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US Marshals and Wilmington Police scoop up 220 fugitives

READ MORE: US Marshals and Wilmington Police scoop up 220 fugitives
A four day roundup yielded quite a crop of fugitives in the Wilmington area this week. 220 people were arrested, from violent criminals to probation absconders. Robert Chavis has been wanted for assault and larceny since 1986. He was arrested in this week's roundup. The US Marshals and Wilmington Police took the lead in trying to trim a growing stack of arrest warrants. US Marshals Clyde Cook said, "You set the wrong tone if you don't do something about that. And we aim to do something about it. We're dusting off warrants from here, there and yonder." Dust them off they did, in a coordinated four day fugitive sweep that took months of planning by Wilmington detectives. "So that when those teams went out they weren't running around the city willy nilly,” said Deputy Chief David Conklin. “They had a focused area they worked on and they were able to zero in on particular people in those areas." People like probation absconder Rachel Godwin, whose original offense was possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Also John Allinen, who was wanted for 39 counts of worthless checks dating back to 2004. "It's a pretty phenomenal number to get in one four day period," said Conklin. Cook added, "We've got some more unserved warrants. We're coming." Both Conklin and Cook praised the inter-agency cooperation as a key to the operation's success.

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Big Deal 4 Nothing:

If the system was working right they would have gotten some of these guys years ago on these charges. I know a few and they have been in jail previous to this sweep and these "long lost charges" should have come up then! Nothing but egg on the face of N.C. law enforcrment and the system of N.C....The truth will come out soon, so don't pat them on the back yet.

Whatever...I bet you never

Whatever...I bet you never have anything positive about our LEO. Why waste your breath and the rest of us our time

Fugitives Arrested

You are wright we now have to wait to see what the D.A. can do with these people. We have a perty good D.A. and I think he will do (what he can) but we have to remember that a lot of the final decisions are made by the Judges. Good job to all LEO that assisted in the capture of these people. TEW


Just have to say good job guys.

It's nice to see they

It's nice to see they focused on getting these issues resolved....but how many of these will go before the Judge and get a slap on the wrist or MORE probation?? Sure it looks good the NEWS and people are watching....but lets follow these 220 cases and see how many actually get CONVICTED??? Will the DA prosecute? Or give yet another free ride? That is the problem with society today...they KNOW the DA won't do anything...I'll bet the majority of these cases, people were working jobs and right at home when get 220 in four days....doesn't sound like they were hiding....why? Because they know they will be free real soon. Back to what they were doing before the 6 o'clock news aired