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Update on weekend boating accident

READ MORE: Update on weekend boating accident
A boating accident off Figure Eight Island claimed the life of a Wilmington man. Emergency responders say a large wave capsized the boat in Rich's inlet around 6 p.m. On board were longtime friends Gary Causey and Donald Drake. They eventually decided to swim for it but only Causey was able to make it to shore. Justin Shackleford of the US Coast Guard said Causey told them he had been boating his whole life. Shackleford said even with experience, tide and wind conditions can be unpredictable. "People just need to realize the limitations of their boat. And don't try to push those limitations. Know what the weather's going to do, know what the tides are doing and the winds," said Shackleford. WWAY spoke to Causey's mother today. She said both families are distraught and devastated by what happened and that she hopes this will make people think twice before boating without a life jacket.

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We lost a really good man today

To all of you who helped thank you, we can't thank you enough. For those of you who have totally stupid comments of lifejackets, this is not the time. Hind site is 20/20 and we are all well aware of what a life jacket does for us, we can't change the fact my uncle did not have one on at the time he needed it most. However, the last thing we need to hear is what we all ready inevitably know. It will NOT bring him back and it definately does not make US feel any better, in fact it actually makes us feel worse. We lost an Incredible man today. My hind site is not visiting more often and not having that opportunity now. Not being able to say goodby because I don't have the means to be there with my family. Not being able to be there for my aunt in this terrible time of need of family. So the pitiful comment about a lifejacket would be exactly why? It did however i am sure make my family feel the same as it did me, terrible. My Uncle Don was an awesome man and always will be!! Love you uncle donnie, I will miss you terrible. My love goes out to my aunt and their daughter.

I echo your comments andI am

I echo your comments andI am sending your family healing prayers. I loved you comments and feel the love you have for your family.

life jacket

I am sorry for you loss, the "life jacket comments" you are refering too is not to slam your uncle in any way at all. It is not a judgement either. It is simply a reminder, a way to possible save a life, if in the loss your family has suffered someone else learns a lesson and is saved then I am sure you uncle would look down from the heavens and smile, thank god that one was saved. Again, no one is looking to blame or send any hurt at all, just to learn in his memory.

My sympathy for you....

I am very sorry to hear of this devastating loss to you and your family. This is a terribly bad event for all of us to hear. I too have spent my entire life on the water and look forward to each new experience. This was a good day turned bad and testament to the potential dangers the sea offers. My prayers and sorrow are there for you and your family.

terrible tragedy

We have known Mr causey and his family for a very long time.This is a terrible tragedy for him and Mr Drakes family.No one has a right to judge anyone in this tragic boating accident.Mr Drakes life was lost and Mr Causey has not only lost a friend,but experienced a terrifying experience, one i am sure he will never thoughts and prayers are with both families during this difficult time.