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US Marshals arrest Dywaune Simpson murder suspect

Another arrest has been made in the 2007 murder of Dywaune Simpson at the Nesbitt Court Apartments. US Marshals picked up Rono Dunn yesterday morning in Salem, Massachusetts. Wilmington detectives were on their way yesterday to interview him. Erving Muse was arrested two weeks ago in the case and is being held without bond at the New Hanover County Jail.

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Erving Muse is NOT a violent

Erving Muse is NOT a violent person. He has a great heart and this is WAY out his character. I will be praying for him.


Just look at his criminal history. How is it out of character? Are you serious? Maybe you know something that i don't. He's a deadbeat dad too. The guy has no goals or ambition. He's right were he needs to be. Maybe he'll get himself together in the pen. I will be praying for him too.

A lie told long enough becomes the truth to the ignorant.

People will say anything in times of duress, not understanding that others will be affected in many ways.Is it fair that a parent is taken away from his love ones? Is it fair that a child will have to live with others calling their father a rat/snitch? I know Ronno Dunn personally, and this is something he has told me he did not do, I would'nt be writing this if he had said otherwise. Message for his family tell him that big JAH loves him for the sake of ALLAH, and by all means you all can contact me!!!!!!

ALLAH? Really? that explains

ALLAH? Really? that explains it all...

Finally!! Erving Muse has

Finally!! Erving Muse has been a violent individual for a long time. It was just a matter of time before he committed the ultimate crime of murder. Good Job WPD and thanks!


Aren't Nesbitt Courts a public housing development? If so, why not identify them correctly? Does anyone have crime stats for all the developments? That should be interesting.

Absolutely agree. It is a

Absolutely agree. It is a public housing development. I'm so glad that they caught Erving Muse. He's always been a violent individual.