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Update on Wednesday's drug bust

More suspected drug dealers were arrested today in New Hanover County as operation Clean Up Lady continues. The bust started yesterday and was the result of a 7 month undercover investigation by New Hanover County sheriff's detectives that identified 117 suspected drug dealers. An agent disguised as a cleaning lady purchased countless illegal drugs like crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana and pharmaceuticals. Fifty-eight of the suspects have been arrested so far.

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Clean Up Lady

GREAT job by all those involved in Clean Up Lady! Mega thanks to Sheriff's Department for making our area a safer place to live. Now, if only that same operation could be repeated every three months...the message would be sent that Wilmington is a zero-tolerance area for drug dealings, etc.

Addicts selling to buy????

Hello!!! What drugs might you be on?? Drug dealers are not the users in most cases. The users are the ones out committing property crimes, stealing from their family,freinds and neighbors to support their habits. Have you ever seen a user driving around in a Lexus or the like, with rotten teeth??? I haven't either,, it's usually the dealers driving the fancy cars with gold and diamonds in their teeth and that's their habit. The average working person, aside from the highly educated could not afford what one sees downtown.It's the dealers that are the ones praying on the weak to support their habits. And believe me when I tell you, they make more money than most of us honest hard working people. It's a shame that our legislators don't see the need to make this crime less glamourous and put more backbone into the courtrooms. Let's try 3 strikes and you're out, life in prison for getting busted selling this poison. And as for the users, let's quit spending millions on repeat offenders, send them off too. I know,, this won't work, I have more sense than that. God knows this epidemic has got to stop.

Causey busts petty drug users

These arent drug dealers, these are addicts selling drugs to support their habits. Drug dealers are financing people's houses and cars. How much does it cost to arrest these people, $10,000? How about how much it cost to jail 100 crackheads? $5,000 per day. How much for the taxpayer to defend them in court? $550 each. ($55,000) How much to support them on welfare becasue they can't get a job? When are we going to learn? Fix the problem not the symptoms.

you are so right most of the

you are so right most of the people i saw getting arrested have one addiction or another for smoking crack to popping pills why don't the go after the real drug dealers and put the ones that they have into a drug rehab somewhere because that's where they need to be instead of locked up and for the cleaning lady that sounds like entrapment to me..........

big fish from little fish

You catch big fish with little fish. A small live bait is basic to pulling in the big one. Why bust the little guys? Simple. One, these little guys are involved in other crimes themselves including selling drugs, larcenies, etc. Getting them off the street is very good for good citizens. But also, when you pick up this many little fish and point to prison terms some of them decide to turn over on the larger fish. And that, is one very good way to get to the big boy. It is done, all the time! The department is doing a good job here and don't be surprised it you see larger fish in the creel real soon.

nail those drug dealers

"These arent drug dealers, these are addicts selling drugs to support their habits". They are selling drugs...they are drug dealers. They are pond scum. They must be taken off my streets. They were in large numbers. For that, I thank Sheriff Causey and his Deputies. Now, let the courts and other state funded programs help those who are addicted to these drugs. Bad Boys what ya gonna do, what ya gonna do when they come for you....


They are selling drugs (poison) on the street -selling to other addicts, including children. Drgus go hand in hand with street crime and violence. What would you suggest instead of arresting them?

RE: Causey busts petty drug users

that's right! don't bother with those low-level drug dealers. who cares these drug dealers are breaking the law? let them keep right on selling to teenagers - who cares if another child gets addicted to crack? who cares if someone's child dies alone in a hotel room from an overdose? oh yeah and if we would just quit arresting these dealers and ignore them, crime in the county would decrease - (at least reported crime). You wouldn't happen to be a real estate developer who is finding it difficult to sell right now? I am sure this report isn't making it easier, now is it.?

New Hanover County Sheriffs Dept keeps pickin them up!

Go Men and Women of the Sheriffs Dept!!! My neighbors thank you Sheriff Causey!

Sheriff's Department

The men and women of the Sheriff's Department deserve mega thanks for their latest efforts in pulling drug dealers off Wilmington streets. Wilmington citizens thank you for your hard work in this team operation.

Mega thanks to the men and

Mega thanks to the men and women at the Sheriff's Department for their efforts in taking so many drug dealers off our streets this week. It was team work that resulted in a major cleanup of our neighborhoods and Wilmington's citizens thank "y'all." Now, if only similar operations could take place every three months...Wilmington would be altogether a much safer place to live.



Response to "money"/Still More to Go

In response to your comments "one guy that I hope they get real soon"...Please consider making an anonymous call to the Police Department (ask for Narcotics) and leave any information you have. YOUR CALL WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS! And you will have the knowledge that (almost certainly) you are helping to keep our streets cleaner :-) Please consider doing this.