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Update on Southeastern Center controversy

The Southeastern Center for Mental Health is at the center of controversy in the state legislature. Friday, Senator Julia Boseman called for an audit of Southeastern's finances. Representative Danny McComas says the request was not in the spirit of co-operation. Friday, Boseman wrote a letter to the state auditor, requesting a deeper look into Southeastern Center for Mental Health's finances. This request caught other legislators off guard. Just one day before Senator Boseman's letter, southeastern center officials and state leaders met in Raleigh. Its purpose was to discuss the center's finances, and professional future. The outcome – Southeastern Center was given until August 1 to address problems, and come up with solutions. Julia Boseman did not attend that meeting, but sent her administrative assistant. Representative McComas says Boseman's audit request came at the wrong time. "We don't question the fact that she in her ability to call for an audit. We do question the fact of how she went about it and the timing of it," said McComas. McComas wouldn't say whether "the timing" was in reference to the fact that Senator Boseman's personal and financial issues have made headlines. Boseman says that has no bearing on this matter. "I'm just doing my job working hard for the citizens of New Hanover County," said Boseman. Southeastern was cleared to re-open its detox center last week, but its crisis station still remains closed. Julia Boseman said Thursday's meeting was an overview of the station, and was not intended to specifically address its finances. McComas said if another meeting is called, he can't guarantee Senator Boseman will be invited to attend.

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Corruption...I smell corruption!

The need to be audited. What is the big deal if they are? If they did nothinbg wrong, the audit will show that they did nothing wrong.. What does McComas have to hide? Why is he so opposed to the audit? Why is the only exceuse he can come with is "But it is in bad manners.. "? If someone is doing something wrong why would he care so much about the audit unless he was a part of the wrong-doing??? AUDIT THE CENTER AND REMEMBER McCOMAS WANTED TO TURN YET ANOTHER BLIND EYE TO CORRUPTION!!!!!

Kettle meet pot

It's amusing that a Senator who has problems for what ever reason handling her own finances , not paying taxes and a mess of other irregularities would call for an investigation on anyone else without full and complete disclosure on her behalf for her shortcomings! This is nothing more than a smokescreen to divert attention from alleged serious problems within her own camp.

I find it more interesting,

I find it more interesting, Guestjbconstituent, that you are more worried about Julia's failings than the fact that this entity is $4 mill in the hole. Seems to me you're employing a smokescreen tactic of your own, there.

Who cares about hurt sensibilities and political infighting

The fact is that Southeastern exceeded their budget last year by 50%. Someone needs to be fired for incompetence or jailed for outright thievery. You don't "accidentally" spend $4 million too much.

Danny McComas, are you

Danny McComas, are you seriously more concerned about manners than in the fiscal itself? That says a lot about you buddy, and none of it good. So tell us, Danny..what sort of "cooperation" are you talking here? The sort that turns a blind eye? Hmmm? Very interesting Mr. McComas, very interesting indeed.

Who cares who anyone did or

Who cares who anyone did or didn't contact. Something needs to be done about this crisis NOW.

julia boseman = a lame attempt to divert attention

kettle-pot, you're the only one on here making any sense. *cheers!* while the organization may have serious problems, they were already being handled by the committee- and the problem is that it seems contradictory to have the large part of the organization say "you have until aug 1st" and then have some whacko no research done letter saying the opposite. sorry, folks, but that IS a smoke screen. think she needs to handle her own problems before she attacks others...whether they are right or wrong. she rushed into it because she is scrambling for a way to get some heat off of her. quite obvious, actually...

quiteobvious, don't be

quiteobvious, don't be ridiculous. There clearly IS a problem with the SMHC, and it clearly needs to be addressed. Whatever her personal issues are, or whatever deflecting you think she's doing doesn't take away from the fact that there is $4,000,000 that needs to be considered and brought to public attention. I am really baffled by those of you so indignant over JB that you're willing to ignore that fact, whether SHE is right or wrong.