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Updated list of Wilmington City Council applicants

WILMINGTON -- The deadline to apply for an opening on Wilmington's City Council seat is approaching. As of Friday night, 19 people have applied for Jason Thompson's spot. He says he will resign at the end of the month after being elected to the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners. The following people have applied for the seat so far: Kevin O’Grady Peter DeVita Ricky Meeks Edward Brown Margaret Haynes Philip Stine Dana Page Jim Felds Jeff Hovis Clark Hipp Buddy Green Michael DeHart Andy Koeppel Jeremy Wilkins Jan Brewington Daniel Cronin Alvin Rogers Kevin Delahunty Rob Zapple The deadline to apply with the city clerk's office is Monday, Nov. 17 at 5 p.m. Applicants will have a chance to speak at the city council meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 18.

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**** VOTE RICKY MEEKS ******

Think about it, this guy walks or takes public transportation where ever he goes. He attends several community events. He is probably more on the know of Wilmington than those in the current seats. Have you ever got to just sit and talk with Ricky? He has an interesting story. Next time you see him on the street, HONK your horn and show support. Is there a sign shop in town, start printing "vote for Ricky" static stickers. May give your business a boost. Put someone "REAL" in there. Show up at the meeting, show your support for Ricky. It will help them to see what the people of Wilmington want.

Justin Lanasa

I know Mr. Lanasa applied for this seat. I don't know why he is not on this list. I have to say he is another that won't and never has been in anyones pocket. Mr Meeks is ok but I seen him team with some insiders last election.


One things for sure, anyone opposed to FORCED ANNEXATION does'nt stand a chance. Kevin Delahunty and Mike Dehart would make fine City Counselors. Wake up Mayor Saffo, choose someone who's views will be all the citizens voice, not just echo the developers and realtors...

Eggs in a basket

Ricky Miiks vs. Pete Devita.. Now there's six of one half dozen of another....


since the current sitting Council will select Jason Thompson's replacement, they will select the person most likely to vote the way they do...raise taxes, raise fees, no cost-cutting, and so forth. They certainly won't select the candidate who has the taxpayers best interest in mind...but the one who sides with the real estate and developer community.

Ricky Meeks


Not joking about Ricky

Not joking about Ricky Meeks. He is incapable of being deceitful.

rick meeks

i would vote for Ricky


I have voted for Ricky each time he has ran for public office. I do think he can do as well if not better than the clowns we have now. I know the reality companys and developers would not have him in their pockets.


You may be joking, but I would vote for him (and have in the past). He would do as good of a job as the clowns we have there now. He also would not be in the back pocket of the reality companies..