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Using wind for power

READ MORE: Using wind for power

It works for sail boats and kites. Scientists say wind can power houses and water wells, too. A panel of experts, who say we should be taking advantage of wind power, fielded questions from residents in Surf City last night.

"Wind power energy, it is a local resource and it's just waiting to be tapped," said Lyra Rakusin of the North Carolina Wind Working Group, a consortium of experts who have been traveling through coastal communities and educating residents about wind energy.

"It just improved my fears that it's really not that economical as of yet for local wind power," Jeremy Whitfield of Jacksonville said.

Rakusin said wind power is an alternative form of energy, which means it needs to be used in addition to regular electricity. In order for it to work, you need to install a turbine, which can be costly and unattractive.

"North Carolina hasn't really developed its renewable energy resources," she said. "Wind is one of those resources that needs to be developed."

Said Whitfield, "It's just like anything else, and the more research money that's put into it, the better it will be in the future."

But for that to happen, it needs to become more mainstream, which is why people like Rakusin want to get the word out.

More information: North Carolina Wind Energy

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The enviroloons hate 'em!

They kill endangered birds, bats, and squirrels. I still haven't figured out the "squirrels" part. Those arborreal rats must think it's an amusement park, climb up there and then get flung over to the next county....and since these sit above the trees, they can't be talking about flying squirrels. Anyway, the wind turbines are indeed a smart way to generate electricity, but whatever you want to try, be it nuclear, tidal, wind, clean coal technology.....there's always some nut job ready to take you to court to stop it.

Wind Power

It would be a wonderful life if our country could truly become energy independent especially for our future generations but doubt very seriously it will happen with the politicians, present & immediate future, that are & will be in office. With the oil companies earning record profits they will fight with everything they can to stop future growth of alternatives. Also Cumberland County denied the biofuel plant to construct there because of its environmental pollutants to air & water so New Hanover approved for economic development & approved the convention center. Why would they deny the Titan Cement plant? It seems that NHC would rather have economic development over protecting our environment. Why can't NHC become the "Jewel of the Nile" by embracing "REAL GREEN TECHNOLOGY" instead of continuously approving destructive projects? I wish our officials would do what is right instead of doing what's most profitable. I understand wanting to earn a profit but not at the expense of destroying our precious waterways which are becoming more polluted everyday, e.i. NE Interceptor sewage spills.

Meeting tonight, 6pm at NE New Hanover Library, TITAN CEMENT

For those of you that are concerned about the current and future state of the environment here in southeastern NC, come and see what Titan Cement plans to do. Meeting tonight, Thurday May 29, from 6pm-7:30pm at the Northeast New Hanover County Library, on Military Cutoff Road. CONA will meet in the Pine Room with a presentation and a Q&A session for all those that want to know more. Please come and get informed! Your children's and grand children's future is at stake.


in tarnation does the cement plant have to do with THIS article? I guess I will show up and take photos of every SUV and gas guzzling vehicle in the parking lot...I bet not ONE of you are so concerned with the environment to WALK, live without electricity, county water or produce grown using pesticides and herbicides.


For the spam....

Made you look didn't it?

And this guy/gal that posted the notice can be pretty sure that other people saw it as well. Maybe at least the others that have seen this and will take notice and go and not be so narrow minded as you two.


The comment had no business in this thread period. You have no clue of forum etiquette do you? Narrow minded? Uhhhh if that is staying on topic then yes. Get a clue....

I'd say the narrow minded people...

...are the ones who are dead set against the Titan plant without even taking the time to learn about how it will operate.

I agree that people don't

I agree that people don't want those ugly machines around their neighborhoods. But if they could be built to look better like the Dutch have used for hundreds of years, then maybe we could have these in our area. Wind and solar are the future and the future is flying past us.

People will just complain......

Wind energy has gotten much more efficient over the past 20 years. The turbines are smaller, more efficient and more quiet than in the past. Wind cannot be relied upon as a constant energy resource, but is excellent as standby and as a supplemental resouce when the conditions are right. The wind tubines will stand at attention 24/7 which will incite complaints from people that "don't want to see or hear that machine(s) in their neighborhood!!!". We can't build rest homes for the elderly, housing for substance abuse recovery, adoption facilites for stray animals, new factories that supply jobs in the area or anything else that strays from a residential building and a privacy fence without major complaints. Any deviation from that and you will find residents whining, belly-aching and protesting about loss of quality of life and their real estate devaluation. Everybody wants the benefits, but nobody wants to see or hear the equipment it takes to supply them. Even though we have great conditions and potential for wind generated energy here, we won't see a wind-field built in this county in our lifetime!

What an amazing discovery!

Where has this guy been? Wind power has pumped water for at least 800 years. The first wind powered electric generator dates back to the 1880's and commercial wind generated electricity dates back to about 1910


DARE YOU THINK!!! While wind is becoming a good way to produce isn't going to cut it in an area like ours...and to be honest...I don't want a big honkin windmill in my back yard.


I would love a windmill in my back yard. Maybe I would build a mini golf too.

Windmills and cell phone towers..

Which would you rather see, electric generating Wind Mills. or Cell Phone Towers for the masses,, Simple Question..