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Update: Navassa Police Chief Suspended

READ MORE: Update: Navassa Police Chief Suspended
NAVASSA--After 13 years with Navassa's Police Department, Chief Ricky Thorpe's job is in jeopardy. Saturday, a State Trooper arrested Thorpe on a charge of driving under the influence in his patrol car, his blood alcohol level was .27 --more than 3 times the legal limit. Navassa Mayor Eulis Willis was stunned. "There's no excuse you're a grown man you have a law enforcement job so you know what the difference is." Currently Thorpe is suspended without pay until town officials further investigate. Brilynn Cologgi and her family just moved to Navassa. She doesn't feel Thorpe should get a second chance. "For him to be doing something so negative makes me very worried." Willis says there's no need for residents to worry. Navassa police have always had an agreement with Brunkswick Couty Sheriffs department to respond instantly to 911 calls in Navassa. While Thorpe is suspended, one of the two remaining Navassa police officers will fill in. The town plans to hire two more officers this year. We attempted to contact Thorpe with no success.

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I have read several posts that categorize this arrest in the same category as Ron Hewett's arrest and being called corrupt. I don't think driving drunk makes you a corrupt individual. It makes you purely stupid. Thats it. Just pure stupidity. I have known Ricky for several years professionally and I couldn't be more disappointed. He put citizens in danger by driving drunk and he gave law enforcement officers another black eye. It's not like he was in his personal car and had a beer with dinner, he was in his patrol car and blew a .27. That's beyond drunk. He put not only the trooper there in a bad position, but the officers from Leland PD that were there also. The trooper definitely deserves credit for doing his job and holding true to his oath of office. I am just purely digusted and as an officer, I fell let down. He is a chief, so he is supposed to lead by example. That is not the example we need. Training and standards deals with DWI's by officers on a case by case basis but this will certainly have his certification pulled. His law enforcement career is over. When he is convicted, the stated will require an ignition interlock because he blew over a 16. He does not deserve any special treatment. I would also like to know why the media hasnt mentioned a plea agreement last month in Raleigh to one count of obstruction of justice for a former elected official in the area.

Corrupt Chief?

The SBI tried to indict this man a few years ago for embezzlement, but D.A. Gore bowed to pressure from the NAACP and allowed him to get "Ethics" training. Wasn't he supposed to be an ethical person before he was hired? I didn't know you could become ethical by going to some classes. He must have slept through his classes. The citizens of Navassa are getting what they deserve for "helping the brother out" instead of giving him the boot.



Navassa Chief

Ha, you become friends with hewett behind bars! Don't drop the soap!!!!!!!! Or better yet...DROP IT...DROP IT!!!! HA HA HA!

Navassa Chief

I do not think he should get any special treatment, or reduced charges and or sentencing. If the Chief of Police is riding around in his PATROL CAR drunk, what kind of message is that sending to the rest of the town of Navassa and neighboring Leland? The police departments and Sheriff's office have enough to deal with in the general public without having to take time to arrest "one of their own"! Kudos to the State Trooper that pulled him over- he could have hurt or killed someone on the road- maybe my young teenage driver or someone elses. Now it sends a message home once again that Law Enforcement Officers are not above the laws that they take an oath to enforce.


good 4 him hes no better than anybody. we all must play the game