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USS Kitty Hawk will have to stay in reserve

Don't look for an aircraft carrier coming up the Cape Fear River anytime soon. The USS Kitty Hawk is undergoing its decommissioning process and a Wilmington group wants it here. The team has been working for the past three years to bring the Kitty Hawk to the port city to serve as a museum. But they have to put the effort on hold because the Navy said the carrier will have to stay in reserve in case of an emergency. Wilbur Jones, Kitty Hawk team secretary said, "We want it to come to North Carolina and its obvious place should be here at the port. We have the river and the facility. Now we will just have to be patience and wait on the Navy for the next couple of years." The Kitty Hawk will have to stay in reserve until 2015, for the next nuclear ship to be ready for battle.

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uss kitty hawk

You guys will be getting a great ship,She is well worth the wait.As a former crewman I would be interested in relocating to help bring her back to life. kEEP ME INFORMED

What a whopper!

Exactly where do we "have the facility?" Where is she going to tie up? Inquiring minds want to know.

They'll stick her in the mud

They'll stick her in the mud right next to BB-55. Whether anything will be able to navigate the river with those two huge warships parallel parked is another question altogether. I'm interested in touring the Kitty Hawk as I have had family serve aboard her, she gonna fit up the Cape Fear?

Bit of a Necro but I've been

Bit of a Necro but I've been thinking about this lately and I don't think it's feasible.

First you cannot bottom ships anymore for museums. Part of the reason they did the in-situ waterline work on BB-55 is that if they had moved it to Norfolk for drydocking they wouldn't be able to simply bottom her in the place she's in now. EPA rules to prevent all that old pain and oil from seeping into the aquifer have tightened up. You'd have to dredge and maintain a proper berth or do what USS Texas is doing a build a massive permanent concrete drydock. Kitty Hawk would also require a permanent floating berth or an even more massive concrete enclosure than Texas is building.

Second while I'm pretty sure she'll fit under and through the bridge, most of the channel is not deep enough for Kitty Hawks stated draft. No, completely empty and stripped as she is now she may need bit less, but not enough methinks. You'd need to dredge another 5-10 feet along the bottom of the Cape Fear all the way to her new home.

I'd love to see her survive, but I'm just not sure how likely it is in Wilmington.