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Update: NC Senator Julia Boseman Wants Southeastern Center Audited

READ MORE: Update: NC Senator Julia Boseman Wants Southeastern Center Audited
WILMINGTON--On Friday North Carolina Senator Julia Boseman sent a letter to the State Auditor, Leslie Merritt, requesting to have Southeastern Center for Mental Health audited. "There are questions about how the money has been handled at Southeastern, we need to find out what's going on so that these families are not in crisis." Boseman says. Southeastern is now looking at ways to put money into the budget. Southeastern gave the county $5 million to build a new office. Now it's are asking for that money back. Southeastern purchased land off Medical Center Drive to hold all of it's offices and the County Health Department. Last year, the organization spent $12 million, which was $4 million over budget. This year the budget is $8.3 million. If the county refunds the $5 million, the money would temporarily fund the growing demand for mental heath services. County manager Bruce Shell said, "But our bigger issue is a service delivery. The state is not providing the money that it takes to operate the service. That being the case, we have to put off plans for construction in to operations. This is only a one year fix." Shell will meet before county commissioners at the next commissioner meeting to request the money for Southeastern Healthcare. If the county commissioners give the money back to Southeastern, it will postpone development on the joint facility with Southeastern and the health department. Meanwhile, Boseman wants the whole problem fixed. "We need to make sure this population is served" she says, "just like everyone else."

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Audit for SEMHC

I spent 3yrs. working with an extension of SEMHC and believe me when I say that the funding from the state for people with social & developmental challenges need a great deal more money. The state made major changes a few years ago to separate certain areas of mental health services & it seems to have become increasingly difficult. The direct support staff get very little wage-when I left 2 1/2yrs ago I was only earning $8.25/hr-I worked many o/t hours just to earn enough to pay my bills & part time job that only paid $7/hr. We assisted adults to live independent lives-work, school, housing, etc. All the things "normal" folks take for granted was a challenge for our folks. I miss them greatly, the rewards far outweighed money but I'm single, this county has become expensive to live in & I got tired of working 80-90 hrs a week just to try & keep my head above water. Our governments need to multiply by 4, at least, just to keep up with the rising costs & to provide the much deserved support the people need just to make it another day.


so then they're really only $1 million over budget since they paid out $5 mil for the new office space. If they get back $5 mil then what will they do with that extra $1 mil....spend it and then be short again next year?

both are at fault...

She is correct, that there are major problems with SEMHC... They are completely out of money, but while she's at it why doesn't she ask about the ISPERS Funding that’s gone... for those of you who don't know what that is, that is a state fund used to provide services to individuals with severe mental illness, normally to qualify for this funding you have to be dually diagnosed... Were not talking about your people with depression, which granted they need services too, but we're talking about your most profoundly severe people, downs syndrome, severe Mental Retardation, Autism, etc, that have been going to day programs called ADVP.... the institutions and group homes that help house these individuals are also being shut down, the housing allowance they assisted these people with, are being taken away, so those that were trying to maintain independence and live on their own, will no longer be able to do so.... Forget Senator Boseman and all of her shortfalls, and take a look at the bigger picture, this state's mental health system in a mess, and let me just tell you, the worse the economy is, the more mental health services is needed.... I feel so sorry for these families, that have loved ones w/ these profound mental disabilities that are no longer going to have any services, and a big part of that problem is state issues, and the other part is SEMHC, I think both need to be completely revamped, starting at the top and working down.... Hate to say it but I don't think an audit is going to make things any better... but then again I guess SEMHC, and the state thought their Million dollar land, and their million dollar building would....

So let me get this straight;

So let me get this straight; You people prefer her NOT to ask for an audit? You are all satisfied with the center being $4 million over budget? This is ok with you all? Get your priorities straight people.

Anything to...

take her personally out of the limelight and call attention to something else.