendencies toward the Animal Control employees?

Cull the man-biters

Of course this man-biter should be euthanized, or to use the proper pit bull patriarchy term, "culled." I do not believe for a second that the dog ate part of Vincent's leg because, as Ranson claims, Vincent kicked the dog first. But so what if he did? Man-biting pit bulls have been historically always culled because pit bulls do cause such horrific damage when they bite. It is only in recent times that people have started making excuses for man-biting pits. And that is part of the reason that pit attacks are on the rise.

Reply to "Guest1234"

You are trying to talk a good game but you clearly are basing your post on pure assumption.And we all know " assume "stands for.You are attacking a child but you totally disregard the facts.Everything I have said on the other hand is based on FACTS.
Vincent has no prior reports of this behavior and you are just repeating idle gossip.On the other hand.....It is DOCUMENTED that Vincent protected the other children.It is DOCUMENTED that this dog has a TWO bite records.It is DOCUMENTED that the owner of this rogue pit bull has TWO pit bulls and did not bother to license in New Hanover County.It is DOCUMENTED that he did not bother to vaccinate.It is DOCUMENTED that the owner did not take precautions to protect the general public from these animals until AFTER the SECOND time there was an incident,and I am not even getting into the mud slinging but there is DOCUMENTED facts about the owners bad reputation and behavior but Vincent has been drug through the mud.
You can spout out gossip and innuendos all day and night but you can not change the DOCUMENTED proof.
As for all the gossip and assumptions and innuendos well , sitting back reading this, I can say it is like watching someone trying to bail a sinking ship with a teaspoon.Stupid effort.

Reply to tmbbabb

Here you go yet seem to have an incredible amount of hostility for any person who challenges your position. The fact is the only people who truly know what occurred are those who were there. I will say, however, that in the past three weeks or so, numerous people: fellow students, neighbors etc. have come forward to state that the teen and/or his friends have harassed this particular dog and others in the past. I, myself, do not know you or these people, nor do I reside in this neighborhood, but it seems apparent that many who are familiar with this situation, and the people involved, believe there are behavioral issues per se with this particular teen.

That is entirely possible, though unlikely, that someone with an incredible amount of time to waste is using multiple aliases (such as yourself) to pose as different individuals to promote their opinions.

My subjective opinion is that both parties share responsibility for this situation, but, my opinion, is just opinion based upon assumptions formed via the information provided on these forums. Obviously, the stated beliefs may not be entirely fact-based. Some of what is stated, I'm sure, is likely to be categorically untrue.

The fact is, if your allegations are correct and you have the supporting documentation to validate your claims, provide it to the agencies that can assist you. Why are you choosing to debate this issue ad nauseam via this forum? Why not be more pro active and focus your attention on those who can assist you? This is not helping you or the teen. Animal Control has the capability and authority to assist you. I also believe that Animal Control, based upon their statement, is under the belief that this is the first incident. According to you, the dog has had previous incidents. If so, provide the documentation of the previous incident(s) to Animal Control. Animal Control is more likely to take action if the dog is a repeat offender.

You can continue to plead you case via the media, but your not helping yourself. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Some will share your views, others will not. You seem to be extremely argumentative with any person who differs in opinion. The fact is...time will tell. I just hope each party takes the steps necessary to ensure that this situation does not occur again.

Just curiosity...but hasn't different members of the Marchesse family been in the media numerous times over the past ten years? Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Both parties are neighbors...rather than insult each other why not try to get along and work together to make your neighborhood safer and nicer for all. Just a thought.

Way to go Babbs!

Very well said! You don't need to argue with all these pit bull apologists -- as you said, the documented facts will come out during Patron's dangerous dog trial. I sure hope Vincent's family is getting a dog-bite lawyer to sue the pants off of Ranson, not that they'd get anything. Maybe when he sells those puppies, he could give the proceeds to help pay for Vincent's medical bills. Wonder if he pays taxes on his breeding operation?

way to go ran08

I couldn't have said it better myself. However, it will never get through a thick skull but kudoos to you for trying.


. . . . good grief!!

Why Good Grief?

Vicky, why are saying "Good Grief?"


It was directed to bab in her "first of all" response. It got posted under someone else's ... sorry... intended to bab

one other point....

As important as all sides of this situation are there is one point that jumps out at me. It's been proven over and over that children who abuse, hurt and/or antagonize animals are capable of doing extremely serious crimes later in life. I hope the young man involved might get to have some therapy time somewhere to lesson his animosity towards animals. It would be a great thing for him at his young age and there are plenty of places he can get counseling free of charge.

