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USS Gravely brought to life at commissioning

READ MORE: USS Gravely brought to life at commissioning

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- After three years of building and testing, a week of celebrations and the largest commissioning ceremony a Navy destroyer has ever seen, the USS Gravely is ready for action. It was a day rich with tradition, celebration and gratitude. The ship's namesake Vice Adm. Samuel Lee Gravely was a man of many firsts.

"It just makes me feel so good to know that we were somewhere together doing something to serve our country, and that's just wonderful," said Alvin Humes, a fellow African-American Navy veteran, who served at the same time as Adm. Gravely. Anything I can do as far as my country's concerned or to be a witness to history, it's just tremendous."

The admiral broke through barriers and opened doors, leading the way for all races and genders to serve. His sacrifice, service and success will forever be remembered by the USS Gravely crew and its sponsor, Adm. Gravely's wife Alma.

"He was a good husband, a good father, loved the Navy and required that his ships were clean, fast, but loved all of the personnel that was on there, and as far as I know, they all loved him," Alma Gravely said after the commissioning.

The ship's captain Cmdr. Douglas Kunzman has a special relationship with Mrs. Gravely.

"She is the heart and soul of this crew," Kunzman said. "So when you wrap the tradition around Mrs. Gravely, the ship's sponsor, and you bring all that together, to this day, to this event, it’s an amazing day, it's an amazing event, and it's a once in a lifetime event, and it's also a very historic event."

Kunzman promised to live up to the man and the motto: First to Conquer.

About 7,000 civilians, active duty servicemen and women and veterans came out to the commissioning. Monday afternoon, Wilmington will say goodbye to Guided Missile Destroyer 107 as it heads to its home in Norfolk, VA.

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maybe this is the source of those artillery shell sounding noises. I know if I just got an awesome ship like that id want to test it out, especially an Arleigh Burke destroyer!

New Destroyer

Great toy: Spending a big packet of money to bring young innocent people to places noboday wants or needs us to kill other innocent people. How do we need to be proud of this?

Hope the ship break apart ASAP with all men safe on land!

USS Gravely Commissioning

I attended the commissioning of the USS Gravely. As veteran myself and mother-in-law to one of it's sailors I was deeply honored to have the opportunity to be invited to this event. I have a reputation in my family for being a bit of a daredevil and risk taker. However, when my husband is out of town overnight I have this uneasy feeling about being alone. I have a difficult time sleeping at night; every sound I hear keeps me from going to sleep. Eventually, I'm so worn out from feeling fearful that I fall asleep. When he returns I sleep like a baby. I can't imagine spending every night of my life fearful of what or who could be out there to harm me or my family. Those men and women who volunteer to serve and protect "YOU" and me do so at risk to their own lives. I appreciate what they do for us. I appreciate the risks they take that allow me to sleep peacefully. There are places in this world where people come into your home night or day and take pleasure in doing things to you that only happen in nightmares. I don't give a damn what you think I'm grateful as hell for those men and women who protect you!


I wish YOU and people that THINK like YOU...would all pack up and head out to another country to call home...either that or all of you be rounded up and throw in California...a huge fence erected to keep you from leaving and let you guys hold hands and sing Kum ba your own state...that you can run and ruin just as you wish...

Stated like a tried and true TRAITOR!

This ship is part of the United States Navy and is part of the fleet that along with its sailors, protects this country and our freedom. One of the freedoms is the one you just used in an attempt to disgrace your very own military!

Innocent people? Are you referring to the "innocent" ones that killed over 3000 innocent men women and children on 9/11 and changed our world forever? Perhaps the "innocent" ones that ambushed our soldiers, murdered them, burned their bodies and hung them up on a bridge and then make sure all of America views it? Maybe you're talking about all of those "innocent" middle-eastern women that pack explosives under their clothing or the ones that load up a car with bombs with the intent of blowing our soldiers to bits? "Innocent", huh?

You know, our soldiers go to combat wearing uniforms that make them readily identifiable to the enemy. The "innocent ones" as you describe them, hide behind their street clothing like, stinking, sniveling cowards concocting new ways to kill anyone they can to earn a sweet spot in their "heaven". They use their women and children as sacrifices to kill our soldiers. They use underwear bombs, shoe bombs and any other viable method to induce more terror to our home skies, on our home aircraft and on our American citizens. More "innocents", right?

I see you as one of those "innocent" people that you refer to, devoid of conscience, lack of a soul with a cowardly shadow that chases your every step! I'll tell you what, if you will send me your name, I can get you enrolled as a top student into the next suicide bomber's training school in Afganistan. It's a short course, minimal practice required and you're a cinch to pass with accolades on your first test!

This country has no room for cowards and traitors. When someone expresses hope that this new Naval vessel will break apart as you have expressed, they obviously and with great intent, express passion and love for our enemy. That makes them PART of the enemy. That is YOU!

Now, all you have to do is publish your name...class is waiting!

Thank you

I was going to blast him but after reading your post I'm just going to leave it alone. I don't think I could of said it better. I do hope he chooses to take that class but since he's an obvious coward I doubt you'll ever know who it was that wrote the post.