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US, local crime on the rise

READ MORE: US, local crime on the rise
WILMINGTON -- The FBI has released its Uniform Crime Reports for 2006. In short form: our population is growing across the region and so is violent crime. The report says robberies increased significantly in Wilmington between 2005 and 2006. Some Wilmington residents had mixed reactions to the numbers. Wilmington resident Marie McDonald said, " It's disturbing." Wilmington resident Norman McCullough said, "I'm not really that concerned about it to tell you the truth." Crime statistics released by the FBI this week show that violent crime in Wilmington has increased between 2005 and 2006. A major part of that increase is due to a dramatic increase in robberies. In 2005 there were 292 robberies in Wilmington. That number increased to 409 in 2006. That's a forty percent overall increase. Wilmington resident Crystal Rouse said, "I had heard that they were trying to increase law enforcement, you know, enforce the laws more... and that's not entirely true." But Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo says it is. He says the City Council recently increased the budget for the police department by two million dollars. He says the problem is not with law enforcement officers but the criminal justice system. "It's just not the police department and the sheriff's department arresting these people and putting them back in jail. It's a revolving door policy," Saffo said. Saffo says that when it comes to robbery -- the system is too lenient and needs to be fixed. "It's the process of looking at our overall judicial system and keeping these people in prison longer when they break the law."

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For once, Saffo is right!

This state lets armed robbers off with a slap on the wrist. First offense armed robbery should be a MINIMUM of ten years with no option for parole or early release. But the police can't do it alone. Everyday, law-abiding citizens need to get the training,gain the proficiency, get the permit, and start carrying a concealed weapon. The state won't have to lock up armed robbers if they're dead....

Yes you are so right b/c

Yes you are so right b/c around Wilmington it is kill first then ask questions


I AGREE...We should do away with MINIMUMS and go with MANDATORY sentencing! If you cannot behave in society...GuuuBYE NOW! I remember once going to court and watching 2-3rd time cocaine offenders walking out of court with parole and light sentencing. I was in there for failing to have a boat registered, which I WASN'T aware was necessary when using a trolling motor. I got up to the judge, made a few remarks to her about it and almost got jail time for it. Here I am NOT KNOWING I broke the law and got SLAMMED with a fine and court cost. I am tired of the far left coming to the rescue for CRIMINALS. All of these STUPID petty laws only effect the honest people...the criminals continue to do ANYTHING they want to do....laws don't stop criminals...MANDATORY SENTENCES WOULD!