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Update on annexation moratorium bill

We have an update tonight on the statewide annexation moratorium bill we have been following. It appears that bill is going nowhere. Last week, the state house passed what would have been a nine month moratorium to stop cities from annexing any new land. It has been stuck in the senate rules committee ever since. WWAY called Senator Tony Rand, who chairs that committee. He said the bill will die because of a technicality. To be heard in the short session, a bill must be the result of a joint study by the house and the senate, and this bill isn't. We asked him why the house would have bothered putting the bill together, debating it, and passing if it didn't meet the criteria. He said it may have been an attempt to bring attention to the issue. Senator Rand said now, they will launch a joint study on the annexation issue, but it will be next year at the earliest before any action is taken.

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Oh commonsense?????....Where are you????

I take it Commonsensenotcommontoday you took the time to read the article, see you soon neighbor. "I told you so....." seems pretty appropriate at this point although it sounds kind of childish. Why don't you run for office so you can get this impending problem for your neighborhood fixed. I will have to run against you of course on my platform of "pay for what you use". It will be fun as long as we keep it clean and focused on the issue at hand. I think you will win soley on your fan base from this site alone. Heck, I may even vote for you (I'm a big fan as well). Peace and Chicken Grease.


The biggest reason Wilmington annexes is that they cannot pay for what they use. So therefore they annex for the additional revenue.

Your imagination runs wild

While I distinctly recall discussing the tyrannical implications of forced annexation, nowhere do I recall predicting that the bill for a nine month moratorium would succeed. I am far too cynical and there are far too many people like Tony Rand in the Senate for me to be that reckless. So what, exactly, did you tell me??? I surely hope that you're not interpreting this as some moral vindication for forced annexation. As far as why I don't run for office, I make far too much money in the private sector. Thankfully, I'm in a position where I can retire and move when and if Wilmington ever attempts to decalre that I am one of its subjects.

HB2367 stuck in Senate

Senator Rand is mistaken. The bill DOES meet the criteria to be heard in Senate. The Legislature put out a memo last September that states that bills and recommendations from Select Committees can be acted upon in the Short Session. Also, when the House Select Committee was formed, they asked the Senate to join them in the study of annexation law abuse and the Senate said No. To turn around now, a year later, after the Select Committee has spents hundreds of hours of their time and the citizens hundreds of hours of their time in expressing the absolute corruption being legalized by the current law, and ask to make their own study is absolutely undefendable!

Forced Annexation

Don't worry, you'll get annexed. That's what the City of Wilmington does when there's more growth in areas of the county. Look at all the growth that's been happening in that area with the new development on River Rd, the new Harris Teeter, got to include Walmart too. The City wants that tax base. Guess we'll just have to follow in the Boston Tea Party's footsteps-taxation without representation. Too bad it didn't end with the tea party. Remember election time voters, get out to vote, don't let anything get in your way plus attend the meetings, call your legislature, be persistent, bug the council & mayor till they get sick of you then call them again & again & again & again, etc., etc. etc.

Politics is the only

Politics is the only profession that has representatives voted into office that requires them to deliberately fine ways to avoid issues that John Q. Public needs looking into...and be well paid to do it! What exactly do our representatives do for us in the state capital...draw a paycheck with our tax dollars while turning the other cheek????? Yes...I believe that is the correct answer, to coin a phrase!! I picture half of Congress being chased out of town like the villagers did to Frankenstein! That would get the Nielsen Ratings rockin' and rollin' (LOL)


"but it will be next year at the earliest before any action is taken." WRONG ANSWER...I get to take action the first Tuesday in November....It's called VOTING..and I HOPE AND PRAY that most if not EVERY FLIPPIN incumbent is kicked out on their tushes...EVERY ONE of them deserve it!

Remember Sandra

.....Spaulding Hughes is 100% against changing annexation laws when you go to the poll. Also remember that Boseman sponsored a bill in the senate to change the law but never fought for it. A fluff for votes.

Senator Boseman

In defense of Senator Boseman, she did stand up for the moratorium. In fact she not only signed a petition to have the bill heard, she personally asked Senator Rand to do so. There lies the fault...he alone had the authority and power to bring this bill to the floor and he refused.