I completely agree. Any

I completely agree. Any child who exhibits aggressive behavior toward any animal needs help. The potential long-term consequences of such behavior are just too serious to ignore. In my opinion, after reading through the comments, it seems apparent that both parties are responsible. The dog's owner should have more properly secured their property as they were aware of the issues with the neighborhood children taunting the dog. Secondly, if there was an issue with the the child, or other children, it should have been immediately addressed with the parents. The child's parents should strongly encourage their child to refrain from entering someone else's property (if he indeed did so). Children should be taught at a young age to respect animals and to be cautious around unfamiliar animals. Any animal that is threatened is going to react (albeit to varying degree)'s instinctual. It's the sheer strength of this particular breed though, that could cause a simple, instinctual reaction to have catastrophic consequences.

I Completely agree.Any?

The on the scene witnesses say the dog was not harassed.Animal owners should have these dogs professionally trained and kept in a secure manner,not inside a 4 foot chain link fence.Especially if the property is this close to the street and bus stop.If a child just stands off the road they are on that property.

One Other Point?

What type of mentality does someone have that they would attack a child who has already been attacked by a vicious animal? The only people stating the empty facts are the owner and his "witness" friends.The actually witnesses that were at the scene are commending Vincent for putting his safety aside for other children that could have been hurt.If you are the type of person who gets some kind of thrill trying to torment and attack a child you should seek some of that "free"mental counseling and i'm glad you already have knowledge of where you can go and if you know of ,or are a part of a group that car pools to these places please paste it for your friends here.
But for all of you that have been so supportive,kind and compassionate,you are awesome! Absolutely awesome!

nobody on here is supporting

nobody on here is supporting the kid but you and his family lol. so i guess your the only one that is awesome but still youre not. yeah what witnesses, two 13 year old BOYS or parents that was at the bus stop with their kids? Because the parents say that the boyS was provoking the dog. i think ill believe two grown women then 3 little brats that just dont want to get in trouble. everyone ive talked to that know the little boy said he is a trouble maker and a brat but his family tells a different story of course. the parents need to disciple and teach him some home training.

Correction to ~ nobody on her is supporting

This is a continued story page now use your mind and digits and search engine.(Thats big people computer talk),and read the rest of the comments.And really calling children "brats"?Very inappropriate.
I once heard a gentleman say that "Class" is something you are born with.You can not buy,borrow,steal or act it.It is instilled in your very soul.Thank for proving that gentleman correct.

I support Vincent

You are wrong. I am here in full support of Vincent and his family. I am not a member of their family. Nobody should have to go through what he went through, only to have supposed adults come on here and talk all kinds of trash about him, even to point of insinuating that he could be a serial killer.

Thats what that little boy did?

How did he kick him through the fence?How did the dog get the other scars? I wish he could have kicked him in the head hard enough to brake his neck.While that animal was eating his leg Vincent was putting up a fight for his life!,AND was protecting other children from that wild animal.If you were responsible you would have certification that animal is trained.Anyone with any sense would have put that animal down before he repeats this behavior.

i said what i said without

i said what i said without talking trash like u did. what r u 4? I could of been childish too like for example what if i said my dog face will be good in a week but the little boy wont be! try being an adult and talk respectfully. The dog jumped the fence to let the boy know that he was tired of taking the abuse the little boy was was giving him. Patron wasn't going to bite him first off but instead of doing the right thing and just standing still and backing up slowly he did the total opposite and kicked him. wrong thing to do as you can see. he wouldn't of been able to kick the dog if patron would of just charged right when he jumped the fence. but maybe he has learned a valuable lesson or maybe not only time will tell. He just better thank god or however he praises that it was patron and not another dog that bite him cause patron only went after that leg that he kicked him with anther dog would of more then likely went after something else then his leg. And just to let you know my dog didn't go after his neck cause if he wanted it he would of got it. he bite his leg cause he kicked him with that leg. im just sorry it had to come to this.

Agreed. Pit bulls are

Agreed. Pit bulls are strong. If the dog was fixated on devouring the teen, he would have probably done far more damage. Perhaps, the teen did kick the dog, and the dog reacted and bit his leg?

To the owner(s), if you know there are issues with the neighborhood children taunting your dog, I would strongly encourage you to better secure your property/dog to prevent this from happening again. Unfortunately, even if provoked, the County may have no other choice than to deem the dog dangerous and euthanize it, should this situation reoccur.

Also, I would invest in a "No Trespassing" sign, for your property, along with speaking to the parents of the children that do trespass unto your property. Sadly, children do not always make the best decisions, nor do parents always do the best parenting. It is up to you, as the adult(s), to do whatever you can to prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future.

Honestly, I just don't understand why on earth someone--even a child-- would choose to intentionally mistreat an animal. Ultimately, they are animals and do not possess the intellectual capacity, of most humans, to reason things out. If provoked or threatened, they will react.

As the owner, you should also be cognizant of the fact that Pit Bulls, as a breed, possess and incredible amount of strength disproportionate to their body size and can do a significant amount of bodily damage. Next time, it could be far worse than just a leg. Please take the necessary steps to protect your dog, and the neighborhood children, in the future.